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14th Sep 2022


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greetings realers my name is Philip and together with my wife Sherry and two of our friends Chris and James we're


Fellowship of the real four people who love talking about movies almost as much as we do watching


them we hope you will join us as we dig deep into cinematic masterpieces and some that are well maybe not


you have an opportunity to be the fifth host of our little show click the link in the show notes and leave us a voice


message telling us what movie you would like us to review you can also reach out on our Facebook


page Fellowship of the real from all of us at Fellowship of the real thanks for listening okay on with the


show are you recording this studying a movie in the mechanical level


I can really bring some revelation I believe that no one says that to make


bed movie with the exception of on paper this should work I just don't


like it that's your own fault if you haven't seen it


way over budget start cutting scenes even the actors don't know what that


movie is about I wrote that


over the movie's trash [Music] well it's oatmeal man it's good for you


okay here we are Fellowship of the real this was Sherry's


pick tombstone and I think uh on some level it was all our picks this


is oh it was one of those ones that had to be done yeah this is a there are certain movies that almost


hesitate to review because of their epicness like uh this is probably easily in my top in my top five of all time you


know so this is almost like a a banner Edition uh review because it's such a


noteworthy and favorite movie of mine and a lot of people's or whatever we will talk about uh Jay I got the box


office and the money critics fans the budget of this movie sorry I got


away from the like the budget of this movie was 25 million and


box office was 56 million five hundred five thousand now I have it being


released 100 domestically and no International release that kind of


surprised me that it was not ever released anywhere else but but the US


I I'm that's shocking to me I didn't know that yeah so it made it doubled its


money but only released domestically I would have thought it would have made a lot of


money more yeah I wonder how standard that is with like westerns yeah like maybe Western system because it's so


uniquely American yeah right I also wonder this was filmed at the same time


as Wyatt Earp yeah so I wonder if Wyatt Earp was released domestically only as


well yeah that's a good question I guess yeah but yeah that's why they had such a hard


time with costumes on both movies and set decorations oh is that right yeah we're just split they were filming at


the exact same that's crazy so it made us money back doubled his money being hampered a little bit maybe by the


domestic only release but I don't know like you said how how it would appeal worldwide being such


a uniquely American genre the critics this surprised me a little bit the


critics gave it uh it's a 74 tomato reading on the critics meaning 74 of the


critics gave it three stars or above but fans almost universally 94 percent


three stars and above so fans absolutely almost to each one love this movie critics were decent with it I I made a


joke when I was watching this that I think there is a cool line about every 12 seconds in this movie oh absolutely


you know it's one of the most quotable movies the only other movie that I probably


would think would be more quotable or as quotable is probably Princess Bride and maybe Big Lebowski but this movie I'm


not kidding like I found myself you know quoting it as it was going and every minute or so there's this just this


amazing cool slick line that's how I took my notes was action scene happens


and then the cool line yeah action scene happens and then the cool lines and it's just it's so awesome oh that's all of my


all of my all of my notes are like that actually and not necessarily that cool line but like I've noticed that like lines of dialogue well like a lot of my


notes are yeah oh yeah peppered with lines of dialogue and you can see that the dialogue is leading to you know one


of the Beats or it's just just a cool line in general but yeah I found it uh we could almost do this podcast of just


going around and quoting the lines we'll just do a radio play of the movie


well I was I was gonna say um maybe as part of the the critics and the fans


this might be one of those examples of it's a great movie but may not work


linearly in the story yeah like it's not what were you what were you saying before like it's not structured I I had


I struggled with the structure of this but I but I was never bored so right maybe this may be a good example of


something that's not exactly 100 but it's still awesome and a fan favorite I think I had trouble with some of my


notes of like yeah I think the style carries the style this movie is so stylish it carries the day every single


there's not a weak actor in this movie as far as playing it to the hilt okay well y'all


were talking about it as a movie and of course I love it and I think about


the history of it yeah yeah because and that was one thing I wanted to make sure


that I was said this you can read about history but movies like this actually bring that


history you know you you get that peek into history you almost travel back in time


with it yeah a lot of it is fairly accurate as far as well and that's what I was going to add that


but it's not 100 correct to the Earp story yeah and it also led us to I know


you've been to Tombstone three times and I've been twice of those two of those three times with you right and it is


worth visiting in person we also visited Wyatt Earp's grave and


what is her culture no Josephine Josephine yeah yeah oh you want to call her Jolene yeah they're buried side by


side right right yeah so Colton Coleman Colton California right out of San Francisco yeah so I mean that's what I I


look at is yes it's about history it's not 100 correct but a lot of it is oh yeah yeah


it's yeah yeah those things roughly happened May maybe not in the quick


succession that maybe the movie shows because the gunfight at the okay Corral was in October yeah and then Virgil I


think get shot in maybe March yeah like there was months and months the movie makes it seem like it was yeah within a


week and it was not and also another interesting fact that I learned was The Birdcage theater didn't open until after


the shootout yeah at the okay Corral so these guys were not


while they depict the true happenings inside the theater people really did


shoot because we saw the bullet holes in the in the theater that's crazy I wonder if it leaks when it rains it must yeah I


don't I assume the owner of the bird cage up like guys quit it yeah you get up there with the yeah or only do plays


when it's raining that way they'll you know see maybe stop it yeah all right well uh and do you want me to tell the


storyline yeah we didn't do the synopsis last time or for Breakfast Club but yeah


um if yeah if you have the yeah I mean because you you were talking about Wyatt


Earp Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner goes more detailed of of Wyatt earps


but this focuses mainly on Tombstone and this is what it says um after success


cleaning up Dodge City wider moves to Tombstone Arizona and wishes to get rich


in obscurity he meets his brothers there as well as his old friend Doc Holliday a


band of Outlaws that call themselves The Cowboys are causing problems in the region with various acts of random


violence and inevitably come into confrontation with holiday in the herbs


which leads to the shootout at the OK Corral and another thing I found it talks about you know they all moved to


Tombstone there were two more Erp brothers that actually lived in Tombstone at the time


however they were not in the movie yeah yeah they were in the Wyatt Earp movie I believe but they weren't in Tombstone


yeah but they did move they actually did move to Tombstone Arizona but they yes


they weren't depicted in the movie because Wyatt Earp comes from a family of like seven brothers yes or something


like that he was yeah this uh historically this movie is


is kind to Wyatt Earp historically Wyatt Earp was like I've read books you know about the


people who knew white or you know old west books and and he was stoic and and


almost people described him as a cold fish you know very stoic and and reserved and this kind of thing almost


maybe a little more closer to what Costner portrayed him as right I don't think he was near as emotional as Wyatt


Earp gets in Tombstone in this movie but I and certainly enjoy the movie Wyatt


Earp but it's not as fun to watch uh as as tombstone uh and Wyatt Earp had


had written a book with a writer during his lifetime called like wide earth


Frontier martial Wyatt Earp was aware of his press and took full advantage the


book he wrote is is also as I understand it self-serving self-serving you know


and that's the thing if if you kind of look at it in the context of Wyatt Earp no longer wants to be a law man he wants


e his yeah his riches and now:


be a cult hero and an Americana thing he was cashing in right he was making his


own Mystique making money yeah and and historically Wyatt Earp was much more


in pursuit of law man positions into he wanted to be Cochise County Sheriff because it was a highly lucrative


position in real life in the movie you see him resisting which we'll get into I


think there was a point when Wyatt Earp was a sheriff of somewhere and he would get a he'd get money for everybody he arrested


sure yes Cochise County Sheriff you would get a portion of the taxes I mean there's all


these yeah absolutely or ruining white or for me well you know well


data ride was real yeah right not really just you know and Wyatt Earp


went his whole life and was never shot once he's a badass uh anyway so so everything that you see wired up doing


he did he was not that was not fake anyway that's amazing well before we get into all that I am


interested to know your thoughts on what genre this is now obviously it's a western okay but uh but


but but based on the Blake Snyder's yeah I was torn between two and now as I read


a as I think thought more about it I really am inclined to pick one over the other


but what what do you have oh I get to say mine before you tell me yours is that what you're saying yeah I want to see if you here's why you're wrong right


um well I want to see your thoughts on this because I I wouldn't do with the problem well that was my second choice


yeah um okay an innocent dragged into a problem without asking for it or even


now he doesn't want to be alone man the way they portrayed right he refuses the call he just he just wants to make some money with his family leave me alone and


life or death yep absolutely and then he's [ __ ] keeps happening until he has he can no longer resist yes I mean I


don't know that that's what was the other one superhero oh okay think about that okay special


power opposed by a nemesis or equal of equal or greater force and a curse that he


utter surmounts or succumbs to oh that's very interesting uh I read that and I absolutely


I I think that's yeah they own fits more yeah that's interesting we'll get into it as we go but


when wider finally decides he goes to get his special weapon which is that long pistol well that's historically


accurate that's the Buntline special Ned Buntline was a gun maker and he gave Wyatt Earp in in Dodge City or Wichita


him or which uh when he left he gave him this commemorative pistol it was a


speaker a peacemaker but had like a long barrel it has historically since been


known as the Buntline special I don't think it was ever mass-produced it was he gave it to Wyatt Earp uh and that's


the gun that Wyatt Earp gets he he goes and gets his special weapon I think obviously his special power is what


everybody wants him to be is to be this Lawman or whatever I think he is opposed


by a nemesis of equal or greater force certainly incredibly Bill certainly in the Cowboys yeah and I think he feels like he is under a curse got a guilty


conscience you know might as well have the money now you know anyway yeah so as I thought about the movie I thought well superhero Works dude with a problem


certainly seems logical and I think that probably is but I think superhero strangely enough could be sort of a


superhero aspect we had no idea I think it applies as well yeah I


think there's a lot of setup in this movie right there is oh I guess before


we go before we get into the Beats I guess I had a note about the the writer and the director oh yeah yeah this is a


Easter egg that I found out about a long time ago but go ahead yeah right so it was it was written by Kevin jar maybe


Jerry I don't know how you say his last name and he was originally the director but he got fired yes I heard that and


they brought in this uh George p uh cosmoto cosmotos and I know of it I


guess about this guy this uh not that I've met him or anything but I like to call him cometos yeah because he also


directed directed with quotation sure cobra with Stallone and Rambo 2 yeah and then this


one you know like he's he's got to be like just a name or a guy they throw out there he didn't direct any of those


[ __ ] no he did not the loan directed to his his movies and Kurt Russell directed yes I was completely amazed to


find out that Kurt Russell directed this movie I would give the shots to cosmoto's every day I saw uh because


he's coming yeah I saw the cause mottos uh I guess it was Wikipedia on the movies that he had done everyone but


this but Tombstone and Rambo all had like 10 and 20 approval ratings and then


these two Little Gems spark out so it's like yeah he was just the guy sitting in the director's chair drinking coffee all


day right he wasn't doing crap when doing [ __ ] but allegedly why why did it end up the studios I think the studios


were not comfortable with Russell directing like I don't I guess yes which is weird but yeah and I know the original guy just he was behind schedule


get the shots in and all that shows here on IMDb that the guy that wrote it the Kevin Jr he did the Charlton Heston


scenes only so I was on hooker Ranch yeah and he was actually a friend of Michael beans okay


um all right that's very cool yeah well I mean they just Kurt Russell's


been in movies his whole life I mean yeah so they had no com that's why yeah I


remember having the the LaserDisc version of this movie where the extra features were cosmatos one of the it was


the director's cut or whatever in customer yeah uh telling about like he was he was one of the extra features


talking about the directing of the movie and all this kind of which I guess it wasn't known at that time that yeah or


that or they were just did the truth not come out till he died was that what it was I don't know did he yeah it seems


like I don't know it can look I just don't watch extras on Rambo and like talking about where Sloane was in the


editing and all this stuff in:


revealed until after he died after he died that um yeah it's just weird that he's


like this placeholder guy that comes in for people because like Salona directed stuff before he directed several of the


Rockies yeah now granted none of those have explosions and like action scenes yeah maybe that's why they had him on on


Rambo too you know and then once okay still improved his chops Kurt Russell proved his chops and then they're able


to go on and yeah do whatever they need to do but it's just it's kind of weird it's funny


yeah I didn't know until I guess a few years ago when you were talking about a Phil uh Kurt Russell apparently has


a lot of this movie in his garage yes that's what blew my mind like there's there is


footage uh in Kurt Russell's Garage that he keeps talking about releasing but I


guess has never dang now I've seen some deleted scenes like in extra features and stuff but I imagine but apparently


there is a whole uh sub story


there is some indication that Wyatt Earp worked closely with Ike


Clinton to as an undercover agent like I Clanton agreed to


sort of uh tell by it of crimes and stuff interesting so that's why he keeps


sparing him in the in the movie I guess sure and and and that Ike was nervous that Wyatt was going to let it be known


that he was working with the law and his Cowboy friends would get him and and this kind of thing uh that their


relationship was much more nuanced than what you see and I think some of that


footage is what maybe on the is this garage yeah and commercials are in the right to do whatever the hell he wants


yes but I think I think he would do nothing but slow the movie down into a for sure you know it would but I


wouldn't mind seeing that sure and like stop making Chronicles on Netflix and go break the


[ __ ] out of your garage sir again he's on the right do whatever the hell he wants but well you know versions of


Blade would rather see this than do it they've given us the box set of four versions of Blade Runner let's have a quick set of the four hour Tombstone


yeah two-hour Tombstone and Kurt Russell is not Ridley Scott or was it really


Scott the dead Blade no um yes yes yeah Kurt Russell he's I I think from him


he's just like it's done it's out there yeah let's move on I think yeah I would not want anybody to touch Tombstone now I mean it's so weird like you said Blade


Runner and I put Apocalypse Now in my head because that all that movie also has like four different versions oh yeah


you said weight Runner but for some reason I was thinking Apocalypse Now that way when you said Really Scott I almost said no what do


you don't know yeah right right Google BS give me four versions of of Tombstone and no more Santa Claus Chronicles


please there's a there's a little fact that I I love uh Stephen Lang the guy that plays Ike Clanton yeah I love him


apparently the rumor is he was drunk on set all day every day but I believe that because this


performance is so awesome it's so awesome he does look like he's he looks like his eyes are glassed over a little


bit and he was in in real life he probably was drunk all the time what wasn't very much fresh water to


drink obviously Ike was dunking his head in the water barrels yeah so what's up it was all just alcohol


let's blows my mind so I thought you were going to say is he's actually the the bad guy in Avatar yeah right yeah


and he he looks of course he put on more muscle and stuff for Avatar but he looks like he's six five and this huge muscle


guy in Avatar and he looked he always seemed short to me in the short Weasley sniveling like as like Clinton but and


knowing that when I went back and watched it this time I would pay attention to shots when he's in there with like Sam Elliott who's really


really tall and he's obviously he's right there with him he's just he's not he's not short you know the guys told


himself he just the way he played the character he seems like this short sniveling I know [ __ ] you know it's


crazy I know we're gonna get into it with the beats and everything but there's actually a note in here is Ike


Clanton the big bad that's my question to you he is the last


one they defeat um he uh he's not the leader but he's no he


is he is yeah because you need to write and he's one that takes off the he takes it off but that's like the last bad guy


that they beat yeah but he can't be bigger beds and Rings I know that's one of the things


that don't make sense to me it's like they beat he he starts a lot you know he starts a lot of the problems I think


he's the main even in real life he was the instigator yeah so that's my question to you is


hopefully we'll get I don't go around here yeah I heard you the first time yeah right anyway okay so I get we I


guess we need to get into this sure yeah I just wanted to bring up commentos I mean because it's very interesting no I I was blown away several years ago when


I learned that uh I think there's a lot of setup and there's there's uh a lot of people to set up right so


you have the official setup which is this opening monologue that essentially introduces


doc Wyatt the Cowboys in the setting in a short sort of clip yeah in the order it it's


uh the prologue is the backstory of Wyatt Earp the background of Tombstone being the murder rate is higher than


modern today and then it tells about the Cowboys yeah so it's a it's a quick way to get us into the story and the


situation catch us up yeah late late watched it with us for the first time and he was he was a little confused


about the Cowboys thing yeah worth it all Cowboys well yeah you're not wrong


son but well this is what they call themselves so like I had to try to explain as best I could so we're in the


red sashes just remember that we had Cowboys and then you had the miners because even white Earth they


show them having the minds but the white the herbs did run mines yeah at a tombstone and gambling Gambler so there


was these different uh groups Cowboys essentially strictly speaking made their living off cattle and


ranching you know right anyway uh so you have a quick setup I think in this opening monologue and then you have


like four opening images of the Cowboys the herbs Doc and then Tombstone the


town itself are each given their own sure opening image yeah I agree yeah because the first the


first image that we have that's not the background is the Cowboys riding across the Wilderness yes or Vengeance you don't even see


their face until after they've loaded their guns right or that slow walk up yes he says uh


their opening image you know that I say they have an okay Corral shoot out of their own and at the end looks like we


win you know so this if this is their opening image we know their closing image which is decimation so I think I


think those two bookend each other the herbs I have is their opening image arriving in town


and I say for the same purpose as the Cowboys arrive in in the town that they did the Earth the Cowboys are marauding


for profit and for Treasure basically they steal they robbed a Murad and the


herbs are there to make our Fortune Boys you know but they're going to do it in a different way or even the back to the


Cowboys in the opening image even the with the preacher or whatever and then the the uh the Spanish that Ringo has to


translate yeah it predicts their own demise yes uh it is interesting that the


old man on the Pale Horse and all yes and then we see the arrival of verb right after that and the horse yeah so


there is this light nod yeah because he lit the priest literally


condemns them you know and then the guy said you go to hell yeah you first right right they they know they're on the yeah


that's not what he said you didn't wrench I think it's worse than your Spanish worse than English yeah so I


think I think some lines are drawn because you got the Pale Rider prophecy meaning that Wyatt Earp will be God's


instrument of Justice against the evil which are the Cowboys later on you have


the birdcage scene with Ringo saying I already did it I already made my deal with the devil right after that yeah why


do you believe in God yeah maybe I don't know so why this is as close as you're going to get but Wyatt


is not a great thinker okay but but I think those two scenes are there


to sort of say in this movie Wyatt Earp is the good guys and the Cowboys are the


bad guys yeah if you think about it the first scene you see in the Cowboys is they're massacring a wedding first thing you see


of Wyatt Earp is him protecting a horse yeah yeah and their and family they make


that family portrait immediately after that happens the Marshall's coming to him offering him a job yes now that's a


good point that's the first so this is the first bump okay so wide ARP is being given Catalyst being given calls to


Adventure you you know a lot of times we'll call it the from Snyder the devil bump but yeah he got like a he got five


yeah in this movie the first one I don't know


if it's the territorial share if somebody you know I can't remember United States Marshall yes the first


bump call to be a law man guilty the whole conversation with the guilty conscience he is refusing I already got


it might as well have the money too yeah bump number one and then you got Virgil Morgan Ali Luisa


and Maddie all showing up together they're finally a family in Tombstone they're about to


make their Fortune yeah so I narrowed my opening image for why it specifically down a little bit more yeah you see him


step off the train alone yeah now that everyone else is there and they show up very quickly but that first shot he's


alone yeah and then the closing images he's and he's and I wouldn't say unhappy


but he's very serious and very he's definitely not smiling yeah um at the end he's oh yeah dancing


dancing and smiling with Josephine not alone yeah he's laughing like an idiot all day yeah right yeah that's what you


mean I know you had some historical things when you when we if we get to a point where you have some stuff and jump


in jump in okay okay are you referring to anything no no I just didn't want to you said you


had some historical I didn't want to skip over or make sure we didn't just okay that's cool all right so they uh


when uh everybody arrives like you said everybody's he's alone but they do the family portrait in front of the the


mirror and then it's revealed that Maddie has a laudnam yeah oh yeah yeah and this is this is


I don't know if Sherry wrote this down but she they never officially got married


historically she was a common law wife meaning they stayed together long enough to be considered married right but he


was never officially married and Doc brings that up later too in the bar yeah you consider yourself a


married man yeah right well I just I really like the image like the this


image you know the reflection of this perfect family and his goals and what he wants that never happens right well this


you're saying it immediately reveals this is not the picture perfect family you think it is right so is it really


cool and they uh they have a conversation about doc as as doc back in town or whatever and it immediately goes


to yes doc playing poker yeah so the opening image for the Cowboys is marauding verps are going to Murad in


their own way but certainly more family oriented and then doc who is marauding


in his own way poker is an honest trade I said poker was an entree not you know so he's he's not gambling not gambling


and but he's almost a mixture of the two because he's gambling and he winds up


killing Ed Bailey and then as he's walking out he just picks up money that he didn't win you know puts in his pocket a good day


then and did he kill Ed Bailey or did he just stab him uh in in real life he stabbed him and basically yeah all over


the floor yeah in the middle:


murder up but but but Ed Bailey was gutted yeah yeah because it was a 500


pot on that game before the yes and then pleasantness so so Doc is he doc


straddles Both Worlds because he's friends with the Arps but he is not above killing and and stealing and


that's why he calls it hypocrisy when he won't shake hands with the sheriff and so he right he is very much in both


worlds sort of the bridge between the two yeah takes money he did not win I like when he uh Hey sure have you met uh


Doc Holliday piss on you and then then we're given the opening


image of Tombstone which doc describes as very Cosmopolitan and morgue describes this by saying damn this bird


is jumping so Tombstone is very much its own character yeah for sure I think yeah the the Wyatt family enters


Tombstone you get to meet Sheriff beehan he's a man of many parts yeah and then


Fred white and they talk about the Cowboys yes okay it's one thing I did


read you were talking about historically or you know accuracy in the movie yeah um Boot Hill


is Cemetery right yeah but it's not as close as it makes it in the film and I


remember it being up on a hill yeah and it's outside of town like yeah you get a tombstone and it's really spooky yeah


and to visit I mean and the Clinton's graves are still there and everything I mean it's yeah it's it's pretty nice you


can visit yeah and the Lester more yeah I think that's enough I think that actually is that's really he was a he


was shotgun on a Wells Fargo carriage and he was shot yeah but I think there's uh if I remember that's an actual


Tombstone actual thing with the 44 no more no less yeah less no more yeah that's cool so yeah Fred white uh


introduces the Wyatts or discusses the why it's about the Cowboys yeah we're getting given more setup and yeah more


setup Wyatt receives a second bump second call in The Birdcage theater mayor Clum mayor Clum comes up and


immediately shuts him down hey what I'm not a prayer and good day good day sir you know you're skipping a little bit


Yeah Billy Bob Thornton right yeah no there's a saloon well yeah yes yes this is the danger here man because that's


why I wrote I didn't know how much you wanted to that's exactly why I wrote this down to keep us on track sir yes I


have a question about it's a cool line every 12 seconds and I'm telling you every scene is amazing and I you just


can't wait to get you're gonna you're gonna Breakfast Club this thing man that's why I wrote it down it's Billy Bob Thornton's first movie


This is the first one I remember seeing him in jackets was before this right uh


let's just yeah that was in the 80s at the 86. okay because I didn't remember seeing him of course he looks a lot


different yeah got a chubby in this never mind full moon objects I'm that's the wrong guy sorry not for you that's


way wrong um no but they uh Marshall White's talking about uh the Oriental


all the other casinos and places are jumping and the Oriental is not so wider


25 of the Pharaoh game yeah yeah because even Virgil I think it is or Morgan Morgan goes oh there he goes he goes


yes and in real life why did Dill Farrow as a as an occupation


yeah he has the words with uh so milk Joyce owner operator uh that's the guy who lets him know


about yes the guy at the corner he's running the good play out


that's what I'm saying just I know you know every line and it's it's it's an absolutely


cool scene man still haven't gotten to my favor yet yeah that's a fact yeah oh yeah Billy Bob was in a lot of stuff


before Tombstone yeah a lot of stuff he was in Matlock was he just clarify he was not in Full


Metal jackets I was way off right no no that's I just don't know what so yeah uh yes uh well I'm sitting in my


chair 25 of the house take sound about right yada yeah all that stuff I mean yeah the


do something better stand there and bleed it's a very very cool line you run your mouth kind of rocks for a man don't go heal don't have to get the gun to


don't need to go heal to get the Bulge out of a tub like you is that a fact yeah that's a fact that's just like you


could go you know I don't know if eight hours on this disc would be enough at the recording time that's what I'm


saying okay I'm just this is a just a quick question that game that he he


dealt yeah I'm not familiar with that game at all but um was that more popular than poker


because I know doctor holiday loves it's easier than poker Pharaoh as I understand it is like roulette with


cards right so there'd be several cards imprinted on the table and you put your


money down on the card or the face card or whatever that's represented on that table you put the money down on that one


that you think is going to be the next card drawn out of the deck so it's almost like roulette where you're betting on red black okay 17.


so when when Curly Bill puts his money down on a card to place his bet I'm not


saying the games are crooked but the dealer it is Bucking the tiger it's all on the house


Wyatt Earp you see them it's very subtle but wider it moves I saw it apparently bills money from one card to another


because wider I think Fair dealers not cheating but it's a it's a fool can win


so he moved it so he did win so he won yes okay I didn't catch that I remember him yes and that's why I didn't


understand how it was I'm like yeah he put it in the wrong place okay shut up like yeah right no that's my favorite it


is it is a stupid game because there are cards and you're betting on what the next card and so you it's essentially


roulette as I understand it okay thank you so he moves that money over


so that he doesn't have a problem with these people and they can just get on the way because he doesn't want any part of anything exactly he wants to avoid it


yes so he moves that money over and curly and Curly Bill wins but it's kind of weird that he walked up and uh talked


to Johnny Tyler like you're in my seat get out of my seat this is my thing yeah and he just bum rushed the whole thing


now he's a big bully and I think everybody else in tombstone's a big bully too sure


what I'm trying to say yeah uh but it just makes sense of I'm gonna take the easiest game Pharaoh yes kick this guy


off of it and I'm I'm here now right well well yeah Johnny Teller had run off the all the high class play


and Wyatt Earp saw this as well I get it but he doesn't have to be like a dealer


like a series like Blackjack or poker yeah they just I didn't I didn't think about James said it but yeah he's like


the easiest thing I'm gonna make sure a ton of money get this piece of [ __ ] out of here and I'm gonna sit right here and make a ton of money no he's there to


make a fortune now that being said Wyatt are he talks about


I only ever killed one guy yeah uh in Wichita or Kansas uh there


was an altercation and the guy had done something he was yeah and there was a shootout in wire killed and there was


one guy Wyatt Earp would hit people over the head with a pistol to knock him out he just does this in Tombstone Wyatt


Earp was a bully because it was a tool he thought he Wyatt Earp has said if you can intimidate someone and get them to


back down you don't have to kill him or shoot right yeah so they showed that alone yeah so he he was total intimidation and didn't


have to kill people you know so yes it was a tool he used even historically


right not interested you were talking about the giant Towers even the way they set up doc too like outside of the poker


scene which happens right right next yeah Johnny Tyler goes and he's obviously embarrassed pissed off so he


goes went home got his gun and he was going to shoot you know come up and shoot white up or whatever and doc sees him and Johnny Tyler where are you going


with that shotgun just his reaction oh doc I didn't know you were in town like he's immediately scared to death oh yeah


yeah yeah yeah yeah no absolutely and then Wyatt and Doc meet for the first time in years right and have a little


[ __ ] conversation where this guy with a shotgun who's going to kill him standing over there go away now yeah he has one of the best lines oh Johnny I


forgot you were there you might go now absolutely my favorite is he says when white tell him to put the gun is like


thank you thank you thank you for not killing me yeah because he had no idea that was white herb too right yeah yeah


right he learned at that moment as Wyatt Earp yeah yes and then that's when uh Sheriff B Han and Doc meet piss on you


what yes no you met uh sheriff and then yes uh yeah absolutely


uh very Cosmopolitan that whole area yes this is tombstone's Introduction yeah yes


um yes get to meet Crete Johnson and Jack Vermillion yes a real historical figures


as well I don't know as much about them but in my in for movie purposes I mean they pretty much just set them up


because they're part of their Vendetta ride down the road right yeah well the thing I think coming up right here on


this next line I'm showing is uh we gotta take in front of Judge Spicer Law and Order every time that's us


yeah yeah and that obviously is not too important yes right that's a bunch of [ __ ] right right well yes the laws


were very loose at that point but yes the self-defense you know anyway right


so so yeah I have again what this is the movie is so


I have this I'll just get this out of the way and then we can talk about whatever the bumps the various bumps


okay and then then we'll get back to whatever notes you have just for structure purpose second bump is in the


birdcage Mary Club not a prayer the third bump when uh Curly Bill does his


thing and kills Sheriff white Wyatt Earp goes out there and and Ike Clanton wants


to do his stuff but uh I feel like there's one before that even because we were just talking


about when you're sitting down at the the shutout Pike right yeah you go you know a lot don't go around here or whatever and he said I'm retired yes and


then Johnny turns uh to Doug's you retired too like I feel like that's a bump too right I mean because it's now it's the bad guys directly coming to him


so okay are you gonna do anything about our [ __ ] because we run this town you're going to be you know then there's six bumps that's Jesus I love that notated


his tense moment yeah yeah he says not before I turn your head into a canoe understand he's and then later again the


intimidation he could have just shot him and later when they're playing pool and they're talking about Judge Spicer he


says it's it's none of my business anyway as he's counting his money right we're all busy so third he only


intervened because I got shot and killed or whatever yeah uh fourth bump Virgil becomes town sheriff Wyatt is still


refusing this is trouble we don't need I didn't even make a dent did I trying to convince them this is not something you


want to do so it's either the fourth or fifth based on what you're saying fifth bump I the rest of like Clanton and Ike


Clinton says you got a fight coming coming today this is at one hour and eight minutes into the movie yeah when


the Cowboys start showing up Wyatt answers the call by saying all the same I guess you better swear me in so five


slash six bumps into an hour and eight minutes uh why it is still debating and refusing the call this is


what I'm talking about with I think the setup is super long uh before we get what I'm calling to


break into two you know I think it uh I was a little disappointed that late didn't like the the movie as much as you


know everybody else on the planet yeah um he uh he was like yeah that's all right but as we're watching it I


remember him saying something about you know when is this when's the shoe going to drop so I think the not that he knows a whole lot about story structure but I


think he was frustrated and maybe you know a little there I say bored with you know he was waiting for something to


happen because once this stuff sorry because I agree with you it's way late like there's a lot of setup in this movie and I didn't remember that I


remember a lot of cool [ __ ] happening no it's all cool we could sit here I mean we're we're at 40 minutes right now people I hate to tell you I know holy


crap so yeah so that that's something so anything up to the point of quiet


accepting it's free-for-all now so so there was a cool thing that I've actually paused the movie it was during


the theater troupe Professor Gilman catches stuff yep that's what I have and then I paused it and read what the


chalkboard said selections from The Bard Mr Romulus Fabian tragedy in in


excelsius the sake Christmas Day speech for Henry V yeah all that on that little chalkboard that they remove in two


seconds so his name nobody ever read that I never read it yeah right it just blows


moment sorry yeah no the third thing absolute set third graders are unheralded heroes and then they just


Billy explains what's going on in that scene Ringo is eyeing Wyatt yeah


and Doc is drinking yes yep and it's just you know life is normal but


somewhere in the theater in the theater yeah this is Cowboys are looking like the Wyatts are in town we gotta shut


that down and that the next scene yeah you can see that the it's all simmering below the surface right you know and


that's when uh and when they leave the theater Morgan talks about death for the first time yeah after and I think it's


contrasted with I already made my deal with the devil I think that's right right you will do Johnny already did it yeah and that's I don't know anything


about structure again but that's where I have the second act starting is when the everybody is finally in


Tombstone and they're in the bar after the play when Josephine walks in and everything I think that's where the


story starts and takes off but again I don't know well I I think that's true but uh


the the hero has to accept the call and cross over that


threshold and at that point I still don't think why it has because when he rushes out there and and arrests Curly


Bill like I mean that's him acting right I guess that's where I had my break into but now you still wishy-washy you know


pissed off and doesn't want to get involved right no no this is who he is yeah but he's resisting it no absolutely


he is this is his nature this is his identity wider throughout his whole life


was a lot of things but he was always a law man and it's the only thing he does really


well and is good at it and people look to him but he's resisting so he will


fall into but yeah yeah he knew later on he will say at the okay Corral gunfight or


whatever as they're walking down I still don't know how we gotta got ourselves out there walking to the okay Corral that's what he says yes how do we get


ourselves into this yes right right but yeah that's uh so ever Josephine Marcus


enters Curly Bill has an issue with Wyatt doc has his tense moment with Ringo yeah this that's latency Mr Ringo


is an educator oh my gosh no I really every 12 seconds a cool line oh that is my favorite scene it's so stylish and


this whole movie is so stylish and cool yeah even even Doc's response you know you're like for the first time he's here


like oh [ __ ] what is he gonna do yeah I know absolutely genius you know we're not even you're talking about


actors playing stuff I love Bill uh Paxton's reaction in that scene yeah


um for several several reasons when Ringo's going off and doing it all like he almost seems bewildered oh yeah


there's no way I could do that oh my God he's laughing when doc does it yeah with the [ __ ] cup or whatever which is


really cool yes and I love how he even because Reno's eyes are Michael beans


does get really really crazy yeah a little bit when he's doing it and getting off yeah I didn't and even doc makes one of them doing that oh yeah no


no talk is it's amazing he is the trickster almost because he


is giving you the idea that he's not you know okay well Ringo is obviously fast you know doc doesn't care but but Doc is


faster and we learn towards yeah like he's you know right but he holds it in close like a poker player he's holding


those cards first he's fast you know right yeah but that's the first time that Wyatt asks about that other idiot I


Clint yeah yeah who was that other idiot yeah just and then as as soon as that


conversation ends Josephine asks behan about Wyatt yes yeah there is this I so


yes that is true there's there's this call to the outward call which is him being a law man but very but right along


with this is the call to the romantic adventure that he also resists Wyatt you're an oak but then he rides with her


in the forest again I'm an oak already he's getting close to you I'm anokia but he's getting closer right still debating


he goes back to his wife and says why don't we go around the world room


to see him debating so I think he answers or is pulled more strongly by


the Romantic Call to Adventure before right he is pulled into the outward call his real life you know the success the


money the minds all that isn't what he he's getting it but it's not what his


life what he wants is he's not happy yes no Addie Maddie has upgraded from laudnam to now opium


yeah she's totally down the road yeah she is out the thing team I couldn't nail down but she got it from Curly Bill


he's like oh no this is what you want right here right uh Josephine asked Wyatt are you happy uh I think I'm happy


kids why we're gonna make our Fortune voice so Wyatt sets out as a stated goal


to make his fortune to be happy to have an ordinary life which you'll call later but he still has no idea


what he really wants right he thinks he knows but he doesn't at the end of the movie his Arc I finally found out what I


want and who I want and that's the damnable misery of it so I think Josephine I think the theme is finding


out what you really want in life and I think Josephine is that b story no I agree yeah she's a big story so would


you say uh like you were talking about an unbreakable the do what you were meant to do thing like that's the that's a through


line and unbreakable it's a superhero story do what you were meant to do that's what Wyatt's call is yeah be a


law man do what you were meant to do but he's resisting that call the whole time yes up to five or six times a lot and


that's when uh so Doc's playing the piano old dog tray yeah


racist yeah [ __ ] Chopin yeah Frederick [ __ ] shopping yeah and uh


Curly Bill it's the yes even the Callback to that


you a musical music lover yeah oh yeah that's you know the one preacher oh my


God yeah so here's one for each of you here's a question I had uh just in that


next scene judge Spicer acquits with no Witnesses yes the the laws were so loose like unless you were


seen doing it but there's a shot of behan and Josephine on the corner


right as that's happening yeah uh what I read about that was first of all he's


corrupt he's not going to say anything and and they said maybe she was in fear


of actually testifying against them okay that makes sense in real life was totally he was the Cochise kind of


sheriff and totally corrupt politician yeah he says it later you know there's going to be a one-man and Tombstone was


glad to know him in real life B hand does say no need for you to go down there I've disarmed them okay I threw


King Corral that's that's historically accurate when they go down there they all have guns and they're shooting in


the UK so it was totally he was totally partisan and uh an enemy of the herbs


and an ally of the outlaw element of the time so yes absolutely yeah and later he even deputizes the Cowboys


the nature of his business so that it takes us to uh where the erps are playing pool we're


gonna build it up sell it off live like kings yes and Virgil is thinking about you know it's like


someone's slapping me in the face so Virgil is going to be a bump for Wyatt because he in one of the next scenes has


become Sheriff yeah he has a big crisis of conscience thing with the Cowboys riding through town yeah it saves a


little kid from being trampled and then seeing the school mistress with the scar and yes there's got to be some law right


she was a teacher I think so because there was a long line of kids yeah yeah


I guess the the scar on her face made me think of Unforgiven exactly where they would you know scar up [ __ ] or whatever yeah prostitute so I didn't


know if she was I yeah I assumed that yeah she was a school mom or something yeah that's what I'm I just wrote School


mistress is the only thing I could think she could be and then you got uh Virgil becomes a


marshall yes and I have that's where basically I have the break into two when the Cowboys are


coming into town and and I think you better swear me in or whatever yeah because everybody's Wyatt fights


that tremendously yep yes until that movie and then he's yeah well and it's for his brothers like he he leave it


alone they're threatening Our Lives yeah yeah okay we'll never make that stick you know quick question


oh Sam Elliott's character yeah he was in law enforcement also before yeah yes


prior even yes Virgil Morgan Morgan was none I don't think right no I don't think so I think Virgil was the more I


think the more experienced yeah he and he became uh it says at the end became yeah


that's the use of one arm it became a well-man again and that is true which is crazy but yeah


yeah interesting yeah and that's uh I've again I'm glad I made notes uh Wyatt


Warren smug a Wyatt warns Morgan about killing someone for the first time when he's


didn't even make a dent yeah right something you don't want to ever feel yeah now


I don't know that the real white herb would have ever had those qualms but he did go out of his way not to show people


yeah intimidation and uh and even show that I guess with the and obviously I don't


know if that's if he really said it but like when they're all when he realized this is about to go down he says oh my God or whatever oh my God yeah these


Rose does not people are about to die so that's when I had my break into two and then the fun


and games is fairly succinct in my opinion uh before we get to stuff like the bad


guys close in did you have any more notes at this time no uh when you get to the okay Corral I was


going to ask okay the fun and games here are what I'm calling the fun and games after Wyatt becomes Sheriff at an hour


and eight minutes in a two-hour movie The break into two fun and games is fairly succinct Wyatt goes to get his


Buntline special uh and strap on his his long coat so it's almost like the


superhero getting his uh special weapon and putting him on his cape right what


is called what historians will call the walk down walking down Allen Street to


the okay Corral the actual gunfight at the okay Corral and then there after some of the after


effects with Amir Huckleberry or or Huckleberry depending on which one of


the subtitles say it's been confirmed Huckleberry by Val Kilmer himself okay Huckleberry okay because Huckleberry was


a funeral you the guy that right yeah anyway so Huckleberry gotcha all right so that's what I'm calling the fun and


games and it's very quick and succinct I think yeah I think uh on that slow walk


to the okay Corral with that house being on fire behind him it's like oh yeah their world is now on on fire on fire


that fire was put there intentionally yeah yeah how the hell did we get in this situation or how the how the hell


did we get ourselves into this yes that's what he says and so we're at the gunfight you had oh no when when you say


the the gunfight at the okay Corral it was not in it was adjacent it was the


Todd if you go yeah and you could talk about this but if you go to the okay Corral did you want to say no no it's


very it's it's literally is six feet wide yeah and it they were in the okay


Corral but it very quickly poured out into the street and they have


a fence up there now so you have to go around because they have it fenced off now right I think so yeah yes but the


okay Corral was about a little wider maybe than the length of this table that's crazy and they were standing


there and blazing away at each other with 45 caliber weapons uh they they say that they were


some of the reasons that they say more people weren't killed quicker is because there was so much gunpowder smoke you


can see uh that they were just blazing away at each other now wider was not shot not killed but he is on record the


real Wyatt Earp is on record is saying in any gunfight uh speed is fine but but


accuracy is everything and witnesses will say because they were put on trial


there was a big trial afterwards and anyway witness testimony and this is how wide


operated because he was absolutely they called him a cold fish but he was absolutely Fearless would not panic in


any situation right so he's standing there historically he's standing there and others are blam blam blam shooting


Panic Wyatt Earp is sitting there picking his targets right slowly and


every shot is hitting bullets are flat and that's and that's why they're just in the midst he says if you could keep


your cool that then you'll win on record historically Wyatt Earp in interviews about this saying things like that yeah


and I feel like they showed that in the movie emphasize that because later on when it's after Ringo has issued his challenge that he has the whole


conversation with Doc about I can't beat him because that's contrast to what he's saying there yeah zaringo is a quick


draw yes Ringo will be fast and and uh you know uh Annie's actors and he's yes


he's a very deadly pistol here yes yeah we're we're yeah why it's not a quick draw no why it but we get the same one


he's going to get you in that scene with curly bill I don't do you have any thoughts about that about the in the


water yeah I don't want to tread on your oh no no no no I was just gonna well in reality it wasn't uh like in the


movie Ambush it was uh Wyatt and his men were looking for water for their horses


and they just so happened to come up on where Curly Bill and all his guys were camping so it wasn't that they were


sitting there waiting yeah yeah but for movie purposes but it was an exciting scene it was very exciting now in real


life it is much more haphazard than even that so Wyatt Earp


uh based on his own testimony and and witnesses that were with him at the time you know his posse they ride up and


they're looking for water well it's Arizona in August or summer or whatever so it's very hot so Wyatt Earp had


loosened his gun but he's riding along on his horse he loosened his gun belt and let it hang loose on his side


because it was so hot and constricted so if they ride up onto the water and find Curly Bill and now the shooting


has started and so Wyatt Earp goes to Dismount well his gun belt is so loose it falls down around his knees and pins


his legs together oh wow so now the whole time all this shooting is going Wyatt Earp is essentially trying to pull up his pants right he's trying to pull


up this gun belt and get it fastened around the the heel of wide earth saddle was


blown off white or a long long coat was swiss cheese but he was never hit so he


gets his belt on and then he goes to work and kills Curly Bill right but in real life bullets are flying and why is


trying to pull up his pants because his gun belt has fallen down wow but they couldn't show I guess yeah who would have to show him walking through the


water and still not getting shot yes well that's the other thing about the superhero where's Wyatt down by the creek walking on the water yeah that's


why I sort of started in the two girls you ever seen anything like that I've never even heard anything oh right so anyway and that's the other thing about


this you could take a deep dive on the historical it's all very cool man and that's cool anyway so we got we got way


too far ahead there okay that's where I think the false Victory is again I don't


know what false victory means you'll have to uh School me but the okay Corral yeah I


think that's the false Victory is am I off on that I don't know because I couldn't I


couldn't label a a midpoint because yeah I have that as a midpoint yeah because they because they uh


the defeat you know at least temporarily defeat the the Cowboys right yeah and


then they bad guys close in after that because then they start they bring it the Cowboys bring it to them and they they kill Virgil and they I mean excuse


me they kill Morgan and injured Virgil yes um so yeah that's where so yeah false defeat it's uh it's all supposed


to be positive feed is you get either the heroes temporarily defeated or they temporarily defeat the bad guys or


temporarily get everything they think they want yes that's that's so I have


I have the midpoint when after the after uh Curly Bill has been arrested and it's


none of my business anyway and I said this is not a midpoint but I could not identify one but here Wyatt gets


everything he thinks he wants family money uh so regardless this is a false Victory I think his false Victory is


good is is getting the money after and that's none of my business anyway okay


girl because that's bad guys closed in yes yeah no that's good but that's early so it's not a midpoint but I think this


Victory is getting everything you think he wanted yeah and then what happens afterwards break into two


the Buntline special walk down the gunfight I'm your huckleberry and then very quickly the telescoping of History


to bad guys close in the Virgil is shot and the cottage is shot up I have as the


bad guys yeah they attack the women too yeah and they always the women only survive because of Josephine warning


them yeah and then the the real lightning I had that as a note every strike of lightning


apparently caught on film yes was real was real yeah because I remember cosmoto saying in the LaserDisc version uh all


the lightning was real and all the mustaches are real yeah that is really Arizona at that time yeah


it's absolutely that's cool and that that's where I had that question of uh in the


in the subtitles claude's wife was shot and I was like who the hell is cloth it's bear Clum yeah they even made their


Clum yes so they shot the mayor's wife and in in reality there were two newspapers the the Epitaph and there was


another newspaper and one newspaper was sympathetic to Cowboys one was sympathetic to the Law and Order element


which is wider up so throughout the months after the okay Corral these newspapers were arguing back and forth


in the papers is the only building that's still there


I think right beside is near the okay yeah it's across the street next the courtroom where they were held where


judge Spicer did his thing like it's but the yeah that courtroom is on A Street behind the okay Corral


I thought we parked in front of the I I I I'd have to go back I can't remember but I know that they're fairly close or


whatever yeah because even during the I noticed during the funeral March I was just uh with the


when they're burying the guys that died at the okay Corral the Cowboys are holding signs saying murdered and that's


and that's that's that's that's that's historically accurate that when they did the funeral procession for the the


clintons uh Ike and all them were holding up a sign that said murdered and I think it said in the papers and this kind of thing yeah but after the okay


Corral the Cowboys retaliate yeah so Rebecca was in all his losses Morgan dying yes I have the bad guys as virgila


shot the cottage just shot up you know even the women All Is Lost I have as a false defeat Morgan is shot and killed


so the false Victory is them getting everything they want the money they're together as a family uh you know


whatever which is not a midpoint but I think it's their false victory yeah false defeat is Morgan is shot and


killed and then the Dark Knight of the Soul very quickly why it's screaming in the street why him why him and then he's


riding out of town telling Curly Bill just so you know it's over well even I like the video where Josephine comes up


back to the you're talking about the curse right especially this is a superhero genre get away from me don't you see get away from me yeah like right


and uh you're welcome for this I'm gonna ruin this for you that rain the him Kurt Russell in the rain always bugs me


because if you look at the rest of the set yeah there is no water falling anywhere but on Kurt Russell yeah I I


would never pay attention but yeah I'm just I see it oh that's kind of is he's just got a big old ring Cloud coming


down on him man yeah it never sucks enough to know but yeah no I've never noticed it before he's looking background you're like son of a [ __ ]


she's staying just outside yeah yeah she's a little black ring Cloud


right now I did notice something when the herbs are riding into town first time you know it's it's a sunrise the


beautiful Skies when they're riding out it's all it's almost the exact same shot from a distance you see their silhouette


and it's gray sky and overcast yes uh so they're riding into town with this hope


and promise they're writing it out under Dark Skies of darkness and murder and loss and right and that's when Curly


Bill uh sends Stillwell and Ike to the train to finish him off yes yeah before that


he has is uh what's become I think it's a meme now the well bye yeah yeah


um absolutely and then Ringo's you know again being a [ __ ] [ __ ] and sure it's amazing lines it smells like


somebody died and they're just uh um and that's so I love a good bad guy and I love Michael being this is like


this is absolutely cool in this movie let's see this this part is when I have it to


the third act yes I have the break into three there as well oh yeah for sure yeah wow look at me I got one right yeah


well because you think they're going to be ambushed and finished off and then no he turned the tables on them and yeah it's a night and day time this is


historically accurate as well Stillwell was killed by wider today yeah he's


found by the train tracks absolutely okay so it appears that Wyatt just


didn't blast him with a shotgun there were like 30 bullet holes in this guy so Wyatt Earp and maybe the Posse that was


with him or something all took turns they all took turns down yeah nice example yeah but yeah


first dialogue and beat sort of yeah tell them I'm coming and hell's coming with me yes and Kurt Russell looking


crazy as [ __ ] yeah he's a US Marshal he now has the biggest badge yeah territory


territory over jurisdiction or basically the United States yeah so that's the break into three and then you have you


know the whole storming the castle thing this Vendetta ride it's historically it's called the so if you read about Wyatt Earp they'll call it the Vendetta


ride and it when I first saw this uh I wasn't convinced that was accurate then


I started reading years ago and Wyatt Earp actually did go on a ride and start whacking people yeah and one of his


brothers it did say that one that's not in the movie but there is one uh another


herb on that ride yes that's cool yeah yeah on my notes Here I have it as writing and killing yes and that's


essentially yeah in real life like that yes yeah even the the one guy that's uh in the Opium uh Den or whatever he's all


high and he it's sort of being the the pipe it's the end of the gun no no qualms about blowing the back wide up is


not into he's not just going to intimidate you now he's because because uh Doc Holliday will say oh make no mistake it's not Revenge she's looking


for right it's a reckoning uh yeah absolutely absolutely and that brings us to the crossfire at the river which


we've kind of gone through yes uh the Vendetta ride uh the team is why it's Posse the storming the castle is the


actual ride itself so his sorry I had a question about that is back at the river um and it may be I guess kind of obvious


but just he says no no no no no just like no it didn't this is not going to end here no I'm not going to end here


what are you meant by that you know uh yeah like I like it the way they do it and it's it's uncertain what what I


guess Curly Bill was coming out of the trees saying no He's Mine He's Mine well they were pinned down and something


they're saying do something on both sides right do something quick do something quick I I kind of think maybe you're right no


this is not how it's going to end yeah I'm not done no I am not cool even like no yeah even


again Powers incredible oh look at that just look at that even he was oh yeah no they're totally uh the theatrics of it


probably just thrilled him you know right um was he drunk was he taking a [ __ ] like


why wasn't he there I don't know in real life he was he with behan and uh the other guys because


he was riding in that giant Posse all right okay yeah and that would have gone


down completely differently I think if he'd been there you know so glad I took notes uh Fabian arrives in the carriage


shot yeah well the the yes just before that is the ride


itself and the Hightower surprise if you're looking at the structure of the of the finale finale yeah I have is the


river Ambush doc being sick and having to be taken and then Ringo's Posse of 30 or more uh so they're storming the


castle and there's always a setback or a surprise and I think it occurs across these events rather than the The


Challenge from Ringo yeah yes yeah well yeah I have that as the dig deep down


after the high tower surprise facing Ringo I can't beat him can I know you know again live all the scenes and all


the dialogue but yeah I really like that scene yeah they had this conversation about you know what's um what's make a


man like Reno do what he does yes yeah revenge for being born yeah revenge for whatever being born


just makes them like what a cool Wagga like he's he's cooler than curly curly Ville to me like oh yeah he's just the epitome currently bill is I I like


watching Curly Bill but I like him but I don't know I like I like Jen Ringo more just he's just so evil and nothing he's got a great hole through the center of


him you know absolutely yeah no it's thumbs up perfectly the dig deep down facing room and then you know because


this is a a setback and a sort of a second dark moment execution of the new


plan according to the structure is obviously doc not quite as thick as I made out looks


like even that what's it like to wear one of those yeah like it was playing from that yeah maybe before that I don't know like I don't know what point he


came up with a plan but for sure at that point he wanted that so it wasn't quite as soon as I made out somebody just


walked over your grave there's so many lines yeah the last ride of wide earth and his Immortals which again I think


lends itself to this idea of the superhero almost yeah for sure and then the execution of the new new plan and


then once he says Wyatt Earp and his Immortals it's riding and killing yeah writing and killing part two and then


that's when Ike gives up like after all that riding and killing and the whole thing Ike is the last one to wave his


thing yeah he's surrendered like three times that's why I was confused I was like was Ike the big bad like everything


stops after Ike has been well he said I see a cowboy I kill him kill the man wearing it yeah uh yeah I


thought that was just cleanup like they got her Curly Bill they got rid of Ringo the new bike wasn't gonna yeah it was just clean up be anything sure I'd make


it killed I could okay crowd could have killed him into a canoe just such a sniveling little piece [ __ ] the whole


time yes well he I think even in the okay crowd and he tell him you know get to fighting or getting yeah that's historically fights commencing get to


fight or get out that's that that is a great quote from witness testimony of the event yes and and on his knees


begging and he really did run away he started the fight ran away and got his brothers killed that's the history of it


he ran away I kept running like in real life he ran out of the OK Corral like


over three streets and down I mean he just was hightail rumor is he's still running today what did they talk about


the end of the movie he got killed in uh two years later Ed Robert it's also historically accurate dumbass killed yes


all right so the final uh I don't want to skip over anything that you might have left but just as a way to


finalize the structure the final image Doc is on his deathbed boots off with his real friend not Ed Bailey I thought


that was interesting contrast you know he's talking about Ed Bailey being his friend but Ed Bailey's not his friend Wyatt Earp is his friend well there's


some ones before that too about back at the river um I just remember just now but with Texas Creek where they're


talking about why are you out here doc oh yes Wyatt Earp's my friend hell I got lots of friends I don't I don't yes I


almost cry every time every time every time yeah and the thing I didn't catch until I started writing notes and having


the subtitles on is Doc just tells Wyatt to go out there and live yeah I never


caught that before for whatever reason there's no normal life just life yeah right go out there for me yeah and then


he hands in the book my friend Doc Holliday by Wyatt yeah yeah and there's a little another little thing I like there like because he's tired I don't


want to play anymore right yeah he wins still he's not even [ __ ] trying yes like why it's doing the thing and docs


out so much [ __ ] luck even on his deathbed he still wins it right right uh that's his final now the reason he


says funny like Doc Holliday never ever thought he would die like the reason that Doc Holliday was so brave and


fearless he wanted to be killed he was suffering from tuberculosis and you know this kind of thing and and just thought


I don't want to die as an old man or struggling with this so he would just get into every situation with the idea


that well if I died yeah I won't survive this and it'll be great you know he says because he's not wearing boots yes he so


he looks down and and by some accounts this is true that his last words were funny yeah the last thing I didn't catch


you know Glenwood Sanitarium the first scene you see is the priest giving him last right yep no yes he


knows there's some reports that he that that Doc Holliday on his deathbed called


in a Catholic a presbyterian and a Lutheran yeah just all the locals I'm sure he


would have got some Buddhist if he could have right is what I understand um now he is buried in Glenwood Colorado


but the city for its own reasons will not reveal the location of that grave very interesting


yeah uh I guess they don't want a lot of people coming there or whatever but he was buried in Glenwood uh Colorado


that's his final image the Cowboys their final image obviously is all dead power broken forever we win at the beginning


they're completely decimated to the end Wyatt obviously didn't know what he wanted thought he knew what he wanted


now he's with the one he wants I have made a Fortune of a different kind than


he imagined which is love romance whatever yeah he comes to that realization with Doc and the


conversation of I know what I want that's damn misery because he thinks he's going to die yeah I finally found


out and now I'm gonna die and then doc is gonna at that point I can save him you know so like he's admitted that to


Doc and then later in the sanitarium doc tells him go live I mean the comment earlier that we don't


necessarily you know see when doc makes a decision to do that but I would argue maybe it is right there as soon as Wyatt


admits that I know what I want yeah maybe that's when doc goes out of his face or anything I don't think but maybe that's what he digs deep down and says


if I'm gonna die in bed I'm gonna make sure yeah it lives ship wow never caught


that that's and then yeah what's it like to wear one of those right yeah it's awesome now uh


Johnny Ringo in real life was found propped up against the tree with his bullet hole in his head yeah but they don't know how they don't nobody knows


who shot him yeah that's cool but he was [ __ ] Doc Holliday killed him Tombstone showed us


uh sure he was some say he probably did suffer from


depression and and psychotics yeah someone Survivor had said he was even talking about killing himself sure he's


worried about what would happen oh my God what's gonna happen to this outfit when Johnny runs it yeah


um last thing I didn't catch was uh where they end up where uh Josephine is


is in Denver yeah yeah it says they're doing a show in Denver yeah why and it's a Gilbert and Sullivan Show yeah I


didn't ever caught that ever I think I see uh


when he finally comes to her and he's like I don't have any money I don't you know what I mean like he's basically broke he said no um don't worry about it


oh well [ __ ] yeah all right group service yeah exactly no no it's a good sweet ending all right I do have one


final note which I think is very interesting but I'll mention that after share you got any more historical anything good to go no but it just made


me think of um overboard that was the second movie that Kurt Russell hooks up


with the lady that oh don't worry about I'm rich I'm the one with the book yeah that's true yeah that's true


now are you going to talk about it see you sir sorry oh yeah that's the Epitaph or whatever that's called are you gonna


talk about his funeral oh okay so the the the final paragraph Tom Mix WEP now


I don't know if you're aware of this but there is uh if you are not available


in the 20s to Hollywood and hang out at Movie Studios and became good friends


with Tom Mix who was a cowboy actor uh and


and that's always three years after Tombstone yes why is there no existing footage of Wyatt Earp I would love to


see live-action footage of who he I've seen old photographs of of when he was


an old man when he was young but I'm like you're around movie students there's got to be some footage of Wyatt Earp somewhere that would be so amazing


right anyway he was friends with Tom Mix and Tom Mix was a uh Paul Bearer at Wyatt's funeral


in 1929. okay we have come full circle and here's how the story of Wyatt Earp


and Tom Mix okay becoming friends is told in a movie called sunset


Bruce Willis plays Tom Mix and James Garner plays Wyatt Earp okay so you have


a Bruce Willis movie about Wyatt Earp and Tom Mix directed by drumroll please


Blake Edwards so we started off with a movie by Blake


Edwards and Bruce Willis and we end with a reference to an historical event that is recorded in a movie with Bruce Willis


nice and Blake Edwards and sunset is actually a decent movie it's not the slapstick piece of crap that or the


movie that everyone loves play Blind Date I have Sunset and I I it's a decent


movie it's a fun movie to watch James Garner who had played Wyatt Earp in series back in the 50s uh is there and


it's it's good movie there was a question I had uh apparently John Wayne was in his late team oh yes and he very


got to meet Wyatt Earp and he modeled his walks after Wyatt Earp did Kurt Russell have the same walking Tombstone


because I saw some scenes where he was dragging eyes I don't know my mom my mom


calls it he walks like he has a load of crap in his pants well here's the thing though uh but John Wayne's name is not


John Wayne it's like John Marin or something Marion Marion yeah so it's not anything like John Wayne Right but John


Wayne was like in his 20s working as a stagehand when Wyatt Earp uh was friends with Tom


Mix and Tom Mix was making the movies and John Wayne and and Wyatt Earp did in


fact become acquaintances and Wayne is on record as saying that when you see me


portraying my when you see me in movies what you are seeing is by imitation of


wider so what so if you wanted to see how wide or blocked and talked essentially it's


how John Wayne acted in those westerns interesting he patterned his whole Persona of his experiences with wider


way back in when he was in his 20s before he was even an actor so that's I think as close as we're going to get to


seeing how wide or it was but I found that absolutely tantalizing you know


this is interesting because even like uh just think about like I guess he's you know you got me seeing circles uh


Kurt Russell and Big Trouble in Little China like the essentially that's him doing his John Wayne yeah that's true


yeah yeah yeah that's funny yeah but when I when I saw that Tom Mix thing and


then I thought because I wasn't sure Blake it was a director I thought oh I think yeah like Edwards directed it and


and then you got your yeah wow Russell's walk now I want to like check


out other movies and see if he walks different as Wyatt Earp you know yeah I don't know that's crazy so we do the


pass recommend consider yes I I I it's an absolute no-brainer this


movie is probably in my top five it is absolutely quotable and I'd never like we watched it two or three times in


preparation for this I never got tired of it a single time oh yeah it's one of those movies that not only should you see it you should own it oh right you


should have a hard physical copy and you should work lines into almost every conversation you have because right well


bye you know it is so brilliantly and stylistically written


like every like I'm serious about every 90 seconds every 15 seconds I don't know but it's very close


it can't be over two minutes there's a cool line there was there's one error that I that I don't know if anybody


caught but I if I caught it on my 40 inch little tiny TV on your bigger TVs


you'll be able to see it right after Kate and uh doc calls Kate the Antichrist he might be the Antichrist


yes the Cowboys arrive into town there's yellow and orange Slickers like


you can see it they're wearing orange and yellow plastic the Cowboys are yeah


well it's the only time you see that in the whole movie there's like eight or ten of them but it's such an odd well they're uh and


they may be Slickers but but there were long canvas white-ish overcoats that they


would wear these are yellow and orange yeah it's weird and but they because they and they were they were coated with


uh some kind of animal fat or or oil to make them waterproof and the reason they


were so long is so that you could wear them over your legs and the Burrs and stickers wouldn't get into you as you're riding through the brush on a horse and


that's that's why they're so long uh you know but they did turn to tend to turn


brownish or tan colored with all the dirt and more natural colors yeah but but certainly not I'd have to go back


and look but I didn't see it orange next time you watch it's that scene right after doc tells you they're the


Antichrist okay I'll check it out it's it's I'm like what they'd had those colors in the back it must be a must be


a goof yeah no if it is a goof I would say that it's either you know come and toasted that shot or the other guy Kevin


jar sure Russell didn't do that either way don't let it deter you I don't think I've ever paid yeah I'll check that out


but yeah yeah recommend for me as well yeah yes highly recommend yeah this


movie is so it's it's just yeah absolutely one of the best one of the best


all right I guess we are all right yeah very cool


I think there is a cool line about every 12 seconds in this movie assume the owner of the birdcage of like guys quit


it he's laughing like an idiot all day yeah right I don't know if eight hours on this disc


would be enough the recording time that's what I'm saying the Wyatt Earp was a bully because it was a tool Law


and Order every time that's us set Darth graders are unheralded heroes and it's been confirmed Huckleberry I vow Kilmer


himself okay Uncle Barry all the lightning was real and all the mustaches are we are yeah


Kurt Russell in the rain always bugs me yeah and Carissa looking crazy-ish


wow never caught that that's so now the whole time all the shooting


is going Wyatt Earp is essentially trying to pull up his pants

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