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31st Aug 2022


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greetings realers my name is Philip and together with my wife Sherry and two of our friends Chris and James we're


Fellowship of the real four people who love talking about movies almost as much as we do watching


them we hope you will join us as we dig deep into cinematic masterpieces and some that are well maybe not


you have an opportunity to be the fifth host of our little show click the link in the show notes and leave us a voice


message telling us what movie you would like us to review you can also reach out on our Facebook


page Fellowship of the real from all of us at Fellowship of the real thanks for listening okay on with the


show are you recording this [Music]


seeing a movie in the mechanical level really bring some revelation


I believe that no one sets up to make a bad movie with the exception of


on paper this should work I just don't like it that's your own fault if you haven't


seen it play over budget start cutting scenes


[Music] what that movie is about


I love the title with that movie's trash [Music] well it's oatmeal man it's good for you


okay here we are at The Fellowship of the real talking movies uh this episode


is a redo I'll just put that out there the audience can thank me for never hearing the first


attempt at this we are going to start off with The Breakfast Club uh this episode is The Breakfast Club and I


got carried away with this movie uh I made like 20 pages of notes there is a lot going on in The Breakfast Club for


those who want to pay close attention and I tried to get every single detail down I think at some point there were


spider webs on James and Chris was asleep and Cherry had talked to a lawyer about a divorce so


we we just stopped and uh I said we're gonna just redo this and I went back and


I cut down my notes to what I thought was essential and the beats and so we're going to try to keep this


to an hour the the first attempt we were at an hour and I nice and I thought I was we were at an


hour and I was still like in the setup and had like 18 pages of notes and it


was undoable it wouldn't all right we're back that's the hazards


and I'll try to get those rings out of there but if I can't oh well that's the hazards of uh you know


this amateur operation that we're doing we are not in the studio and so we are subject to the oh you should hear some


of the podcasts I listen to whatever they let anything up heard ambulances I've heard cats dogs yeah Marc Maron has


uh a guy next door that does yard work yeah and he'll be in there interviewing Sam Elliott Barack Obama and you're just


here I like what the [ __ ] what WTF I love that podcast I listen to it


yeah and there's there's no Christian bill here to to yell at us you know and what the [ __ ] are you looking at [ __ ]


sake I mean I love Christian Bell and I like listening to that rant that he had no no well Tom Cruise has a good one too yes you know about the covid yes I I


agree with him I don't get in that rabbit hole but I was like yeah absolutely so we did not answer that


phone and I don't care who it was so we on this redo maybe that was a a podcast caller yeah sure well yeah well it


really was it probably was yeah and they got us recording [ __ ] them not just playing oh they well it's a it's big


pipe so it would be on the web page we are not anyways yeah just I don't know I


still think you're you're being unfair to yourself about this redo and we had talked about I guess when we


first started this and it sounds like I guess that version will never see the light of day but I deleted it's gone damn well there you go it's gone people


sorry there's an hour of me and three snores is what it was again I think you're being a fair yourself but I guess


what we talked about at one point and again we're still new with this we're trying to figure out what we want to do and how we want to do it but we talked


about like maybe try obviously we want to try to keep it to an hour and the ones that that run


longer than that right we we cut them down released the hour episode and then maybe we we have like a note or


something hey you know if you want to hear more about this one here's the I don't know director whatever you want to


call it like I guess that's where my my head went on that on the redo especially if you could lift some of that and put


it into the one we're going to do today or add to it or yeah and granted You're


The Tech Guy doing all that stuff well it's probably not I never even listened to it but I it was just it was me


just fine-tooth combing that thing and and I'm not even sure I took a breath I don't know I maybe I did but anyway it's


gone and all right there's I I thought about well maybe a series of


blogs breaking down you know each yeah but I I I've never seen someone so


cracked out after a chili dog you were energized well I was I was so


excited about that movie uh uh and I'm telling you man if if he didn't


plan all that stuff then it the then the heavens and stars align because I really think


you know that movie is probably one of the best written movies I've ever seen I just I gotta say though after after that


incident of you just you were so thoughtful about what you were doing and


putting it together I did go home and watch The Breakfast Club with a new sure like a new passion I guess and I'm


actually sympathetic towards Bender now where previously I was not yeah yeah no he uh signed for sure yes no he is


they're obvious and I didn't get into like the archetypal characters okay but but writers will make use of archetypal


characters so you have the king the bully the trickster the you know and they play roles in the movie and uh


at various times I think he plays different roles but I think largely he's the he's the Savior character in that


archetype right uh yeah and as far as to take it back to Blake Snyder terms he's


everybody's B story right yes yes and he changes and he changes himself too but he's he's the Agent of Change for


everybody all the kids I I would say I don't know how much Bender changes throughout the movie he seems


the same at the end yeah I guess um and we can get in here said uh we'll get to it when we get to it or whatever it was


but like at the beginning I don't feel like he would get with um was it Claire Molly Ringwald but at the end he does so


that's why I thought maybe there was change there you know but maybe he yes uh and he's attractive girl from you


know the opening scene to the end somebody and he's a dude so maybe always he you know wouldn't if he had the chance but and and principally he says


it but I think they are genuinely attracted to each other at the end and yeah but he says you know


what would be a bigger I'm paraphrasing what would be a bigger way to like shake up things shake up your parents or


whatever than to date a guy like me or whatever right and so I think he's using that as a vehicle to shake things up but


I think there's probably something there uh you know whatever anyway well you wanna do box office and all


that stuff yeah well there's a couple things I wanted to mention we need we need obviously people to listen and


people are listening but it's it's the the the downside of a movie review


podcast I think is people will listen to the episodes they want based on the movies they like rather than every


single episode obviously we want people to listen to every single episode who are absolute complete story nerds like


us okay so we talked about this not being a crazy podcast we don't have a lot of sounds and maybe I don't know but


because we delve so deeply into the writing and the mechanics and everything that makes that movie


come together we want to talk about and that's completely nerdish like if we were a comic book podcast we'd be


talking about you know origin stories and Superman and all you know we would delve that deep into the nerdum of


comic books or whatever but we're doing that with story and so I don't know that that is necessarily going to appeal to


the Casual listener or the Casual movie fan but I hope that there's like a bunch of story nerds out there who will find us


and maybe even writers or whatever who want to just comb through things because


they love movies that much you know and that's what we talked about right like that's what I feel like it's going to be you know a work in progress finding kind


of the Fine Line because you know going like you said going that nerdy and breaking down the mechanics of stories


that's what sets us I feel like sets us apart from the rest of the podcast out there in the movie podcast but at the same time yeah we we want everybody to


you know to enjoy each episode and all that stuff and even I mean you hit the nail on the head in my own experience checking out other movie podcasts yeah


100 looked through and went oh I like this movie better than this so that's those are the ones I listened to initially right and if if we have once


we get enough episodes if we decide we want to continue doing this there will be a Snowball Effect where people


have more options to check out and so we're getting more daily listeners even if it's not every episode order


anyway so that being said I did want to sort of I don't know if this will help or encourage people or if they people


who listen ever listen again uh that I thought we would do like a shout out to uh a listener somewhere that that I was


able to check in tracking that they listen to so I just went way out there


and so there is a listener in Bengaluru


I'm gonna not get this right Bengaluru uh Karnataka in the country of India


somewhere who has listened to our podcast so if you're listening now they listen to Blind Date and so hopefully they'll


come back hi yeah hello there hi Bengaluru Karma Taka foreign


thank you for listening to our stuff anyway analytics are are an addiction you I


check them every day all the podcasts and you know anyway something that is in the


notes but obviously we want to also mention we have a speak pipe speak pipe speakpipe.com Fellowship of the real you


can leave us a voicemail uh comments tell us what you want us to review what you thought of the movie


reviewed and also facebook.com Fellowship of the real you can also comment and post and we try to put


stuff up there that's movie related or whatever all right how it came out money critics fans I guess we're doing The


Breakfast Club first yeah yeah Breakfast Club is mine so I guess I got the


printed notes uh this movie cost a million dollars to make which astounded me but then I


thought about it I mean it's it's up and coming actors and they filmed it in essentially one room I think the


studio gave them a million dollars I think that they were they were seeing if he could do it gambling on him


and and it had a budget of a million dollars and domestically it made 45 million


internationally five million six hundred thousand for a total of fifty one thousand five hundred


twenty five dollars fifty one million on a budget of one million so they had to be happy about that


uh this movie is universally loved Tomato Meter over its history


critics uh that have given it three stars and above is 89 percent and


audiences that gave it three stars or above at 92 percent which I think is about right I would be surprised that


any number is less than that I I've become like I said totally in love with this movie or whatever yeah this was John what's John Hughes


John Hughes I was gonna say yeah uh this second movie after 16 Candles okay uh


before Weird Science Ferris Bueller so before he really took off and before vacation as well right yeah well he he


wrote vacation he didn't direct it I don't believe the first the national Olympics yeah I think he had a script out there yeah because he wrote yeah he wrote it


and they Mr Mom National Lampoon Vacation all that came before 16 candles and


Breakfast Club he wrote those uh his story okay


held up to almost any other writer in Hollywood I don't know I I don't know that many writers and they're they're uh


resumes but Hughes has got to have more movies than I I couldn't think of


another writer maybe you can't Chris that has that many movies that uh you know scored it hit that that yeah


you know made it's absolutely freaking amazing you know because he's got an impressive resume just as the


ones that he wrote and directed but if you go back and look at all the stuff he wrote I didn't know he wrote Mr Mom I watched Mr Mom years ago when it came


out all right of course I didn't know him or whatever but yeah it's it's absolutely amazing


all right Into The Breakfast Club you said Chris did you did you or did you not have all the Beats you were not able


I did not have all of them I have some I just didn't get them all what's the what do you have for genre


please write it down but I want to say probably a coming of age like right to passage what's the passage


yes okay uh yeah I wrote it down for Tombstone I guess I forgot to do it what's another


example of a right right of passage story Stand By Me Maybe yeah probably uh


anything where a kid yeah so it says there's a problem right


I don't know that I don't know I don't know does it I think a lot of times it is a kid but I don't know that it has to be a kid no it probably doesn't it says


because I guess the three ingredients you need is there's a problem and then the wrong way to fix it and then acceptance yeah


um so like in this case it's you know Teen Angst or whatever and then the wrong way to fix it such attention and then acceptance and you know and we'll


talk about it by the end of them accepting you know who they are and how they're you know their their differences


and then they're also they're a lot more alike than than they initially think they are absolutely all right so I just


have a short set of notes before I get to what I think is the opening image


this movie is about the kids and I'll just briefly go over this these kids are on the brink


of having their heart die okay as Allison says toward the end of the movie when you grow up your heart dies so


that's where these kids are they're right on the brink I think of their they're in danger of their heart dying


and becoming like their parents I think a couple times throughout the movie are we going to be like our parents it's inevitable what you know and that ties


into what the principal is saying too but no these kids turned on me man right right I mean it's his heart has died and


yes absolutely the fact that he changed not to kids uh uh Brian at the end realizes that this


has already started he said in his essay we were brainwashed uh and so this is


this is I think where they are their heart is about to die and they are starting to come to the conclusion that


they've been brainwashed into a certain way of thinking and that they will perpetuate that if they become like


their parents they are prisoners in in a prison of another's making so this this I think is going to touch on theme as we


get into it uh I think Hughes is telling us through the choice of the Colonel Bogey March that the kids whistle


together the the thing that they whistle is from made famous from Bridge on the River cry which is about prisoners of


war in a prison of War camp uh being mistreated and I think that Hughes is saying this is where they are


that they are being held prisoner uh in a prison of another's making


so uh living under inhumane conditions imposed upon them by authority figures whose Hearts have already died so so


those who are over them are what they are destined to become unless something happens and I think they this movie they


start to realize that uh yeah I think you could also make an argument for for the genre


um for it to be an institutionalized yeah um because you've got um


so it says every story in this category is about a group right so you got a group of kids


um Family organization doesn't matter what the group is and the story is uh is a choice the ongoing conflict pitting


the Brando like the rebel yep versus the um I'm probably gonna say this wrong the knife knife knife n-a-i-f the knife yeah


yeah the the innocent or whatever right yeah versus the system or a company man yeah absolutely think it's you know what


this is almost like I haven't seen it a long time but One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a institutionalized Godfather


issue yeah is it okay all right yeah yeah yeah right at the beginning that's that's my family Kate that's not me and


by the end he's he's joined up because I guess and that brings us to the third one finally a sacrifice must be made and


you get three Innings either they join they burn it down or they commit suicide and yes which falls into the yeah


because Brian had thought about yeah committing suicide and uh anyway so they


look the the authorities the the ones who's already died they look at these kids uh they see them the choice of this I


didn't know that this song was written for this movie I thought it was a song they just used for this movie but uh don't you forget about me it was written


for the movie uh and so the authorities are as the song says looking at them but never loving them so they're seeing


these kids but they're not loving them as individuals or allowing them uh to be


whoever they want to be they are trying to institutionalize probably where a lot of that million dollars went now I think


about it you know their single location a lot of these kids are you know they weren't big stars at the time yeah no


they would eventually become the brat pack but I don't think they were that you know this helped make them the bread right yeah so


and yeah I just not thought about yeah because a million seems high to me for but yeah uh when did this movie come out


I forgot 85 85 yeah so uh yeah I don't know what that would be today whatever but uh so this is a situation that they are


on the brink uh they've been subject to brainwashing they're on the brink of having their hearts die uh and so this


is the most important moment of their life which is what you want to write a story about you don't want to write a story about their everyday life you want


to write a story about the most important day in their life and I think this is it um okay so now we're into the opening


image we're going to do the the mechanics I see and Chris you can


comment on this I see the opening image being the song The epigraph at the beginning from David


Bowie which is uh these kids that you know you spit on are quite aware of what they're going through they're immune to


your consultations uh the and the kids being dropped off by what I'm calling their Jailer so you see them being


dropped off by their parents and there's not a single good situation there they're all


being you know thwarted by the various circumstances of each of their individual lives or whatever


right yeah Claire is getting dropped off by her dad and it's really do I have to go to this you can't get me out of it


right and then you've got uh what's the nerd's name Brian Brian academics yeah


Brian's you know use every opportunity to study I don't care what you do study studies yeah we're not supposed to do anything well you've you make you find a


way Mister you know right right and then uh Andrew's dad is like uh you know like


you just got caught we all got caught yeah somebody's good after whatever yeah you don't want to be a disciplined case yeah nobody's going to give a ride to a


discipline case right uh and then Bender you don't see his parents and he just he walks straight up and I think we had


talked about this maybe last time is the uh I don't remember the Ali shitty I don't remember the character's name it


slipped my mind but she oh yeah well they her parents would ever have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting Ben yes


and I think we talked about like from moment one you see him he's here to shake things up and be different everyone else is being dropped off in


this kind of mundane depressive way and here he is just walking through yes zero you know [ __ ] giving about what's going


on around him yeah right well the her her situation is she says my parents they ignore me and they just drop her


off and she looks out and they take off and they take off yeah and then run straight into one they cannot ignore and


I think we had talked about Bender will be this Agent of Change the one that nobody and he and I don't know if I even


thought of this last time but he will say to Claire you couldn't ignore me if you


tried uh when they're having their yeah talk you know he's trying to get her goat or whatever you know uh yes the one


they cannot ignore it you know I agree those are yeah them being dropped off is the the opening him and Chip yes that's


what I had this is their starting point basically in a prison camp in a prison


uh and and on the brink of becoming like their parents being forced to and they're they're heart dying oh and you'd


made a note last time um that you had said it that uh on the the epigraph like it um it doesn't just


fade away it actually shatters it shatters yes yes uh I think early on John Hughes is saying uh


uh you cannot we'll get into it but you cannot you cannot negotiate or or or


calmly get out of this things have to break down for the change that needs to


happen to come uh there's they're gonna have to shatter and I think I think they


spend the rest of the movie doing that anyway uh so I think we got the opening image but


I the theme I don't know that I ever heard it clearly stated I have that it's


hammered throughout but well stated late and clearly by Allison are we going to be like our parents it's inevitable


because when you grow up your heart dies that's I think that's the premise of this movie sure are you going to allow


your heart to die yes or no and then they said about debating and answering that question but


I think that comes late which doesn't concern me necessarily uh yeah I'm gonna change my I think it's an


institutionalized I really do yeah more than one because yeah are they going to join that are they going to join the right their parents and that's the


principle that have you know let their hearts die or they're gonna burn it down you know yes or commit suicide right no


yes which one of them seriously thought about right right that's kind of on the nose I would think yeah yeah I think


it's more that than writer passage okay uh yeah so the setup and the five kids are in detention with yeah possible


Skinner I mean um yes I have the arrival of the kids the evidence of their brainwashing uh Allison Allison that's


her name that's funny that we could remember her name and she's the one that everybody ignores I feel terrible about that all


of a sudden good job Mr Hughes yeah I mean Allison arrives the one who was


ignored uh the outcast cast off by her parents we learned that though she states plainly that her parents ignore her look


her way but never love her as the song says all these kids parents ignore them and instead nurture them with convenient


what Brian is calling convenient definitions and that's what they're being defined with and that's how


they're defining each other at this point in the setup and then of course we talked about Bender across the path of


these jailers passes one they cannot ignore who will bring their consultations to a screeching halt symbolically but literally with the car


Bender arriving Allison's parents having to see him the car coming to a stop uh he arrives and will be the one to knock


over and rearrange things much as he does on the counter his first thing he does is he starts knocking things over


and that's going to be I think what he does yeah he's touching and poking and and yeah and then he


makes Brian move right yes he does yeah he will be the one to change their minds uh and so I


I did leave this in I cut out a bunch of uh minutia but I I I think it is when I


saw that and began to realize what was happening that's when I think my jaw first hit the ground he makes Brian move


yeah he's a bully bullies do that to the weaker and Brian is obviously the weaker right but Brian is the brain brain Brian


we talked about that okay I think use the saying all these kids are going to change their mind so he


moves the brain from one side to the other and I so I think that's very cool I think and that's what I'm talking


about writers have choices when they're writing these things and it depends how much I think they want to have Easter


eggs if you call them or want a hammer theme because a writer has the opportunity to hammer theme in every


sentence and I think Hughes does that here I think if it's two on the nose it becomes


labored but I don't I think Hughes has just enough nuance that he hammers it and he had a choice


he could have moved any one of those kids he could have had Bender sit down whatever no he had to move and I think


he's because it's all about the changing of your mindset uh and I I just I saw


that and I thought well that's it that's what he's right and I I hesitate to even try to compare


you and I to Hughes um but but we are writers right and I think I think it all


really kind of just if I think about some of the stories written together right like it just boils down to like how in tune you are with the theme yes


where a lot of it just comes out naturally right because we were the themes in the back of our minds we're thinking oh we could do this because that pushes our theme right I mean yeah


some of it's you know you're like you said you're you're coming up with it but just uh what I think but you know I think back


on it like you don't have to force a lot of it if you're really in tune because it occurs naturally if you are yeah so


like for any future like so so as I watch this and as I thought about it


to me like the number one thing a writer should do first is is decide what he wants to say and


then build everything else around that sure because if not you don't know oh like I gotta have a funny part here so


let me have him fall down okay what does that do maybe that's funny maybe it isn't but if everything is serving theme


then you can say well this helps this doesn't this character would do this he wouldn't do this you know so I think


theme increasingly is the center about around which you should build a story you know yeah because you can have cool


cool characters and set pieces but if you know that's all you got or what is that how does that relate to theme you


know this is obviously watching one of the Masters John Hughes do it so if they're going to be hammering home theme


this is a great one to yeah oh yeah yeah it opened my eyes or whatever obviously you wrote 30 some odd handwritten pages


of a love note John Hughes running back and when I when I flipped it over and I saw James eyes get it real big I was


like oh yeah this is not working not good we stopped him from getting the oh Bender how I love these yeah right Ode


to Bender like you know like in The Lord of the Rings where I can't read those books because there's like 75 pages of


some guy singing a song as he walks through the forest or something like yeah so that's Philip about Bender


Bender um so is the catalyst Bender moving forcing Brian movers a


little bit later I have it just a little bit okay the principal comes in what part of setup it's just yeah so far I


think we're still in setup okay he wants the principal comes in he wants them each to write an essay he gives them


each a separate page and tell me who you are right so they're all on different pages at


this point right so there's many pages oh very nice yeah yeah very nice oh huge man I'm on their


own page by the end they're on the one yeah and then they're all on the on this page


six hour Pockets I'm like oh my God if I don't do this right Jesus is going to turn over his Graves he's going to help me because


had a chance to talk about how great this movie was and they didn't I don't I I just yeah anyway John Hughes out there


haunting anybody that ever talks bad about his movie oh my God this I think like if tonight like if you could only


select one John Hughes movie I love 16 Candles I love all his movies


I love Planes Trains playing trains makes me cry every time I love weird I love them all I like me my wife likes me


yeah I like that one uh until James ruined it with that theory of his well


you know um it smells over here but but I think this this movie ought to


be taught in writing classes I think whatever anyway probably is if you ever take one yeah uh or we ever teach one


huh yeah sure that's where the money's at you know yeah now going into this like Ferris Bueller hands down I love


playing trains and animals automobiles too but Ferris Bueller if I gotta pick a John here because that's so much fun right but yeah no no maybe we should


watch at some point to see if it's as deep as this I have a feeling it's probably not going to be but um there was so much more going on in this movie


than I realized maybe for the holiday movies uh the next one could be home alone yeah yeah


I'm telling you man did he do wait a minute Home Alone two or just one I


don't uh I don't know I know he wrote one didn't you think he wrote two as well or I don't I don't know his two is


my favorite yeah yeah two is yeah two is good and then and then you have this odd phrasing and again this is the writer's


choice and you can just listen to it and enjoy it for what it is or you can


understand that Hughes is saying something here beyond the mere words this odd phrasing


maybe from uh the principle this is some principle whatever his name is uh Vernon right Vernon yes maybe you will decide


if you want to return and that's it that's to say you know you maybe you will decide if you want to return


to detention what's the what's the return where to you but who says it like that you need to decide if you want to


ever come back here you know there's a more natural way to say that I think use the saying you're at a Crossroads do you


want to return to who you are you have to decide because you guys are are rebelling and we need you back in line


in the system you need to decide if you want to return to the system or whatever and I think at the end they decide they


do not but he could have said this a more natural way and I think that's I think Hughes is asking us in the


audience and these kids if you look at it a little deeper do you want to you want to be in the group or


do you want to be out and I think they decide they want to be out yeah I think we kind of talked about this before last time if I remember right um


yeah they're they're all kind of like NEOS that are aware that there's something slightly off yeah their world


and then Benders Morpheus yes I think you mentioned that last time yeah


only Bender as the rebel leader challenges uh his skills at this point are rage and sarcasm but I think that


will be enough to get them motivated Bender himself struggles he's full of Rage he's not the perfect leader and he


doesn't have the perfect plan but he knows something is wrong and he's the one that's going to lead the charge uh


his skills are raged in sarcasm so I think he's the one like we said the Agent of Change uh he says to Allison


when she arrives the one ignored uh I've seen you you know which again is there's


there's going to be a lot of this odd phrasing in the movie yeah I've seen you you know you know and and he says it to


the one that's been ignored so Bender sees what others do not I don't know that bender on you don't want to give too much credit


to the character okay this is the writer speaking through the character so Bender may or may not be aware of everything


that he's doing as a character but as a character he is the one uh that is playing that role I don't


know that Bender at the end of the day says I'm gonna get all these kids together and you know I don't think he has that plan yeah okay but I think


together he will bring them to that realization well you were saying that his his


weapons are sarcasm and rage rage uh I didn't realize this till the second time


after watching it after Your Love Fest was Bender was he's like hey I've seen


you around before he was you know he was a butt head yeah but he didn't become nasty until Emilio Estevez turned around


and jabbed at him yes that's when he turned he's like hey I'm being attacked here right by someone by sarcasm Yeah by


someone who Probably sounds a lot like his own dad right nobody wants you and they wouldn't have you and and this kind


of thing so he immediately sets him into his rage mode right it's not his fault like it was he was totally antagonized


Emilio Estevez turns around they flipped his switch which is his dad yeah the cigar burn and then at some point he


says I don't think I need to be with you dildos anymore and off he goes like but he's he got a knife he's ready to pull


out and I mean he is fighting for his life and he hears I think that's excellent point I didn't think about that Andrew and Claire both kind of


turned around like yeah because this message would be two hits me hitting you and you hitting the floor yeah right right and that's his dad I bet his dad


said that to him yeah if he's burning him with a cigar he's probably got you know because he talks about you know bam you know when he's big so he's been


subject to all of that right uh and so that is what he's fighting against and and yeah that that's an excellent I


hadn't thought about that yeah that's why I had that sympathy for Bender now I'm like man he didn't start it I mean yeah he's a butt head he come in he's


ruffling feathers but yeah he was the first one the one who you know taped the


kids you know butt cheeks together he's the first one that talks about physical you know violence or sure and attack


with somebody yeah even and I think he starts to realize this because at the end he says I think your dad should be my dad you know so they they wind up


yeah no that's that's so where is where are we at on the I think we're still in the setup I have one more thing uh okay


still set up okay uh Bender gives the enemy I'm a brownie Hound dealing with the currency of favor and basically ass


kissing that's how you get ahead in this world later when uh Vernon is down in


the basement looking at files getting dirt on other people oh what you know uh and the janitor comes in Vernon is


trying to get dirt on other people to have control over them in some way even if it's just mental right and the


janitor says okay well I'm gonna talk unless you give me some money 50 bucks so here's the here's the currency of


this world getting stuff over on people bribery you know favors this is brownie hounds right


and that's so Bender identifies the enemy yeah with Brian standing up you know yes sir I can assure you none of us


want to come back here he's Bender is on his own little island yeah amongst a


bunch of people trying to survive in that world yes and that's what he's so frustrated about again yes a lot of


sympathy for that character now right no uh uh yeah so that's I think I think at that point


that is the setup to me what do you have as your Catalyst Chris um or do you have anything else in setup


or or no I don't have anything else okay um like I guess I felt like maybe him removing the screw from the door like


when he starts messing with the door like that was the Catalyst yeah I I have that as is that what you have yes okay cool Bender he because he actually says


the words he wants to get this party started oh nice okay I missed that uh and it's also the doorways that you like


so much yes it closes the door on the principal yes type of thing he wants to get this party


started he wants that door closed he he he's physically starting to dismantle the system yes he needs that door closed


because the door is accessed to them by the system and screws fall out all the time man and and so this is


sorry to cut you off no no when he says screws fall out all the time their prisoners aren't prisoners referred to


as screws yeah screws fall out all this you know I feel like he was definitely talking about himself too like I've


fallen out of the system I'm absolutely you're [ __ ] anymore yes hold on to you man yeah this whole conversation is


absolutely two levels and and it's awesome you know uh screws fall out yeah


everything we just said he he is the screw that has fallen out the system must be dismantled uh you've got to


close off access to the system I mean if the whole thing in in compact writing is


there and that's it's just or sometimes screws just fall out man sometimes screws


okay so in any in any societal change there has been a screw that has fallen


out right okay gotta screw loose Guevara or whatever I'm not I'm not a


big socialist or whatever but he's held up as this Rebel uh you know Martin Luther King is the screw that fell out


right I mean you know non-violent protests and uh you know just pick a


time and and uh you know uh uh Braveheart right it's a screw that so there's the screw that has to fall out


right and change begins that's you know yeah that's absolutely the door slams


and the Party begins and and there is this whole scene of you know Andrew and fixing the door and everything


Andrew the as archetypes the archetype will always try to solve the problem according to their archetypal powers and


Andrew is physical so it's always going to be a physical solution he wants to fight right you know Claire always thinks she can buy her way out of it


Brian wants to negotiate and reason his way out of everything he stands up oh no sorrow I can just get this over with


right now we never want to come sit down so yeah so and all these things are going to fail to change the system uh


only the skills that Bender has are going to get them yeah because they physically try to prop


the door open with a couple things and it doesn't work and yes yeah yeah absolutely and then and the system will


always try to protect itself Vernon ridicules Andrew for the thing he told him to do right right yeah it was his


idea but when it didn't work all of a sudden uh what are you doing yeah yeah like it was Andrew's idea and that's that's the brownie hat I can't look bad


I can't it's always got to be saving you know so that's the other one Brian's like but aren't there fire exes shut up yeah again he's trying to reason yeah I


always and that's his skill you know Claire would buy her way out of this if she I wish it was on airplane to France


she says later you know I just you know a money and an airplane can take me to another you know so that they're always


going to be going from their their archetypal roles I think the stakes here are


reiterated and we could talk about this as we go because Bender's greatest fear is that his life


now will be his life forever and Vernon says to after this whole scene about getting all the detentions I'm going to


have you for the rest of your natural born life and that's the first time one of maybe one or two times that he actually shows fear and I think it's


because Bender realizes that unless there is a change this will be how my natural born life is going to go and


that's the threat of the system we've got you you know you stay in your role we've got you and he'll be raging his


entire life you sure yeah yeah absolutely we got the Catalyst nailed down I think is this


door slamming in the hole yep all right so uh I don't we're still not


in the break into two as I have it we're coming up on it and I'll get to it and then you could sort of tell me what yours was


Allison we already have a reference to that well we will have a reference to the bridge over the river cry with the with the


whistling but Allison is drawing a bridge I I thought she was doing snow but but Chris had pointed out it was


probably Stars which makes more sense uh with her dandruff but it's it's a reference to the bridge and there's at


least two references with the song and with this picture uh and of course a bridge is taking you from one place to


another so I think Hughes is suddenly reminding us this is a journey and they're crossing over


from one place to another maybe a little reading into it but why a picture of a bridge yeah right she could have been


drawing anything anything I mean drawing a dildo or something so yeah it said it's a bridge a bridge I just and then


the the song which I think didn't didn't wasn't I don't think it was written for Bridge over River Kwai it was a song


before that but it's what is made famous by that movie right the other a couple of cool things here as we


get moved Beyond The Catalyst the destruction of the book I had mentioned this before and Chris had said


profoundly don't judge a book by its cover Bender is destroying a book the book is by Moye Moye wrote political


comedies back in the day and is considered one of the greatest writers of comedies ever but every one of a lot


of his comedies held up a social issue to get people to look at it right and


that's the book that Bender is occupied with and I think Hughes like you said could have picked any book


could have picked any picture could have picked any character to move from one seat to another but he picked Molly and


didn't tell us that he was the greatest comedy but let's discover that on our own and then be amazed like I was but I


think that's purely intentional and then Bender looks at it when the others say oh yeah I like his work or whatever you know uh absolute choices every step of


the way you know and they're tearing the like you said they're tearing the covers off the books yes well the the fact that


they all say oh I love his work it's like really it's like is that what you're is that what you're saying just


to fit in and be cool have you actually read it but that's what I was thinking yeah they're just all bullshitting each


other they're not being real yeah I think Brian probably is he's probably


the only one the rest are [ __ ] yeah Claire maybe because she's Society I


don't I don't know yeah right I don't know what about Bender do you think he actually no I better looks at it like huh yeah because he's kind of amazed


when they say because I'm sure when you heard malier he was like oh you know brainy nerdy stuff blah blah blah old


book yeah right and he he kind of looks at it he looks at it almost the same way as


when Claire says to Brian that it's okay for a guy to be a virgin he looks completely amazed that someone would


admit that almost as much as he is Amazed by someone admitting that they read classical literature another odd


phrase here uh nothing you can do when you're trapped in a vacancy and again I


had mentioned that I tried to look that phrase up because it sounded okay well it must be Shakespeare no that is completely unique to this movie and what


does that mean trapped in a vacancy because it's such an odd phrase to me to my ear it sounded completely odd nothing


you can do when you're trapped in a vacancy Bender is saying we are trapped in a in a big void of nothing that seems


like it's something you know but it's really nothing and I think Hughes is again speaking to us


whether Bender knows he's the leader or the Savior archetype uh later he will


say at some point he will say to to uh Andrew when they're fighting and Andrew's trying to protect Claire he


says I'm Bender says I'm trying to help her and I think Hughes is again employing that archetype


the writer knowing more than the character but the character still somewhat may be aware of what's going on


you know the appearance of Carl the janitor scene is the Untouchable peasant of peon his convenient definition is


that Untouchable peasant peon janitor what what does one have to do to become a janitor janitor associated with and he


says you know Untouchable peas and peon so they they are on the brink of being


brainwashed and really almost already have seeing each other in these roles and then seeing the janitor and and


having this attitude well the janitor what was his name uh he was in the beginning credits he's the man of the


year right yes you know decade before or so so he just he's in this life he's comfortable in this life


he's still at the school yeah it's a it's a very quick reference to his picture on man of the year and again Hughes is not gonna you don't want to be


too on the point and Hughes does this so subtly that that several viewings you might start to pick


up on this because he does have his picture a man of the year and now he's a janitor oh you think oh he's fallen oh my God what happened to this poor guy


right but he doesn't see it that way I'm the eyes and ears of this place I you know I go and so he he seems he's


thriving in that system thriving in in he has defied the simple definition of


janitor and is fine with it he's in a place they need to be because he says Hey to Brian and Brian is wants to be


embarrassed and then Bender says oh your dad works so it's all ridicule but the janitor has no problem just dealing with


anybody as a person any right but and that's where these kids need to be so we want to see a janitor and think oh this


poor guy you know he doesn't see it that way he is defying his own simple uh definition


he knows what time it is he looks at the clock and he can and he sees the clock is fast or slow I can't remember which


but he knows what time it is that's the first thought that occurred to me when he said that the janitor knows what time


it is what's time for these kids to make a choice you know the time uh is more


than just the time on the wall I I just dug that whole that whole scene man you know uh they whistled the same song


Together The Colonel Bogey March they have answered the call they're starting to uh because I think they unify around


Bender even though they're separate they don't rat them out anyway by the end of


the First Act they're whistling this song Together uh all together and I'm seeing that as the ACT break when they


start whistling yes okay they have answered the call and are ready for act two and then we get into Fun and Games


is that what you had your I didn't really have it um I I didn't know if them


when they decide to sneak out in the library yeah you know if that was it seemed like that was maybe too late uh


they go to the bathroom don't they when he comes in and they're all kind of nodding off he's like who needs to go to the bathroom yeah there's there's a


bathroom I think it might be like the beginning of act two or whatever but yeah they that's right up to that point they were at each other


it's the first time they do anything together and they were separate yeah you know I think you're right I think yeah


they're not there yet but this is something they weren't doing at the beginning right debating denying


not answering the call whatever and so this is a clear


change in in their behavior and and maybe thought I don't know all right so the fun and games we can


I'll just go through them real quick and then we can talk about anything that's important at this point they start calling each


other by first names okay when they're having their various conversations uh Allison and Andrew on the way to get


drinks or whatever uh Claire bender and Brian talking about being a virgin not


being a virgin they start calling each other by first names fused does several things by showing us unlike things put


together right so uh characters being put together uh Claire the three of them and then and


then Allison and Andrew uh Brian socks don't match Allison's sandwich has two kinds of


bread uh she takes out the meat and makes a sandwich of her own creation and


sugar deliciousness yes Captain Crunch right yes uh and Bender's boots one only


only one has a bandana so there's all these things of mismatched items that I


think is what Hughes is saying I'm I'm going to mix these kids up and what


appears may not seem normal to them but it's going to be what has to happen being a virgin is


okay then being confronted with Andrew why why are you really here Allison


doesn't let Andrew get away uh with an easy answer when they're on the way to the hallway okay all that's fine but why


are you really here and he won't answer he doesn't answer until later sandwiches transformed into something of


its own her own choosing they also will be transformed I talked about the lines being drawn


again Vernon is making his own sandwich sitting under a rigid character a rigid calendar for rigid products right over


his head it says rigid Bender is Bender the one who will bend things whatever you said that just now with way less


enthusiasm than you did last time


for rigid calendar people this is how rigid he is man in the system yeah you were way into it did you get it I said


it six times did you get it anyway I'm really trying to just because anyway


the Escape scene uh Bender says being bad feels good resisting convenient definitions uh


feels good their heart not dying feels good the brain a little less washed feels good okay all he's saying being


bad feels good but he's saying this is this is defying your roles and it's pretty good huh you know and it does all


right so now there's a song that is playing when they're running away once they they're either going to his locker


or they have been discovered and they're not been discovered but they discover Vernon's walking around and they have to run there's a song playing


uh I think it's called The Man On The Run or the man who leads the way I don't know I can't remember who sings it in


the credits but there are two standout lines uh because that's what Hughes did with


with Don't You Forget About Me in the beginning I think those lines of that song are spot on as to what is happening with


these kids I think this song stands out for what is what Bender is doing there are two


standout lines to me one the first one is hot on the run from the grip of the power game the man who leads the way uh


is a line in that song that is playing when Bender is running on the run from the grip of the power


game I said that's that's the movie other lines taking a break from the everyday boy is he for real or is he


back to the old way boy the song is talking about a Crossroads obviously right right are you going to


be uh the everyday boy are you gonna be the old way boy uh or are you going to run and fight the grip of the power game


and that's the movie that's exact you know a choice is made and that's the movie now they are running


and they I say they fall to their old fears and shackles they they've been following bender and


Bender wants to go a certain way Andrew says no no no that's not the way


you need to come with us come with me and there's this debate but Andrew seems


like the authority and the more stable one so they follow him and they run up right against the bars of the cage uh


and I another choice I think that is exactly right you're gonna if you're gonna fall into the old ways you're


going to run right back up into your bars Bender then Claire says okay now you know we're


all caught we're done and he says no only me and again he's playing the archetypal role of the savior he says


only mean he runs off saving these kids from further punishment detention whatever because he


makes a bunch of noise to get Vernon to come out for him yeah yes and and he sacrifices himself and and we talked


about it uh that image of Bender grabbing the cage and looking up to heaven yeah uh as soon as I saw that I


started looking up Renaissance pictures of Chrysler the cross saying uh and it's specifically the scene painters will


paint of Christ saying why have you forsaken me when when Christ feels like he has been forsaken


by God dying on the cross it's always sort of a look up to the left and that is as soon as I saw Bender's face I'm like oh my God oh my


God this you know so is that like a is that what you have is that like the midpoint and the false defeat or is it


almost almost okay um that's what I had to note as I guess on mine was I feel like that was maybe


the beat there was yeah but I guess I'm definitely curious to see what you had okay there are


Bender's caught he's put in isolation or whatever and this is the second time that I just got in the gym shooting the


basketball because he's working he's going to get a scholarship scholarship yeah so yeah absolutely and he was wearing someone else's shoes yeah right


yeah right it was James or somebody said taking a walk in someone else's shoes oh my God I was like oh my yeah yeah taking


his shoes off and had that other again listeners and he was cracked out on Chili it at you know athletes shoes on


basketball yes yeah yeah absolutely there are only two times Bender's afraid and both is when the system represented


by Vernon will never be vanquished rest of your natural born life and then in isolation when you've forgotten all


about this place uh I'll be there and I'm gonna kick the living [ __ ] out of you and Bender shows fear at that point


because that I think is his greatest fear I will never be free of this uh never be free of this system right you


know so when he's in isolation and Werner makes that speech that's your midpoint or no before his sacrifice he's


put in solitary now before he is put in solitary yeah because they're back in the room right


yes we so he's taken away Bender does not wear glasses I don't know where he got these glasses you


don't see Bender wearing glasses in the movie he passes Andrew and he lays down the glasses and he and he he says


for better hallway Vision man what what what is that what what are you


talking about where'd you get these glasses those set up for the glasses right okay he is going to change the way they see


things there's no other reason for these glasses to even be there for better hallway Vision it's a throwaway line okay but why glasses why to Andrew why


you know as he's walking away here's glasses for better hallway Vision he says that at that point I'm like oh my


gosh that's that's it's got to be right he is he is going to give them eyes to see and I don't want to lay too much on


bender because he is not an innocent guy okay whatever not pure he's certainly not


uh you wouldn't think of Bender and think of Christ okay but one of the things and and I don't think he was


meant for this to be a religious or spiritual movie but I think he did mean it for uh a story about a character who


changes other characters and to the degree that that is true one of the quote you know verses about


Jesus he gave them uh you have eyes to see but you do not see talking to the fair season and the legal rulers of the


time which is what was bred got him branded a rebel right you have eyes to see but you do not see you have ears to


hear but you do not hear Bender has given him glasses for better hallway Vision so you have eyes to see


ah you know if you could come up with a different explanation I challenge you but at that point I I wanted to build an


altar you know the man who leads the way okay we just


had that song giving them eyes to see I was because because I thought about these classes like where did he get them


what does he wear them we never seen him wearing them yeah so does it bother you that it's uh that they weren't really set up because I mean it's really cool


and I agree with you that's got to be what he's saying what Hughes is saying but would it have been better if they were set up because it's almost


you know you can I don't know how to say you can see the writer's hand right the glasses are there because it's because Jews need them to be there you know what


I mean and it's such a sarcastic throwaway line you know I think the line is the meaning of the line is hidden


well for better hallway Vision man because they you know he just took him the wrong damn way in the hallway he's like that's cool but I don't know like


I'm thinking about the glasses if they'd been burnings or some [ __ ] or something yeah maybe I don't know you know but again it could be like one of those


things there's so much cool [ __ ] going on ah you're forgiven for that one and I didn't think about the hallway but yeah uh because Andrew led him down the wrong


way in the hallway and he's saying next time you're faced with a choice like that here you're gonna see better after


today yeah because Andrew wouldn't didn't refuse and to stay in the library no I'm saying right here they all got


out so they're they're starting down the path but they still went the wrong way yes because he's falling back into the old way they haven't


gotten to the point where they can view it the way he he does yes I wonder uh


iterion Collection release of:


scenes previously unavailable format so maybe that's in there yeah maybe maybe


theatrical version that's a question mark yeah that might be something you know you can put in your altar there yes yeah


and yeah okay so at this point I'm at the midpoint and I'm calling it a false


Victory Bender appears uh and all but Allison blaze up so he's got his marijuana you got my dubage he has a


tool that will tear down the last of their inhibitions something that will remove the wash from their brains literally dubage so everybody gets high


at this point except Allison and I'm not entirely certain why she doesn't I don't know if I've ever nailed that down might


mix with her lithium right I don't know it could but


notoriously marijuana and drugs especially in the 60s drugs have always been alcohol breaks down you're in a bit


so this is a vehicle to tear down walls drugs right you know you know drop in


and tune out man you know this whole thing so uh you know he has the tool to to break down that


final wall because they all light up and then it's party time and they're all together and they're dancing I think some of them you know yeah yeah


attention to like a little musical for a minute yes and so I think this is a midpoint false Victory but


it's way late it's not yeah okay there's only like 30 or 4 or 35 minutes left in the movie initially I had that


um but then I was it bugged me that it was so late very late yeah so I thought okay well maybe him getting caught was a


false defeat or something so yeah yeah I I I got you for the net the rest


of your natural life just felt like bad guys close into me but then then that would mean that the the weed


thing is a break into three and that seems that doesn't seem right so yeah I think there is because I think from the


midpoint to act three is fairly condensed yeah bad guys close in Vernon


in the basement we see the coin of this realm the way things are done seeking advantage over people and currying favor


Vernon buys himself some brownie points for 50 bucks so we we get it the bad guys close in it's not necessarily on


them but it's how things operate these are the people they're dealing with trading in power and money and favor


okay still bad guys close in the kids learn how bad it is for each of them uh that they have more in common than their


convenient definitions would apply the conversation between Andrew and Allison is it bad real bad yes what do they do


to you so this conversation between Allison and Andrew they are starting to see each other's prisons right at that


point All Is Lost of course has to be a false defeat they fall back into their old ways the politics of power instead


of being together like at the midpoint Bender has one more wall to dare to tear down Claire's conceit they get into this


discussion sitting around in this circle right and Claire is in tears and Bender


is ripping into her and Brian says you're so conceited Claire and that's true that's that until she can get rid


of that she will never change and I think at this point Brian is saying we will be friends Monday I


would never do that others are not so sure uh Allison is saying it's inevitable your heart will die so


there's there there they're having a defeat here because the high is over but they're and and and and


they're coming down and they're starting to okay I see what's happening here but are we going to be brave enough to make it a


permanent change I don't think so I would yes I wouldn't no I wouldn't you know this kind of thing so


I think they are starting to fall back into their own ways until uh the brick


industry which we'll get in a second Dark Knight of the soul the lowest point in the movie everyone is in tears Brian is talking about suicide Claire's in


tears Alison is in tears everyone is at the lowest they're ever going to be in


this movie I think [ __ ] Andrew starts to sympathize with the the kids that he


bullied or was how do you take something like that back you never can right the humiliation yeah yes


um Claire says it's different for for you you don't understand the pressures we're under and Brian says pressure I


don't understand pressure I almost killed myself right right so the lowest point uh not until they see the pressure


for them is the same and they are stronger together against that pressure are they ready they are ready when they


laugh together so the through all of that then they laugh act three at that point is what I have you know I


definitely had the uh on the all's lost I had not friends on Monday look I had that as the kind of the same sure in the


same beats yeah um I guess just I had notes and I guess that's what we're getting to like Claire going to bender and then Allison showing Andrew her


makeover as far as like to break into three stuff yes uh act three is dancing transforming Allison gets


transformed Claire you know why are you being nice to me because you're letting me well that's that's the other side of


these these simple definitions uh people treating other people mean okay but if


someone treats you nice is your wall so up that you're not gonna let them in right well that's yeah most likely


Bender is not letting anybody in right Allison nobody's letting anybody in right uh why are you being so nice to me


because you're letting me it's an odd phrase but it's that's that's exactly what needs to happen it's a two-way street right right you have to accept


but you have to be accepted you know there was a we were done with the the getting high thing and the dancing uh I


think we mentioned it last time I just remembered Andrew goes in there into that room and closed the door and screams and shatters that door yeah and


Hughes is on record of saying that about walls coming down yeah that he he's not fond of that scene but I think I think


it's it's there for a reason maybe he thought it was a little too on the nose because yeah it does seem


a little implausible a little implausible that he would be at a shadow that class they had to have something


for commercials on MTV if I remember correctly I think it was they rolled it


was just something to catch attention of teenagers like it was a musical scene yeah it played well on commercials yeah


um and I was thinking about what you had said about Allison and why she doesn't get high right yeah so earlier in the


movies I I've seen you right if she's the one of all the people that draws the bridge yeah so in a way like she's kind


of aware like she's not she doesn't need her Inhibitors brought down as much as everybody else she's she's more on the


path than she's aware she's almost more aware than Bender yeah but she didn't need the glasses she doesn't


have the wheels or the courage at this point yeah that she needs Bender you know yeah the song that is playing here


again a choice is called is called We Are Not Alone uh that they're dancing to and all this


kind of thing and and uh absolute obvious choice uh because up at that point up to that point obviously they


were each in their own cell each judging another according to these convenient definitions here they're dancing together to a song


called we are not alone and I think that's intentional hmm all the kids on the same page Brian writes the essay a


Manifesto of the new Rebellion is what I'm calling it Hereafter known as The Breakfast Club or whatever they accept each other and the Untouchable pee on


the Carl a peon Carl the janitor uh the New Order on display as they're leaving they all say bye to Carl and Carl says


bye to them seeing Bender says see you next Saturday uh Brian says bye Carl and you know he not so the peon is no longer


Untouchable uh the peon is no longer the Untouchable peasant he didn't think of himself that way they


did it but now they don't and and Bender is totally fine with going back there and and we talked about this I think I


think Bender goes back there I think he starts hanging out with Carl and help him clean up on detention and I think at


some point he becomes a janitor but but um the Mr Miyagi of janitors maybe you know I don't think he ever feels ashamed


about being a janitor ever you know no maybe he doesn't but I could see that if


you were like fan fiction I would write you know Bend his story that way or whatever they accept each other the


jailer's good originally they exchange items of each other two back to I feel like back to that


um mixing and matching thing you were talking about yes because uh because Bender takes Claire's diamond earring I


think he puts it in his own ear right yes and then uh Allison rips off his Andrews patch or whatever like so it's


it's them becoming one yes absolutely yeah the jailers the jailers pick them


up again but they will no longer be held captive by them I said uh Vernon reads the essay and knows that I I'm saying


Vernon reads the essay and knows he is lost each of each one of us is a brain an outcast an athlete a princess and a


criminal uh we will not allow ourselves any longer to be brainwashed and defined by yours or anybody else's convenient


definitions my words not in the essay but that's what he's saying yeah uh Bender his job done puts his fist in the


air which you know is the iconic image of rebellion uh you know fist in the air


the iconic image of solidarity and freedom cue the music nice yeah so if we go at the


institutionalized I mean they they burned it down they burned it down yes uh nice yeah so that fits really well I


like that yeah no there's there's a lot going on in that movie nuances that is I


think essentially it but I would challenge anybody to watch this movie and just pay attention to every single thing that's going on and and if if if


if a name like Moliere is mentioned look it up because it's intentional you know I think yeah when uh after last time


again I went home and viewed it more as and they're in purgatory yeah you know


they all arrived they're going to decide if they're coming back here if they're going on with their former life and this


movie is awesome yeah like I never thought of that seeing it as a kid coming up I never looked that far deep into it I didn't always thought Bender


was the bully I don't like him right no I I watched it a bunch of times before this time yeah and then I don't know


what uh some something triggered it maybe I looked up Mo year or something like I don't know because I thought well I got to make notes about this okay why


oh yeah one more year oh my God oh my God so something pulled the thread and then it started to unravel as far as oh


my God there's a lot going on here you know so I think once and you and I'm not saying you have to watch the movie on


that level and not every movie is going to serve you that way some are straight one level only and they're they have


their place but this movie like you could watch it and there's more going on than meets the eye and I think I think


Hughes was intentional about that they fit a lot of story in and all that stuff it says an hour and 37 minutes long yeah


they fit a lot of stuff yeah talk about Compact and efficient economical writing right uh yeah I think I'd mention it I


think before like on our on our group chat or whatever did uh Pitch Perfect with Anna Kendrick like she's kind of


the the rebel of the the group and I feel like she's in hindsight I feel like she's kind of the Bender of of that


movie right she even dresses in plaid and dresses in similar colors yeah yeah he sent me that picture and I was like


well let's Benders clothes yeah right yeah and then the she'd never seen the movie like her boyfriend ends up showing


her this movie okay well that's intentional then yeah that shows her this movie yeah it shows her The


Breakfast Club in that in that movie yeah yeah she's very closed off and all this stuff and at one point like she she


kind of shrugs it off or whatever I remember right initially yeah um and even like he he's a big movie fan


he talks about Star Wars and she makes fun of that going Vader literally means you know father like you know yeah he's


like how did you know that how did you know because she's never seen it before anyhow but she ends up watching it alone later on in the movie and she's crying


like she's crying when you see Fender yeah when you see Bender yeah you know with his hand up and then she incorporates it into her one of their


songs you know for this for the break break into three yeah I'd never even yeah I'm glad you told me that because


I've never seen that movie or will I ever and now I know that Pitch Perfect yeah they're a lot of fun man like I


don't like musicals but they're funny and they're you know like no never seen any of the Pitch Perfect now I don't


have to thanks I appreciate it whatever they're an acapella group so like one of


them would literally right now be like excuse me that's that's what they would say to your response of having not seen it you know stupid stupid [ __ ] like that


you know well uh past consider recommend section I obviously my God if obviously it's past yeah obviously I hate this


movie uh I highly recommend this movie yeah absolutely I was


probably on in the middle of that last time yeah and now I'm definitely yeah


recommend hard I think it's a good movie on just a surface level sure but


I think there's a lot going on and yeah I think I think it's a good movie but it you know finger quotes an important


movie you know as far as some of the themes that are going they're just I think they're because you just just fill


in just swap out whatever constraining issue you want uh in place


of simple definitions right the simple definitions today could be you know


whatever your politics are you know uh how you identify you know yeah no yeah I


think use work yeah you know just a little while today yeah from put in civil rights okay that was good in the


60s put in gender identification whatever that movie the theme of that movie is timeless and I think he


executes in such a way that it would speak 100 years from now to whatever thing is


happening you know whatever anyway Sherry is your microphone really going to know


yeah you really want to know what I think oh no she doesn't go as deep


inside no I don't but while I do appreciate everything that y'all said about the movie and how you


broke it down this of course came out when you know we're I'm the same age as these


These Guys these kids we're at the time yeah yeah right yeah yeah


I didn't see it in the theater saw it later couldn't relate to it because you know


the way I looked at it was okay yeah it's entertaining I couldn't relate to any of them yeah as


far as me in high school I was in the band so I'm I'm the band nerd that was not represented


represented okay I worked in the library for 13 years I love being in the library


so I couldn't relate to that so I don't look at it on the same level it was an


entertaining movie I watched it I've seen it a couple of times but it's not my favorite of the of of his movies


uh yeah no I think you had said something about you were real mad about when they were messing up the cards yeah


I mean Dewey Decimal cards he was flipping and moving them around yeah


tearing up the book you don't do that I I think don't do that no I don't I don't think I identify specifically with a


single one but like if you had to press me I would probably be a cross between maybe uh Brian and Allison like because


I was a loner in high school not necessarily a brain but more into reading and this kind of thing why did I


think you were a jock yeah sure right all this and brains too yeah uh


yeah so so uh and I think that's some of the the beauty of this movie maybe


you're not the jock but you can see yourself in maybe one or two or yeah there's elements you know it's like one


person split into five fractions you're a little bit of olive right but at the end of the movie we're all these things


and I think that's true you know sometimes you know whatever and I guess I'm just wrong for not think I don't


know yeah no that's just the way I came at it because I'm I'm that age when I'm


watching the movie and I'm like oh my God I can't relate to these kids sorry but that's the beauty of it that


it can be enjoyed on almost any level right but no like I said I appreciate everything all the work that went into


his movie oh absolutely and I mean as far as and as talking about work I I


discussed this last time that the books are in this um room it was actually a


gymnasium they turned into a library correct yes and uh they did that in the in the library in the gymnasium yeah the


books were donated they were going to be recycled but they were actually put in


the correct order so they they did take the time even to do that the set designer put it in the Dewey Decimal


System which you'll never see but yeah that's cool yeah anyway so what you guys recommend or consider oh


I'm always recommending you watch a movie you know it it was it was a good


movie sure okay yeah it was good I enjoy watching these characters I enjoy the


actors that play these characters sure but as far as his movies go no I prefer


what was it let's see 16 Candles Ferris Bueller all those other movies


because they're they're to me the other movies are fair yeah they're lighter they're lighter they're


funnier this is this is it gets kind of no it gets heavy because yeah especially


I was surprised that Brian had brought a gun to school which is come on guys the thing today right I mean yeah that was a


flare gun and they used it as a lighter moment which I think Hughes does intentionally to sort of bring us out of that Darkness


um but yeah he was ready to commit suicide and maybe that's the only gun he had access to uh you know whatever but yeah it gets dark it does I mean but


these candles never gets as dark as this I don't think Ferris Bueller gets as dark as this but I guess okay I guess


where I can relate is yes when I was in the band I was friends with different


you know different age groups different sure they from yeah yeah all I mean you


know right from the like I was in the honor classes to the ones who weren't I mean


we were all one as a band yeah so okay I


guess I could see that you were part of the system Sherry the fan system I am a bad nerd and I


admit it that's what I was thinking about with um we're talking about you know the different characters you identify with where there's like you


know people our age that are watching it now for whatever reason or even back then right and there's the one they


identify with is Vernon like the end of the dream they go holy [ __ ] I'm burning well you know and then they have some sort of like life you know life changes


yeah yeah well these kids turning on me man you know and and the other side of


that and I'm not saying this is you or whatever but we may not be aware of how we simply


Define people sure you know how you know so you're saying you know okay well I just can't identify with any of them


and and I'm not saying that you know that you simply Define people but they're but looking back I mean there


may be ways that you did conveniently Define and were never brought to your attention all right or she's just on a


higher plane apply labels to people Phil yeah no I thought this at the beginning uh after I


watched it the first couple times was these kids need therapy that's 100 true and I think they get it


I mean absolutely oh if generate if if this was the archetypes for Generation X


yeah quote unquote you know you get the jock and all that Generation X needs therapy all of them


yeah it's so bad well Generation X was also the latchkey kid like because you


know you would go home and your parents both parents worked so you would go home and you would have your you'd unlock the


door for like regardless generation yeah most of the most of the day you'd be alone after school because your parents


were working and so there was this tendency as they were caught up in trying to get careers and money to just


ignore you or only pay attention to what you were doing when it started to hit the radar like oh my God your grades are


down oh my God you you know you're you're gonna lose your scholarship because they were so preoccupied sure


with the system of earning brownie points of in of moving up of making


their lives secure that they started treating the kids this way you know whatever anyway great movie yeah so good


to go all right did you I didn't hear your recommendation oh yeah it's recommended yeah okay so


um but we're out then Breakfast Club to me like the number one thing a writer


should do first is is decide what he wants to say he's here to shake things up and be


different everyone else is being dropped off runs straight into the one they cannot ignore it goes when you grow up


your heart dies that's I think that's the premise of this movie things have to break down for the change that needs to


happen to come all these kids are going to change their mind so he moves the brain from one side to the other


a writer has the opportunity to hammer theme at every sentence you guys are a rebelling and we need you


back in line in the system I've seen you you know screws fall out all the time man at that


point I'm like oh my gosh that's that's gotta be there's many pages oh very nice yeah


very nice oh huge man I'm on their own page by the end they're on the one yeah and they're all on the same page

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