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28th Sep 2022


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greetings realers my name is Philip and together with my wife Sherry and two of our friends Chris and James we're


Fellowship of the real four people who love talking about movies almost as much as we do watching


them we hope you will join us as we dig deep into cinematic masterpieces and some that are well maybe not


you have an opportunity to be the fifth host of our little show click the link in the show notes and leave us a voice


message telling us what movie you would like us to review you can also reach out on our Facebook


page Fellowship of the real from all of us at Fellowship of the real thanks for listening okay on with the


show are you recording this studying a movie in the mechanical level


I could really bring some Revelation I believe that no one sets out to make a


bad movie with the exception of on paper this should work I just don't


like it that's your own fault if you haven't seen it


scenes even the actors don't know what that


movie is about should I I wish I wrote that I think I wrote the title with that


movie's trash oh domeo man it's good for you


all right here we are Fellowship of the real


four uh four friends sitting around talking about movies this was uh James James pick yeah what's my pick


Point Break I would have bet money that this would have been Chris's pick but it was it was a lucky break for me you know


yeah you picked a point it was picked for him it was one of those movies you just it was gonna be reviewed right yeah


right it just had to be so Phil Chagrin yeah well we did not we didn't I thought we had owned this movie I thought Chris


had given to me I couldn't find it so we went down to like movie trailer and I think we bought it for four bucks on DVD


or whatever and I thought it was very interesting when we bought it you know the guy Rings


it up gives it to us uh and as he's handing it to us he goes man you guys enjoy that That's a classic


and it does have that status right I mean uh in a certain genre this is a classic of


that genre uh uh we've all seen uh Hot Fuzz right yeah


and you know have you ever chased a criminal while shooting you know so it


is hailed even parodied right as you know a classic of the genre you know and


and has made appearances in at least one movie you know Hot Fuzz or whatever yeah and it always fascinates me well like


certain movies become Classics or cult status right other than just being you know like I guess one thing classes like


just really well made movies well acted everything was firing on all cylinders it says security you know I just find it


interesting that like I love this movie and maybe I guess by the end of the podcast we'll be able to explain it but I'm not sure I can even fully explain


why I love this movie so much because yeah there's other movies that are better stories better acted you know


better made but I mean I don't know there's I don't know there's a lot of technical aspects I like about this movie but yeah I just I don't know love


it like it's I think we talked about this before like Comfort movies yeah this is I guess


without realizing it until starting to think about it this is a comfort movie for me I could put it in at any time and and watch it and I can quote it without


you know I haven't seen it in 10 years and still quote it that kind of thing yeah and it probably the quotes probably


work their way like I think we talked about like some people were music people like they hear a song or whatever


they didn't uh I guess they're singing that song in their head and we're like I'm like movie quotes like all movie


quotes come out of my mouth and like everyday life situations yeah I'm sure Point Break you


know like I know it it comes out it's interesting it's like Tombstone like a highly quotable movie to me yeah


I hadn't seen it in a long time and I and I thought that it mostly held up I thought there were and and as we go


we'll discuss this but I thought there was only maybe one or two cringe moments where I thought it was over the top 80s


s right so it was like:




like that it was a movie late to the party almost because of the 80s action genre


sure this felt more like that yeah than it did say something in the even if it


is early 90s but so it felt like it was the tail end of of that kind of action genre you know


yeah I mean I guess yes and no to me like I guess it I see what you're saying but I think early 90s still had a lot of


those kinds of movies to me I feel like after Matrix everything changed yeah like as far as action movies go yeah um


because like Conair was 97 of her remember right face off was like 97 96. okay so yeah okay those are kind of the


same so yeah the early to mid 90s and then after I don't know why but I guess technology and all the CGI I guess with


Matrix and I love Matrix but it was a different kind of action movie it wasn't just a blow people up kind of thing


I don't know I feel like to me that's when it changed but yeah it definitely that's my favorite part is the of the


fraction movies is the 80s and yeah I always think of just the 80s like 80s 80s produced the most original best


movies period yeah as far as even music the actual there's a lot of good news from the 80s but yeah movies for sure uh


that genre or that time period sorry yes yeah you agree with that James you disagree that's a very uh Elder


Millennial thing to say is it was better back in the 80s and 90s I I am older sir


but yeah we're this this came out when we were kids yeah I'd say I can't


remember when I saw it first I know I didn't see it in the theater I can't either and this is what I wanted to get to maybe a little bit in the story but I


never caught it until these last viewings I always just I knew that Patrick Swayze and the he


was the ex-president he was the guy yeah I just always knew that but they do hide it from you they hide it from you and


now looking at it with more experienced eyes I'm like oh this is great this is really great yeah I watched it with


laith and he I mean he predicted it but he's kind of like you're saying brought it to my attention that oh they do kind


of hide it a little yeah I mean it's not like a big mystery that's hard to figure out but he was you know he definitely a


little bit of a he's like oh I knew it I knew it they were the it was like like he was all excited that they were the ex-presidents and then he was like


however they're you know their friends that's kind of a bummer he was immediately bummed yeah and he was like what's gonna happen now you know so yeah


I do I did enjoy the exchanges between uh Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze oh


yeah those are all good yeah you're not gonna start chaining or something are you oh my right well uh even even at the


end when they're at odds Patrick Swayze uh has kidnapped the girl or whatever


and is using her as Leverage and he's laying it out to Keanu about


what needs to happen and and Keanu doesn't even think he doesn't hesitate let's go and Patrick Swayze just laughs


he said that's what I love about you sharp is a knife man like even right when they're at odds I'd like those exchanges like he I thought Patrick


Swayze just laugh and a reaction to Keanu Reeves not even


hesitating let's go then right I thought I dug that yeah no this is my favorite


Patrick Swayze performance yeah yeah not my favorite Swayze movie but favorite performance yeah yeah yeah he's just


he's great in this movie which I think is a big part of why I haven't can't bring myself to watch the the new one I


don't know why I just I don't and maybe I'm wrong I could be way wrong I don't even know who's playing them but I feel like the Bodhi and the new one's just


not gonna be able to hold a candle to Patrick I don't know why even of course I love Keanu Reeves so that's gonna mess with me too yeah I have no idea why they


remade it that uh well they really made it they remade it as fast and the furious so fast furious the same story


yeah we make it again it's the same story as this yeah yeah same story yeah the


original fast and very same story yeah anyway which you've seen the new Point Break no no you haven't yeah that's what


I mean just like create a surfing movie same plot the surface but they


it's not just Banks it seemed like the I don't know I can't remember what crime they were coming anyway


immediately one of those remakes where I was like and that's interesting to me too like some remakes I'm okay with and certain ones you're not you know that


was one where I was like nope yeah yeah immediately immediately no yeah no I


will not watch it all right so money critics fans money it did great but uh James did you have this information or


do you want me to read it go for it okay yeah jumping right ahead the budget was 24 million estimated they


say that's probably about right 24 million total most of that was hair like these are probably yeah yeah they had


the CGI Patrick Swayze's hair on uh yeah sorry go ahead no no the


budget was 24 million estimated uh 43 million in the US and worldwide 83


million total uh which is pretty good return so it was well received at the box office it is but even in like the


90s like there was movies grossing over a hundred yeah so it's not astronomical well it's like it's one of those that it


built it had to have built a following on rental and and cable and that kind of thing well I think it uh I think it's


become this classic like you know for the guy at the movie trader to say that to say


o or three weeks ago and it's:


become a classic and I think it is a classic of that type of action genre you


know for sure and it's interesting to me like there's been certain movies where I've like had forced my kid to watch uh and another ones he's interested in but


like to him this was I'm gonna watch John Wick young like that's where he's coming from which is crazy to me but and


I get it because he's 15 but I'm like what no we're watching Keanu Reeves son


this is well before yeah like as cool as John Wick is I love John Wick but so it was just it was interesting but he was interested in yeah it was uh we're like


speed I don't think he's watched that one and I'm like what's the matter with you you gotta watch speed two okay that's that's the one I like and I just


watched that again not long ago I do too anyway sorry but that's fine the uh as


far as the uh critics they were relatively kind 70 percent gave it three and a half stars or higher and then


audiences are a little Kinder but 79 percent which is I'm sure your hardcore action


movie fans you know yeah uh giving it three and a half Stars so respectable scores there I guess you know yeah it's


a solid movie all the way and it's it's been popular since the early 90s yeah so it never never really went away no it no


it has no right make yours say how many uh I'd have to look at it I didn't would


have been good research I guess like surfing movies like how many surfing movies were made before this how many after you know yeah kind of thing I I


thought about it still I think something there's not a lot of Surfing movies out there no I can't uh Blue Crush and there's I


mean especially action ones I think on this I think on this trivia that was part of the writing process is they were


like what are we gonna have them do yeah and like surfing yeah yeah I think there


was a lot of debate about that of really surfing but it it's perfect for this


movie yeah I was it I I don't know if I was surprised I guess I was a little surprised that if a


female directed this movie yep and then I was even more surprised that it was Catherine Bigelow who later I think she


won an Academy Award yeah for her locker right hurt locker and uh then she did some other movie I thought


zero dark zero right yeah yeah and then Strange Days was her as well and I like the movies I think it's not a radio


movie but I like that one I'm still married to Cameron at one point yeah that's that's what I was going to verify


yeah she was married to Cameron so I don't know you know obviously I mean not she 100 proved herself but I just I


wonder if you know he helped her get this gig maybe you know I'm Cameron I'm gonna be action guy yeah I can let her


direct this movie you know because yeah she did a phenomenal job very nice it had to have been a woman directing an


action movie people had to have turned their heads up even back yeah especially back then yeah but then she would later go on to win an Academy Award so


yeah and those those two movies hurt locker and Zero Dark 30 are very good yeah I could only watch them once they


were pretty intense yeah I watched Footlocker I don't I haven't seen zero dark I I probably couldn't watch Hurt Locker again no no it's one and done


great movie with that and uh I guess James Cameron was a producer on this yeah okay


like I I think it is a classic I think it largely holds up and and for those little cringe moments we can get to them


when we uh start talking let me talk about them when we get to him whatever for me one of the cringe Okay so


this is what it is but watch your mouth sir yeah no Keanu Reeves is Johnny Utah yeah uh and kid Johnny Unitas or


something huh right the [ __ ] yeah uh quarterback and so you know Johnny Utah


you know very uh on the nose so you on those gung-ho uh young dumb and full of


you know name you know I'm in full of companies yeah so you don't like the name Johnny uh I to me it is straight up


you know to me that's a that's a yeah that's a cringe moment that's a Keanu Reeves how many times has Keanu Reeves


been named John yeah a lot but Johnny Mnemonic yeah yeah John Wick John Wayne


and then this one there's probably one we're missing uh John what was he in um


well he played the like not the devil but it was about to um oh yeah Devil's Advocate no no no


John Constantine you're right yeah was he John Constantine in that yeah I was trying to remember Constantine but I


didn't know his name was John a lot of John's that's interesting anyway yeah Johnny Utah and this one I don't know


like it this mentioning to see how 100 biased I am I feel like it's I see what


you're saying about the name but um Johnny uh Johnny Utah sounds like a quarterback name to me like did you hear


the name I see the name on the back of a jersey even though you never see that in the movie right right yeah that's actually one of my favorite scenes in in


the movie is when they're playing football on the beach and he gets all serious and tackles Patrick and roach gets all pissed off and gets in his face


don't you know who this is no I don't know what the [ __ ] this is yeah this is Johnny Utah yeah oh Johnny [ __ ]


YouTube I'm sorry man I don't mean to get in your face complete turnaround like roaches one of my favorite characters in the whole


thing but anyhow they so I like it as a quarterback name but yes um and there's maybe it's a throwback to


the 80s because there's so many Johns and like yeah it's like unfortunately you're playing a million drums too it's it's silly and you have the


so when you're writing a story there are genre expectations right and so again


you have Utah and Pappas right uh um Gary Busey's


character he's great yes but it's very much the buddy cop stereotypes right sure you got the old


one the young one you know do you think they offered anything fresh or is it just more a rehash of stuff we'd seen like their relationship


uh I think like I don't think it was the same as say Lethal Weapon with the


bricks because the Myrtle was older and Papas is older but he acts closer to


uh uh Utah yeah sort of acts towards the Rings right I


saw more 48 Hours uh yeah okay that type of Gary Busey and Nick Nolte kind of


yeah Vibe yeah that's what I thought of but you know it did I don't think it had


another parallel like if you were saying Lethal Weapon well there was the requisite


for an older cop and a younger cup well for the genre buddy cop the requisite angry Captain who screams every line oh


for sure yeah uh so far you showed me squat yeah I don't think he talks in a normal voice in the whole movie except


maybe that guy can't talk to normal voice Phil no right I mean yeah so so it did hit some of those cliches which


that's what you expect in those in that yeah you're supposed to be on their side even though they're breaking the rule is


yes you know the people that you know lawmen but yeah you're supposed to be against the captain [ __ ] that guy when


you are you are was it cliche when this came out no no I I don't know yeah I mean it's


interesting because you had did you have to go back because 48 Hours was before their Captain yelled leave the weapons before yeah their Captain


yelled yeah Dirty Harry yelled I mean yeah Elder was always on their ass and you know whatever is it a cliche or is


it just a requirement like you said it's a genre expectation like I think things go yeah there's expectations and then


they become cliches after that right right and and one of my favorite movies So I Married an Ax Murderer okay it


spins that yeah spins that cliche that's exactly the photo was that good was that dude yeah yeah you're doing great you


know not now uh well absolutely you know and then it flipped it on its head in uh Last Action


Hero when when they go in the movie and the captain yells so hard the door breaks yeah oh yeah because that was the


cartoon version right right and I guess that's about when it died probably yeah we should we should review last action


heroes oh I love that movie I know Chris it's not a zombie what I'm gonna be sick that day I think yeah no like I said


before overview anything Last Action Hero sleeping with the enemies Sound of Music whatever it is yeah that's true


here we go blind date blind blind date still Mac no yes this don't make so many noise that's the one that's what you're


talking about I actually like the movie I think it's very good hits you right in the fields it's [ __ ] would hit you right in the field so sure oh yeah Last


Action is still Magnolias is a better movie than the Last Action Hero I'm gonna say it right now yeah you're gonna


use that as a bumper I'll say it again still Magnolia is a better movie I I edit these things Chris


you can say what you want is never going to show that is that is the one uh never mind


anyway all right so I guess we can get into uh the breakdown here all right


any other thoughts or notes that we want to we can go as I didn't make as many notes


on this one but I did watch it probably seven times because uh I think I watched it twice uh after we postponed


scheduling issues uh I refreshed so I watched it another two or three times that was my goal and I didn't do that on


either one of these movies so I guess my Saving Grace is I've seen both of them several times but yeah yeah I always


have these lofty goals and then don't follow through I watched it once probably a month ago and I don't


remember have you had you seen it before I saw it years and years ago let's ask you that a minute ago if you'd


seen it before or not yeah I guess all my notes are for to get into it like I don't have anything prior yeah you want


to read the what is it the synopsis oh yeah I didn't write I didn't get this I've got just the thing on IMDb an FBI


agent goes undercover to get to catch a gang of surfers who may be bank robbers


yeah that one's nice and sweet not like the other ones we've done it's true yeah that was a very good one yeah


yeah the the thing that got me when I first started watching this again


the first scene is Johnny Utah in the rain contrast to I guess Patrick Swayze's


silhouette riding waves yes uh these are their opening images yeah okay for sure


yeah yeah and to me it was more than just the rain it's him in this you know black and white uh strict rigid cool


world right he's he's having to qualify or whatever he's doing for FBI that's good yeah and then Patrick is free out


there on the ocean I thought it's just the two yeah just position of their of their the first thing that you see


Johnny Utah doing is unpacking a thing of bubble gum and throw it in his mouth and the line occurred to me of I came to


kick ass and shoot bubblegum yeah that's good that was before that was like 87 I think one of those


what I wrote for these two setups is two masters of their craft are headed for a collision so yeah on Utah they're both


being shown as masters of what they're doing yeah okay two trains and these two trains are gonna yeah because you got


100 and he's 100 on that surfboard yeah right right uh yeah well I was I was also thinking uh for character


development part when I guess in the next scene when he's introduced to John C McGinley they're they're yapping and


talking Johnny Utah has been super successful his entire life he was a college quarterback he went to law


school like he's hitting on all cylinders is a perfect you know Law and Order


every time yeah a guy and he even say I take my skin off chicken breast sir yeah


yeah and then to stick it to him he grabs a donut right right right love love these things yes so you already see


like a little bitty hint of rebellion sure even though he's scored 100 yeah okay no that's good yeah right yeah yeah


yes I I hadn't thought about that because I don't want to say those were cringe moments but it was it's very much


uh you know the the I think um I can't remember if it was a line


well I think I think what's her name I can't remember the his love interest Lori Petty and she's Tyler in the movie


Tyler yes uh Tyler I'll probably say when we get to it but at some point she


says uh wait she leaves a conversation they're all having and she says just you


know way too muchismo here or whatever yeah they're at the fire yeah yeah yeah and I was and I remember thinking yeah


that's that's this I could do it oh man I could do it yeah that's and I said that's a good summary of this movie like


just Full Throttle on the Macho you know that's I think the source of some of the


cringe but not a whole lot I think largely it held up or whatever uh yes I think we agree on the opening


image it's set up uh day one in the FBI number one at Quantic you see he was number one at Quantico to your point


and signed to the bank robbery Division and Pappas is the one that reveals the quarterback stuff right


I think I think so when he's blindfolded yeah because Emily McGinley says anything about the quarterback stuff it's all the law stuff and then yeah he


just knows about number one at Quantico and give me some new parts some quarterback you know it's not in those kids or whatever it is yeah yeah


quarterback Punk yeah uh and immediately what the hell does the retriever bricks


have to do with yeah yeah well that his partner is immediately contrasted as old


school I'm in the field 22 years he rubs against the new and modern uh a little bit crazy is what I have uh so he's not


the straight up cliche of say uh murtal right right um would you I know we talked about in


another episode about Half Men Half Men does that apply to him do you think to


Pappas because he's been uh after the ex-presidents forever and he's got the


knowledge to show Utah that yeah maybe I don't know I think


he's more of a mentor I mean you don't talk about this before where half man generally comes from the horror stuff but but you're not pointed out Half Men


in other movies yeah I think to be a half man you have to have survived he would have had to have gone up against


the ex-presidents and like almost died or something and then like to be a half because you're half man you have some


sort of Scar that you're dealing with yeah well I think here he's just more of a mentor role because a mentor has the you know Obi-Wan has the tools and the


knowledge to give Luke to make him a Jedi right so every Mentor has those I think he's just more of a mental role as


opposed to a half man yeah learning stuff every day I mean I think I mean you know it could be dead wrong I don't


know uh so still in the setup we meet Utah we meet Papa's the robbers the the bank


robbers prior to knowing that you know that their Patrick Swayze's group you know loud fast violent professional the


ex-president he's saying the best I've ever seen Papas is saying this about him yep snarky comments throughout and then


uh the setup of the flat of the guy who moons you know the guy he flashes his butt and that is going to be a payoff


right uh later down the uh line and Papas has had so he doesn't reveal this


to Utah right away that he yeah the other guys do


so he's reluctant and Utah basically has to you know drag it out of him through this


uh yeah they have an argument or whatever he gets him mad yeah why don't you take some early retirement tell Nom


stories yeah yeah right so so I have the Catalyst as


as Papa's sort of saying that the ex-presidents are surfaced that's his theory yeah uh is that where you have


the yeah sort of the call The Catalyst yeah because that's him agreeing or whatever yeah yeah because he's breaking


into Utah's breaking it too is is agreeing to to do this and you want me to learn to surf this is for little


rubber people or whatever yeah like that says you know I'm an FBI agent really you know that's just breaking a tube for


sure yeah he he answers the call and buys a board but there is a debate uh you know how hard can it be papa says uh


Utah wipes out uh he's saved by uh Tyler Endicott yeah Tyler and Endicott


who will become essentially the B story I think leading him into who he wants to become like oh you think


she used to be a story I think so uh I have bodies well


yeah I I think so yeah um yeah I could see that too I guess


normally be storing Love Story are the same person but in this case I think she's just the yeah I have oh it's


definitely a bromance between him and Brody right right yeah I don't think they knew what that


was called back in the 90s but for sure these days we call it Bromance romance yeah yeah I mean I guess


because she teaches them to Surf and yes I think he emulates uh Bodhi yeah


but and and I guess at the end he does those badge away but he doesn't think it's because of Birdie not because of Tyler like I think he has more of effect


on his ideology and the way he sees the world than than Tyler does well yeah because he he basically starts his


relationship with Tyler just as an undercovery you know guy trying to get in so he lies to her about his parents


dying that strikes a chord with her yeah well he he researched and he needs it was looking for different stuff and


emotionally emotionally you know manipulates her to help him serve and get in and I sort of have that


as my break into two pursues Tyler with a BS story about his own parents yeah yeah which


you know you were talking about things that kind of draw you out of the movie this is supposed to take place over a


summer I think so it's the end of the surf season they're about to do their last robbery so they can yeah so Johnny


Johnny Unitas Johnny Utah here is supposed to learn surfing infiltrate uh


group and find information all before the three months or whatever yeah all before


the ex-president's jump yeah yeah because it's it's it's almost the end of the season really yeah that sounds like


a tall order to learn how to surf well enough to pass as a Surfer well maybe that's why he's


Johnny you told the quarterback that's true he's got established a history of being an athlete you know sure yeah yeah


uh maybe I mean because you're right yeah you're right anybody else does it you're not finding the express I know I


know a lot when you try to Surf yeah you're not doing all that yeah a lot of a lot of stories that I've uh seen you


know True Crime stuff it takes people years years and years to infiltrate yeah


organized crime right well there's even that running with the guy who's undercover drugs and they they yeah you


still got like this hair man I like these yeah he talks about the months that he's been on there that was three


months yeah I loved home that bugged me too during that raid of the harp that guy that John C McGinley


plays he signed off on that raid yeah that that to me was a little he would have


known there was an undercover I would have yeah he acts like he was this was totally real good thing yeah I was a


little perplexed by that myself getting way too ahead though yeah that was just my the bug things that bugged me right


well and I thought it was interesting like so he's BS and Tyler and Tyler Tyler and she says this is a line right


uh and and you know obviously that's exits here but you know she she suspects immediately that this is a line and of


course it really is but yeah it won't be until later that she finds that out yeah so I have that as my break into this is


breaking into um just a quick little note is interesting like when they're talking and I guess it's after hours right when


they're when he's showing them the when Pappas is trying to convince Utah that in the office yeah in the office and


they're you know all the talking about the wax and there's you know become a wax expert there's thousands of different uses for this Utah's drinking


a beer like at the job yeah I mean I just thought that was interesting and then they jump up at the desk and yeah


emulate so at this point yeah it's like it's cringy for you yeah yeah I love it because they're going after Surfers you


know I know I know but and it shows them coming together too yeah yeah 100 biased but it shows them you know they were


arguing now because I guess what I really like about it is if Baptist was younger yeah there would be no need for Utah he would have done this himself but


he's an old man he can't do it right right no I I really like that he didn't know he needed this


quarterback Punk to come along but he did no I I catch these guys I mean because he had other young guys


like that's probably how the other [ __ ] or whatever those you know FBI agents knew about it they're younger he


probably said hey you want to help me out on this and they blew him off really you're [ __ ] dumb man sure plus he's an old guy and you know well I wonder if


they stick all the rookies with Pappas maybe yeah we don't know what happened to it's true maybe those back from


ruining those younger guys like he pitched on this thing when they were a rookie and they were thinking you know exactly now they got time to get out of


there yeah yeah maybe maybe yeah I um


so Lethal Weapon came out you know way before this right yeah yeah 87 and 89.


they've done two of them by this point yeah and so Lethal Weapon had these fun moments but it also I think became dark


and dramatic also yeah when this movie tried to get dark and dramatic or whatever I guess I just


wasn't okay feeling it like I did for like Lethal Weapon or whatever you know interesting okay it seems a little more


uh designed to be a fun action movie than something like Lethal Weapon which


yeah I think I I get what you're saying I I definitely I think Lethal Weapon maybe was more


nuanced in terms of action drama sure because when Briggs is


I mean Briggs is I I still tear up when I watch Riggs holding that picture and


he's about to put a gun in his mouth and you know I'll see you later much later much later yeah though I love that one


yeah that's part of the I think the early on that's set up with him so they established that term early on yes and


uh him talking about you know being a sniper uh only one or two you know two


or three guys in the whole world could make one thing I was ever good at yeah yeah so I think there's more and I can't remember who the writer of


this was but obviously Shane black is an exceptional writer but I think there's much more nuance this one's uh in Rich King and Peter


illiff yeah yeah I think uh I think Peter illa uh did Varsity


Blues I think yeah he did uh Varsity Blues


uh he did tell somebody oh uh Patriot Games really yeah yeah Patriot game lots


of he's written a lot of stuff yeah yeah so anyway um but that that's that I'm not faulting


this movie for that uh I think it I think it went more for the adrenaline


high octane type of action movie as a book because Lethal Weapon has those moments but there's also very


somber and low-key dialogue moments yeah uh I don't think Lethal Weapon keeps the


energy Pace that this one this one does yeah like James said I agree with that


as you're saying fun and games convincing Tyler getting lessons wiping out uh bonding with uh


Tyler I guess and then seeing Bodhi searching for the ultimate ride playing football


uh I I appreciated I laughed when uh Swayze said uh that's a surfboard looks


like a 57 Chevy I used to have right so there's very much just this this you


know he doesn't know what he's doing and yeah he bought a cheap piece of [ __ ] apparently yeah yeah well because he even says it at one


point you know why do I have to learn to serve Why can't I just walk around with this thing on my arm an ax Stone yeah yeah yeah they didn't want to put all


this effort into it you know I mean I want to catch the guys but yeah again I think they both at your point they both underestimated


um how hard it would be you know yeah absolutely yeah uh I have the obligatory angry Captain I guess his name is carp


not fond of their plan caught my first tube you know yeah uh the investigation hair sample it will


bug the [ __ ] out of carbs so you know very much US versus them you know the two buddy cops


uh I don't know just there's little moments even the the hair samples when they're going around collecting them they're making a wig for my girlfriend


and then uh Keanu Reeves puts on the uh he naturally talks you know like a a


surfer Stoner dude already and everything he's in but he he like amps it up a notch hey hey bro don't move


there's this huge sucker right in your ear just I love the guy's reaction because he gets it and he's leave some


[ __ ] hair man yeah well I saved your life close one bro yeah yeah I


immediately wrote he's channeling Bill and Ted for sure yeah yeah uh my son got a kick out of how many


times he uh said definitely like when he's looking through the stuff for Tyler to use yeah he's reading no no then he


finds his stuff about her parents yeah definitely yeah that's what I'm saying go after him and be a big hero right


definitely so yeah this is uh that's funny like you look at Keanu now and he's like everybody loves County he's


got gravitas he's almost like this uh Jedi actor you know this you know you


know he's a monk among you know you don't hear anything personally you don't hear anything bad about them like you hear all this


amazing yeah nice stuff about that he does well there was a because he leaves no bodies and no Witnesses well you tell


anybody about this like he was on that nice story about me yeah well he was on The Tonight Show and I


think uh uh Fallon asked him uh what do you think happens when we die or whatever and and


there was this long pause right this is like a clip or a meme there was this long pause and you could see Keanu


thinking and he comes out with this just just draw jaw-dropping answer he says I


think that the the people that love us will miss us you know not not well I think we go to heaven I think yeah right


you know right uh and you're just like ah Keanu you know right uh and that's


and that but but that's who he's like here he's like bro you know and sure and


anyway so I think as he's gotten older he's gotten more Zen more Zen you know I


don't think John Utah is not not to go too too deep into it but Keanu Reeves has had a hell of a hard life has he


really with his wife yeah because he's lost his wife and child yeah oh I didn't know the accident yeah


yeah because the what like I see him with his wife now is he married yeah she's older yeah


because I always think well he's older no I know but I mean there's an older lady than than he is yeah no I always


thank you Keanu Reeves he must have like this this really hot wife yeah not that she's ugly but but they look very much


like a couple that might live next door to you right I mean yeah that's what I'm older yes yeah


and I think that's part of his grounding right he's not like this I mean he still rides the subway and [ __ ] that's what


I'm saying like he's Mark meant to eat his lunch I mean there's memes of that like yeah what's what other celebrity does that right he's not like


you know I'd like this this this shallow none of this Fame has gone to his head that's funny I mean he gave all this


Matrix money away I think so did he really yeah so just mostly the crew I think yep that's crazy


and and I just need a little bit of stuff you know yeah my motorcycle and


that's yeah hold on talking about piano like like I think he really


because it's watching this you know bro and definitely and all they should think oh this guy you know right so vapid but


he's good looking and so he'll sell tickets but he's like not even preparing for John Wick like you've seen those


videos where he's on the Range training to do those scenes and he didn't leave


it to a stunt man or a body double to do those shoot scenes or even the fights in seven years right that's him you know


when he's going through that course in preparing for Wick yeah it's it's absolutely like he is totally invested


it's amazing yeah it's like you're watching Keanu Reeves in real life but it's like you're watching a clip of John Wick yeah yeah something it's just as


good I mean he's it's nuts yeah dedication to his craft yep yes it's up there with Tom Cruise to me as


far as wanting to do their stunts and and you know wanting I'm gonna do all the extra step not just going to read my


lines I'm going to do all this extra stuff to entertain the audience yes yes there are very few people in Hollywood


that I would ever want to meet or talk to uh I think Costner is one I think I would love to talk story with Costner


um and and even Stallone I think would be a very good conversation uh and and Keanu Reeves just to sit down with him


but but pretty much those are like the three or four I mean you know yeah most


of these people I never want to meet you don't want to meet your Heroes right I mean you're going to be disappointed well I want to meet Thomas I don't think


I would be disappointed would be equality I've named two cats


after his character so well but I think I think those would be worthwhile Meats


right like uh uh I don't think I would be disappointed but most of these people I don't ever want to no no no


uh bonding with Bodhi the spiritual Surfer tracking the death squad this is the false lead uh I'm still including this


and funny so they got the they got the sand out of that one guy's hair Attract it to a certain Beach and so they're


gonna go yeah they're always closing the beaches for spills and stuff so that's how I figured out yeah yeah so they tracked to a certain Beach


and so they know all right the ex-presidents have to serve on this beach right and then you know the fight scene there's this break


sorry these Nazi Surfers these bad Surfers right territorial which I think one of them is


from uh Red Hot Chili Peppers yeah it's uh even that I like I like that how


that fight scene goes where he's like you know he's in there washing off washing the salt off or whatever and they turn it off and he's like okay I


get it this is where you guys you don't need to stay here watch stay off your break well whatever he says and then nothing's Anthony Nikita that says uh


that would be a waste of time the other guy says we're just gonna [ __ ] you up right so I'm like all right yeah he does his own I missed four big dudes here I


think like he holds his own best he can Bodie comes along right I like how uh Pappas tries to run over and help him


out yeah and I thought that was right because he goes behind some bushes at the shower he can't seems like hey Johnny you better not be picking up chicks or something and then he sees


hands in the key just like roll out into the oh [ __ ] there's a fight he says run over there you see a kid with a radio yeah I thought it was yesterday because


Brody shows up and he has to have a test dude then put on a cover yeah he can't give you know that was a good thinking


on his feet run run run you seen a kid with the stereo yeah no but there's four guys back there need attention yeah and


I like Brody's responses that he starts laughing and says you just like to start [ __ ] don't you you know yeah no he has no idea that Joni's a cop you know so


it's it's funny right it's the not all the importance things entering the uh War child the the the


kind of the I don't know if he's the leaders are getting or not but the the bigger uh black guy he is uh he played a


bad guy in cyborg I always remember him from that with a Van Damme movie but yeah just I don't know like saw both


those movies and then it took me like a long time to realize holy [ __ ] that's that same guy yeah it was in Double Dragon back in 94.


yeah I'm just I pulled up they gave him contacts in cyborg so he had like blue eyes so like him being a uh you know a


darker complexion with the pale eyes just made him way scarier to me when I was a kid you know his name is Vincent Clint yeah that's it yep born in New


Zealand so he's you know yeah the party at bodies with the 50-year


storm set up and then I guess this is when uh Tyler makes the line too much testosterone here yeah because they're


talking about the biggest rate yeah biggest wave ever ridden twice a century or whatever yeah and too much


testosterone here that's a summation of this movie I really like the the uh I think it's Gromit when he said they're


talking about it he's like you know you can't just can't just call it quits and paddle in and you talk about being on the board he's like in your balls man


your balls yeah yeah he talks about it because roaches is better than sex and


then and Tyler immediately goes it's because you're doing it wrong the night surf getting deeper in the


group and with Tyler uh the I don't know you're when you


mentioned cringy moments I guess this is what entered my mind but it's a different kind of uh cringe it's not the


dialogue or performance or anything it's the uh and I'm sure it was safety reasons but the night surf like you can


tell that was shot with a filter like that's not oh yeah yeah like the stuff the on the beach with the fire is night but when they're out in the ocean you


can tell today I think you can even see the Sun at one point you know yeah you could use some kind of filter blue filter I'm sure had to be safety right


surface all that but anyhow it I don't know it annoys me because I think they probably got better ways of doing that


now um probably yeah I think Deliverance the movie Deliverance has a lot of the same stuff I think that's one of the first times I realized that that was a


thing you know was oh okay they didn't shoot everything at night they just put a filter on and make it look like it yeah okay so I had a question here let's


see definitely oh sorry definitely Okay so


all right uh so so they think it's the death squad in initially yes this and so


at this point I'm like if they think it's the death squad is the bank robbery ring why is he making efforts with Bodhi


and his group why is he hooking up with Tyler he's being seduced by this lifestyle and has his own has his own


demons or the Kamikaze look uh experiencing the best feeling on


Earth so I guess he's with Bodhi or he's with Tyler to get him in but then


they think it's this other current other group he just thought he found a cool group of Surfing yeah oh just just uh so


at this point he's just trying to get into the surfing culture yeah I think he was I think it's more than that at this


point I think he he came up with the LIE bought the cheap piece of [ __ ] surfboard and all that and just try to do what he had to do but now he's like he really


likes surfing because he blew out his knee right so someone who's an athlete is going to feel bad about not being


able to do that sport anymore so I think he's now found a sport so far surfing didn't appear to hurt his knee right and they don't explain all that but I just


think it's I think he's enjoying it and meeting these cool people and this guy starting to have a profound effect on


his you know his ideology and his you know just his views of life and everything and just well so I think yeah


at this point it never enters his mind that that they might be the guys I think it's important for the audience like you


were talking about earlier they hide it yeah like we're supposed to like Patrick too you know then we're not supposed to realize that they could even be the guys


yes and so some of that because yeah they're sitting on the boards


floating in the water at night and she says that intense scowl is gone like the you know yeah so I guess a a visual


of the transformation that he is now yeah yeah because he actually comes you know sometimes you look like you're the


Kamikaze looks you have that and you're uh like you're trying to do all this for a school project or something talking about his concentration and yeah and


then now it's gone or whatever a reference to his own demons I don't know that whatever do we ever Truly find out


except for the knee blown out I mean is there any other dark past or anything that's driving I know those were bodies


demons nobody has his own demons no no Johnny has his own demon suddenly Tony yeah you're right yeah yeah yeah yeah uh


I don't think they're ever expressing yeah explain body at one point because I I didn't nail down a theme necessarily


but Bodhi at one point seems to think that he's doing that they're doing what they're doing as examples to the rest of


those poor Schmucks who and she along the freeways yes yeah I love that sweet


too yeah uh we're approved to them the human spirit is still alive right yeah right and


you know where I don't think his buddies I don't think all the other guys ever bought into it like that well he thought


it was fun and right the thrill but yeah body is much more grounded in the you


know the spiritual realm it's about us against the system yeah yes now that being said Bodhi at the end


is is very adaptable at setting that aside and doing some pretty unspiritual


things right like he's with the kidnapping of Tyler with with


he like he knows well he deflected it I Didn't Do It roach did it you know or not roach but


uh he's like a mechanism yeah Rosie Rosie Rosie he's a mechanism man you know and once you set him in motion he


will not stop yeah that's the the first the first time I could never do that she was my woman we shared time yeah like he deflected all of it yeah sure first time


we see Rosie he's lighting the fire on the beach and he's doing it like a psycho yeah he's gonna catch himself on


fire yeah he's open it with a knife he's throwing it everywhere yeah yeah okay maybe I didn't recognize it you can see


Rosie you can't even surf like he's not even having fun you know like yeah he looks like the heavy in the group he


can't serve he's just around for bodyguards yeah back up a little bit everyone during the when they first meet him with the football on the beach and


they realized don't you know what this is or whatever yeah he uh there's a kind of a throwaway line as they're walking away I don't know if it's roach or some


one other guy says lawyers don't serve and Patrick Swayze goes this one does yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah even the


comment to wearing a suit like a lifestyle you know you became a lawyer after football really like he's almost


disappointed and disgusted well life's not over your surfing you know like the idea of putting on a suit in a


nine-to-five job is is death to these guys yeah it's yeah


I thought it was funny earlier on when he's buying the surfboard the young kid that sells it to him yeah yeah yeah yeah


because what is how old is Utah oh no I'm sorry yeah he's 30 or something


right or 26 20 something okay yes uh he says something like too late yeah


well so it's never too late yeah 26 yeah that's what I'm saying never too late yeah Lord dude that's what I'm saying yeah the kid he was playing uh was 15.


yeah yeah that's the name on here that's the actor's name is Christopher Pettit


he was in uh Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Babysitter's Dead he died


I don't think so yeah yeah I like it I don't know if it holds up anything a long time but


it's something we bought it surfboard yeah we bought it not too long ago uh my


girlfriend and I we bought it at uh I call it half price movies but it's Movie Trading Company yeah yeah that's what we


that's where we got this yeah nice because I'm a half-price books half-price movies I just remember the yeah the stoner brother or whatever like


he's the rebel like the assistant wants him to do the dishes and he's taking him out there and tossing them up and shooting them with a shotgun he's like


I'm doing the dishes oh it's just done man yeah correct me up anyhow oh okay um


around the same time that was a 91 as well so yeah you said that kid is dead oh yeah he died of a overdose yeah


that's Stacy's thing like we're watching a movie she recognized somebody if she can't figure it out she wants to look it up and then she like reads her whole


biography yeah it drives me crazy when I can't figure out where I've seen that person it looks pretty good she's really good at um someone has an accent like in


real life and they're doing an American accent or another accident she can something about the way they form their mouth I guess because she sees males all


day with her profession I don't know she can nail it every time well even if they're really good at it like she can just she's like I bet you they're not


American or they're not likes and she looks it up I'm like how did you know that she's like just they form their mouth their words weird when they're


trying to do an accent and what's the the girl in this movie Tyler uh Lori Petty see every time I was


watching her in this movie all I could think of was um A League of Their Own yeah oh yeah like


biggest roles yeah and she was really good in that yeah and that's but that's all I could see her as yeah so yeah I I


see her in uh Tank Girl and the Tank Girl and in the Army now


a long time I love polish okay


all right um uh I've got great taste that's the surfboard


hooks up and is late for the raid and then the raid uh is the end his own raid he was late for his oh yeah and even


after shows the because he's the strict rules guy 100 100 Utah right yeah he's


getting in so deep with the the surfing Vibe and the like he fell asleep on the beach after you know being with Tyler or


whatever right like he's you know I think it's it's starting his world his black and white world is starting to gray right it says all this is spilling


over yeah he's like to his own raid because of his you know spending time with his friends or whatever in this girl yes you know because he was oh [ __ ]


I'm really late I'm really late says like thousand times and you make sure he kisses her again before he leaves right right that's the one time I like those


other FBI guys because they're giving him a hard time about being late to his own [ __ ] rate yeah these guys are douchebags the whole movie but they're


right right here like Yeah well yeah yeah that in the haircuts you know one guy has flat tops like three inches tall


yeah do I have I have a midpoint false defeat at 58 minutes yeah because it's not them


yep yeah the wrong guys are busted wrong guys people are dead because of it yeah uh


uh bad guys close in Utah recognizes the naked butt uh looks like you saw a ghost nope it


was just a white butt I wrote yeah um one thing I've never noticed I've seen this a million times and I guess


this is my one cringy moment there's some really bad editing on this on this one scene to me


so I get it like you said the whole reveals the guy moons on the surfboard and that oh man you know has the light


bulb moment for Johnny yes as soon as they show the guy mooning the very next shot is Patrick Swayze going yeah like


and I'm like he's way too excited about that man's ass about that man's bare ass oh and I know that's not the way they meant it but the two guy moons and then


you show Patrick's way he's super excited about it like it's horrible at anything


you know he's clearly he's got you know he dated Tyler he's got the new girlfriend he's clearly you know sure


you're not gay in this movie but like that those two together I was like really like and I don't think it came off that way I think he was just excited


because his buddy's having fun but yeah he's just fist in the air yelling like it's like no why did we cut it that way


that's terrible point out the lathe and he left you know but now uh anyhow I don't know if uh


y'all picked up on this there was a mention of a particular eating establishment yeah the one


Patrick's Roadhouse oh yeah wife loves it he goes here he goes there goes to buy some CDs goes to Patrick's Roadhouse


yes so I wanted to know if this was a reference it's got to be it is point breaking Mountain 91 Roadhouse came out


in 89. yeah so that's absolutely 100 yes a reference okay it's good stuff yeah uh


the robbers are fixing the bolt and I wonder if like was that in the script or did you know Keanu just say it like you


know I wonder when it I don't know I I don't know I thought that was so he was he was following Bodie around and he did


all those things yeah sorry yeah just be clear yeah following Brody around because once you realized with the being really excited about naked butts that oh


these guys are ex-presidents these are yeah heavily suspected to be the next president yeah and and they're fixing


they figure it's the end of the season so they may have one more yeah yeah so the almost the ticking


clock well the my favorite part is when they're doing the uh the Stakeout and


Pappas is talking about those meatballs yes I had some issues with the scene oh God man it made me one of those


sandwiches that goes on about it so I I order a meatball sub like I've I've ordered meatball subs I've watched this


movie seven times I've ordered them three times watching these movies because I'm like I


don't know about how amazing there yeah so like I want one from that place you talk give me two I mean


no no I like that part except they're on a steakhouse and Utah Utah


startles Pappas like Papas you want to say he's reading the paper and then Utah comes up to the car and startles papers


like when you yeah you understand you ought to be keep an eye and then he misses stuff now you're right like


you're on a Stakeout you're about to catch the bad guys it's like too much fun and games yes it's too much too much


yeah of the buddy yeah exactly um I'm so hungry I could eat the dead ass out of a


rhino yeah right uh we're here to make cool lines not watch this Bank son you know that's right I see do you see that


car pull up What car yeah like dude come on anyway


those sandwiches are clearly his weakness okay yes two of them in hindsight like next time these guys are


on a Stakeout he's like I'm not buying you those sandwiches man because all that happened like you know what I mean like Utah would have learned this lesson


like you can't have the sandwiches what did you say it was like 10 30 in the morning yeah


yeah a little shop around the corner it's too love gear if you've seen this movie no I I this was uh because didn't


he have like an accident and got brain damage or something later I thought it was yes a motorcycle but that was when he was younger right or is it later I


thought it was later it was very busy yeah I thought it was younger I thought he had it before Oh did he uh maybe


wrong I know yes he had some sort of motorcycle accident that really messed him up but I thought it was before but


you're he was in at least the weapon as Mr ice or whatever one of the uh yeah the bad guy he had the first one yeah uh


Mr Joshua Mr Joshua yes and I know he doesn't look well later so


maybe it was later I have a feeling his teeth got like knocked out at one point because that's why they're like all caps


and white yeah but I thought he had the extra money was younger yeah I did too I may be wrong I can't find it on here but


I think so yeah we'll we'll make a I'll put it in the notes later if we can find it then the pursuit so this is the bad


guy's clothes that All Is Lost they bust up the robbery but Utah is too close to Bodhi and lets him go


well I think at one point before that it goes both ways um I want to say it's


because Utah is handing the sandwiches off or whatever right he's still on his feet if I remember right yeah because he


has you see that car pull up what card I'm asking anyhow he runs over there on foot yeah okay as they're coming out and


one of the guys goes I got him and he starts to zero in on Johnny and and Body Waves him off right yeah so he says


piano's life theoretically there and then he ends up I think it's a person why he couldn't shoot him later too okay


I was just gonna I found a in:


Gary suffered a terrible accident and this came out in 91. oh that's where I have to leave the weapon so I was


thinking younger and younger so yeah so in between the two but he crashed while riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle


without a helmet on well he seems okay in this movie but like I didn't I wouldn't have begged him


as a having unless it became something that happened you know he had the brain


injury and it affected him later sort of like yeah because if you've seen one dance one star or Celebrity Apprentice like later there's a big difference yeah


it says he had it led to severe brain damage yeah he's that he's he released a book called The


bucisms yeah oh yeah all his crazy oh yeah I don't like to say crazy uh his


unique eccentricity well he asked I watched him on the apprentice and he


would do those yeah on there yeah anyway he's a wild guy yeah uh yeah


bless his heart okay anyway go ahead uh yeah the pursuit um oh that's when he uh


oh there this is after he's chasing him yeah what were you saying Chris oh what


I was just saying that um talking about how they spare Johnny or whatever or body sprays Johnny oh yeah yeah cause


he's going up to him and the one guy I think he's one of the back I think he's getting in the back of the car he goes I got him and he's zeroing in with his gun


over over the car yeah over the roof and then Bodie waves him off they all get the car and then drive off yeah if I


remember right I know that happened somewhere in there I think that's because then they're in the car and then it's just boatying him on foot later on


yeah because they go to the gas station


again one of those like there's so many like little lines of dialogue that like you don't even see the actors say it in


this movie that I really like at one point they're when they're in the car chase and they're smashing up against each other yeah


I think it's Pappas goes we got you and I don't remember if it's roach or one of the other guys I think it's roach he


goes you ain't got [ __ ] yeah and then they separate like it just I don't know like was that in the script was that I've lived I love it yeah because he's


right you don't have [ __ ] like you're you know you're just smashing against them these guys have not stopped like but I just I love you you ain't got [ __ ]


I love that guy anyhow um but yeah then even this car chase like as far as we're talking about


Catherine Bigelow and like I think this car chase is up there maybe this is part of why it's such a classic but this car


chase the way it was shot and everything is like really impressive like this is one of my favorite car changes in movies yeah I just think it's really well done


even the foot chase even though it gets you know silly with the dog at times um I guess that's the other cringe


through the dog at him yeah and then he kicks him which I guess dogs aren't me I'm probably doing the same and I love


dogs but like maybe at least throwing them off I don't know I'm gonna kick him too but they have to throw in the Yelp of the dog it's like come on yeah the


the the chase through the the house houses and stuff reminded me of uh Raising Arizona it is yeah yeah well


yeah because yeah absolutely yeah but even then like he's running he closes the door and he just crashes through the


door and it's Sherry asked if because there's a scene in Hot Fuzz where they're jumping over fences and and was


that an homage to this some of it is that or Ferris Bueller you know like


yeah yeah but like uh in Hot Fuzz uh you know uh what's his name uh he's jumping


over fences Simon Peg and then in this one Utah is is oh yeah you know hot


fuzzles yeah I think it would be yeah yeah


and then he and then he hurts his knee and fires his gun into the air while saying uh


you know and I don't like that scene James oh I do oh I just want to see it I think of Nick Frost and Hot Fuzz


absolutely and then back to uh sorry American Ax Murderer there's even some


play with that with uh you know the detective saying you know that part that hangs from the helicopter I want to hang


I want to hang from that or something doesn't he in in x-murder he wants an exciting life yeah and then you know


you're supposed to be the angry chief you know answers to the captain or whatever and well answer to you know a panel of you know so there's all this


sort of Trustees Board of Trustees and it's like ah subverting expectations


murder yeah yeah no I think anyway uh bodies bodies justifying himself here


there's a scene where he justifies all his actions I can't remember exactly well they after the robbery they now


know that each other no yeah yeah yeah and you guys are losing their [ __ ] this guy's a [ __ ] cop man you should have


let me take him and all that stuff and I know exactly what to do with this guy that's what he makes a speech about the US versus the system you're right okay


all right because at the end of that he's like I know exactly what to do with this guy yes I have dark knight so I have olives lost


it as a false Victory they bust up the robbery but Utah is too close to Bodhi and lets him go so it's sort of a


victory because they bust up the robbery but they do get away the midpoint was taken down the death squad is a false


yes Victory false defeat sorry false feet undercover operation busted wrong guys all his lost false Victory they do


bust up this robbery but it's his friends and he couldn't catch them right okay no that makes sense yeah anyway uh


Dark Knight of the Soul Tyler discovers this is what I have Tyler discovers Utah's lies they break up Bodhi takes


Utah for a ride and has taken Tyler so this is like the lowest and he's hurt his knee yeah


uh yeah so this is breaking the three they're in the van and this is the exchange I like between yeah uh Bodie


and before before that though I like the uh when he's they're talking about you know we're gonna go uh you know


skydiving or whatever and he's like I don't know if you noticed man you know sort of busted up my knee the other day yeah I noticed she's limping and it's


just the way he says it in the line and just don't worry bro don't worry about it bro we're not gonna land on land yeah


no no that you're very assuring wonderful I think one I think at that point right


there when they're in the van and they're tall you know you've lost man the whole thing


would Johnny Utah have joined Bodhi had he not gone to law school like


would it would he be on board of the surfing the robbing the traveling all over the world I think that's what


Johnny Utah's wrestling with am I am I wrong I think there's an untapped wildness you


know the Kamikaze but I think but I don't know how like Law and Order he is he seems very uh I think he was very


drawn to that yeah I think he was but I don't think he because like at the end because he because he doesn't I guess


the fact that he doesn't turn with him right is is what's holding him back like he's his morals and all that because even at the end like he's then mad at


booty you crossed the line and people died like he's and chases them all over the world yeah like three weeks behind


you in a week behind you and uh but it's interesting because he's he's still Law and Order and and there's


got to be consequences for your actions but he's not so Law and Order that he doesn't throw his badge at the end we're getting ahead but he still quits stops


being a law guy yeah you know yeah um and I do think I was gonna say this earlier and this kind of ties into that


like his line to Tyler about you know my whole life I've done everything for other people I don't think he's lying


there yeah I think he's I think that he went to he was a quarterback he went to law you know to not a lawyer but yeah it


became a cop because of his parents yeah there's no evidence of that but I feel like that's true yeah no I think yeah I


think he becomes his own person by the end of the movie you know yes yeah so that's what I'm thinking if he would have met Bodhi yeah maybe two three


years ago yeah maybe got into surfing he would have maybe been robbing banks maybe it would have been a slow boil


like because he would had to have gotten into it by slow degree yeah there's no way he's


just said oh your rob banks cool no but but it would have been I think at some point


he would have yeah yeah I think the idea of being free like appeals to him right


like the the skydiving and you know it was amazing [ __ ] amazing like he's but yeah I think so not having the idea


of being able to live real free is you know sounds great I mean who doesn't want to be able to not have rules an


Endless Summer at the end of summer but um yeah I think I don't know he I think he also part of him knows if you live real


free like in in the bank robbery shows that yeah if you live role free there's going to be consequences yeah and she


broke your own rules you know whatever because because he goes off script or whatever uh yeah the line is we're wasting time


and yeah and then bodies laughing like this what I love about you Johnny your shop is a knife you know okay so that's


the break in the three I have and then uh Gathering the team initially it's


just Johnny they're storing the castle robbing the bank the change of tactic opening the vault which they never did


uh the cop in the guard and the robbery goes sideways Bodie who hates violence


okay so this is where I guess Bodhi starts to me he's almost an opportunist he hates violence but he kills that cop


uh and loses his team because of his decision to go into the vault


like he wanted I don't know did he sense this was the last because now they they weren't going to be able to do this next


summer right because now yes yeah I think that's why he wanted one bigger score yeah because their their


identities have been made now you know because it's not just Utah that knows Pap his nose and who knows who else he's


told no it's a known thing now yeah they're not going to be and I think it was almost just like like an anger like he killed the cop because you killed one


of mine you know yeah I think his Zen facade is cracking at this point yeah the pressure okay yeah uh high


tower surprise I have is Utah arrested as part of the robbery oh just damn hands off me


uh Papa's lets Utah go because he knows where they're going they pursue Papas


hold on you skipped a part where he punches yeah he's dead in the face or whatever yeah carp gets laid out yeah


uh after all these years I've still got one thing that you haven't figured out yeah what's that astonishment [ __ ] or whatever it just hits him in the face


and respect from my elders yeah I love it yeah it does because you've learned to punch that guy in the face all the time no I I know it I know as far as uh


you know we're talking about expectations other what other movies do the the main guys the main buddy cops punch out the yelling Captain this might


I don't know is this the only one well uh die hard she punches uh the yeah I


mean he was the [ __ ] the whole time yeah well there you go talk about you know requirements if you got a [ __ ]


in the movie he's got to get punched well uh this is way later but you know uh


Michael Conley wrote the boss series and of course they put it on Amazon or whatever and and in one of the early


Seasons Bosch is nowhere near as as ludicrous and wild as these guys right


Bosch is a very he's a bulldog he latches on to you through investigation he's not like going he's going to get


you uh and his captain is uh you know a paper pusher or whatever who has a beef


out for Bosh and uh has something against him and is


always gunning forward getting Bosh fired or whatever and at some point uh they're having an argument and the


captain tries to manhandle Bosch and you know boss uh ex-military you know


whatever in the books I think it's Vietnam in the show I think it's Desert Storm whatever doesn't matter sure but he he does something and throws him


through a plate glass window oh nice uh almost sort of like punching them out or


whatever you know it's not the same it's over the top um anyway yeah I'm still the same message of get your damn hands right


yeah right right uh uh so they go to the airport to chase down Bodhi yes there's one more


thing I want to say I'm sorry okay uh during the robbery I've never thought I've seen the movie a thousand times and


I guess just hadn't really thought about it Lance was watching it with me it needs to just wait I can tell by his comments you know that how into it he's


not or on this he goes when they're getting ready to do the robbery with Utah he doesn't get a mask like he was


like a Dunn on him you know now his his identity is right everyone's gonna see that he was a bank robber or whatever


I'm like burned yep you're right they don't care son well what other mask would be available you got lb no he says


uh sorry you know but they didn't never intended to [ __ ] find him a mask you know like yeah yeah you know they could


have given him anything you know yeah yeah exactly now at some point though


he's not arrested because he still has his badge after he's been chasing Bodhi which he throws away at the end yeah so


at some point it had to have been straightened out right uh because he's working with the is Australia or New Zealand I think I


think it's New Zealand New Zealand Police yeah to yeah to apprehend him yeah this high tower surprise they


pursue Papas is hiding the shootout and then Papa's dies like I was kind of bummed about that Stacy wants to she


didn't remember I mean I was also bummed but I I remembered it but yeah she had forgotten that and was definitely bummed out when it happened


yeah yeah it went real bad yeah yeah as much as I like roach [ __ ] roach


for shooting purpose in the back yeah sure uh the dig deep down psyching himself up to jump and the execution of


the new this is all part of the storming the castle breakdown of the finale uh execution on the replay and he jumps


without a parachute yeah he gets dollars they leave him in the plane without a parachute without a parachute yeah so


that he can't pull him or whatever yeah right uh I guess that guy's been shot and bleeding out gets a parachute yeah


roach or whatever I was thinking about that uh this last time I watched it this


roach has been shot yeah when the parachute opens and grabs the air what


kind of force is it is on the body and he's got a hole in him yeah he's he's dead when he hits the ground all


right and I was thinking how would he die this is just my messed up brain when it ripped yeah did all his stuff fall


out the hole Yeah because that's just gonna be a jolt right I mean yeah it would have been a cool scene now I want that in there they missed an opportunity


to show that like you're in the ground just Splat yeah


um there's some good exchanges between Johnny and roach before they they exit or whatever the


Johnny's looking at him and he's you know what the [ __ ]


don't you hope it was worth it you're cold don't listen to me just scared the blood's running out of your body yeah that's why you're cold that's why you're


cold he puts his jacket on him and [ __ ] like this yeah yeah don't listen to him he's just scared he just scared me yeah


roaches uh so interesting uh fact on that real quick uh you remember Messner


from I think it's Wade Messner from Justified um oh [ __ ] RaeLynn I didn't know you


were that's roach that's the same actor it blows my mind but that's the same guy Wade Messner he uh I don't know what


seasons he was in and Justified but he he said at the other desk the uh no no he was he was a criminal he was he


wasn't he's one of the criminals and stuff but RaeLynn runs across several times but I don't know and then his voices he's just older and that's that's


how he talked oh [ __ ] raelyn likey I'd have to go back and watch I don't remember yeah I recognized his face when we were watching it I looked him up and


I'm like holy [ __ ] that's roach Justified a couple times I love that show yeah yes pretty good show


um anyhow sorry just James lacrosse maybe is that his name yeah that sounds right I don't remember I looked at her


once before but yeah yeah yes Tyler back is reunited Bodie gets away all right so the final image obviously


on the beach I have Australia is that New Zealand yeah it's the 50-year wave


that Bodie was talking about okay yeah whatever that ended up I know they filmed it in Oregon so well


his we're talking about Johnny and what line he's willing to cross jumping out of an airplane without a parachute is


pretty damn nuts yeah and even Bodhi who is nuts you know acknowledges that God damn you're one radical son of a [ __ ]


yeah like I think he had to embrace that and had to cross to some point to catch


booty otherwise it was never going to happen right you know what I mean because yeah if he doesn't jump out maybe buddy lets Tyler go maybe he


doesn't yeah no I know but um yeah you know voted on the biggest play in 50 years goes out doing what he


yeah so he goes out doing what he loves Utah goes out and ends his way as well beginning so they both


began at the height of their game both uh at the end both at the end of the line because Utah is no longer going to


be a law enforcement yeah and Bodhi is done as you know I mean this is his yeah


yeah chances are they're going to be picking him out of the Rocks yeah how many more is that you know where am I


going to go Cliffs on both sides not going to Pat on New Zealand yeah yeah come on let me go out and catch one wave


man yeah um I didn't know it was filmed in in Oregon but uh Oregon is notorious for


having tremendously rough Seas off their Coast wow when I was in Navy our ship was in


Bremerton Washington and we would go down to San Diego we'd have to go past Oregon and it was always


tumultuous and the Coast Guard does yeah that's what I was going to say they train yeah the Coast Guard does their uh


rescue our training in that off the coast of Oregon and those in those tremendous waves and that River comes


into yeah so it is always rough well some people were talking about you know


in this movie 50-year wave and Australia New Zealand why couldn't they have just gone there


and shot like they've been talking about this yeah why couldn't the film crew just go there and shoot it but yeah


budget reasons yeah but your budget is not gonna be 24 million anymore it's gonna be whatever that cost yeah but I mean uh I mean would they be able to


catch big I mean would there be the weather for it I don't I don't know maybe maybe not because you have the 50-year storm doesn't hit right then now


it's oh that's what's something oh you've been actually waiting for the 50-year storm no no just people are like


why didn't they go to New Zealand why did they just do an organ they're talking about New Zealand film in New Zealand yeah yeah or even the North


Shore of Hawaii I've heard that the way oh no they hit the shore it it shakes


the life you can feel the vibrations in the ground yeah it sure was a budget thing yeah Portland offered the cheapest


way to do it you know I didn't know that I mean you'll ruined it for me now like I thought that was New Zealand you know so where'd it go I didn't know it either


well the the accent that the guys had when they're coming up nobody's going out there today


yeah yeah no one's been out no one's going out I have as a final image a new


more pure version of Bodhi so basically Utah has become maybe a pure version of voting the


hybrid of the two yeah because he's not going to do the crimes but he is definitely the Zen now


he's in a New Zen State like he tosses his badge and right clearly he's not going to stop surfing probably you know


so did you did y'all want him to let Bodhi go like did this bother you that he let him go or should he hold him in


and not let him go out there and catch the last wave and like did you carry either way or I think he should have


brought him in yeah I was thinking [ __ ] you you this is no yeah you don't get this yeah right uh that would have been


ultimate torture yeah sure but if I can't live in a cage man yeah but it's the whole Bromance you get yeah yeah let


me talk about Fast and Furious he lets him go at the end of that too it's the same same thing but at the same time I


guess Fast and Furious he lets him live and then we have all these you know terrible sequels and it's all about family after that it's all about family


anyhow but in this yeah like you like it did even address it because I don't know I


love this background character the the New Zealand uh Chief or whatever it is what the [ __ ] Utah you let him go yeah


he's not he's not no I didn't he's not coming you're right because even guys well get him when he comes back in he's


not coming back like I mean so he's let him go to his death you know I mean I don't know it's yeah well there's um


I don't want to say that the throwing away the badges and obligatory you know or whatever scene uh it's it has been


done like even as early as like dirty I don't know if you remember the end of Dirty Harry when he's chasing the Zodiac


Killer or whatever yeah he he wanted and he's all because because Harry Callahan is always getting a B for you know


brutality and right rights of the criminal and this kind of thing well he winds up killing the Zodiac at the end


of the movie and and he and he knows he's probably gonna catch out for that and so you know the closing image of Dirty Harry uh he's standing there uh


and he tosses his badge into the swamp or the Lagoon or wherever he is you know that's some little swampy Water Area


Warehouse District or something having just killed the Zodiac right and he tosses his badge


uh of course he's back as Harry Callahan too so I must have somebody must have fished out for him you know right right


what are you doing go get that he gets your 10 off at the donut place


with that right which which uh talking about the I think I think the Dirty Harry movies largely hold up I think one


and two Magnum Force I think is amazing after that I I don't know it's silly yeah I'm about to get silly they're they


they're pretty good but yeah the first two are really really good you know so you're okay with the scene of him


throwing the badge away or we could have and Point Break in Point Break yeah I think yeah I think he's become he's


become who and we don't see that then because even their uh their hair his hair he's growing his hair out his hair


is longer and Patrick seems shorter to me maybe it's just because it was wet it looked no it looked like it was cut because he's probably disguised himself


or yeah and one thing I thought was uh did they film that first you know what I mean he's growing his hair out piano


maybe his hair was long yeah her Parent Parenthood which is interesting to me if they did film it first because you you


buy their emotions in that scene yeah sure sure so well talk even if well in terms of story


timeline you could see that that Utah is becoming a new body and still surf every


day yeah right right right yeah so yeah past consider recommend I I picked it


obviously I'm gonna consider it no yes it's awesome movie I want to is it


perfect no is it uh is there a lot of Keanu getting used to yeah but


it's a fantastic movie it's a classic no it is it is absolutely recommend absolutely a classic and I do recommend


it uh especially if you're into the genre or want to watch movies in that genre this is a classic in that I think


it's an enjoyable movie even as a standalone uh I do think it is a little


bit dated I would have the audience score is 65 on well I'm sorry it was uh I would have been a little higher score


than say the Rotten Tomato fans did uh but but I do recommend it yeah all right


in the same here it's definitely definitely yeah I recommend yeah I love this movie how much longer do we have so


I can I have a long list of things wonderful let it rip yeah


I'm sorry first of all I'm sorry this I I don't love this movie like you


guys well I I really like it I I don't think it's all right first of all let me


go through my little list or first of all Keanu I love Keanu in speed and the


lake house oh and I don't like romance yeah I don't like that time travel stuff but I


actually like that movie The Lighthouse okay the lake the lake house yeah what I said the lighthouse okay Patrick Swayze


love Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing Black Dog Ghost yeah this one huh there's a


lot of shirtless Patrick Swayze in this movie yeah yeah he's tiny he's a tiny


guy or was a tiny guy yeah but he's a he's a good dancer too oh yeah um okay as far as bank robbery movies go


because of course this is what I'm thinking about when I'm watching I'm sitting there thinking I'd rather watch


Bandits the one with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob yeah as far as bank robbery I love that movie or


the Newton Boys yeah it was Matthew's uh McConaughey I mean lady and uh Ethan


Hawke yeah yeah okay so I just wanted to get that out there this movie was okay


um I couldn't bring myself to watch it again that's why I couldn't remember some of the things that were done


yeah it's worth watching once but if you want to see you know other bank robbers so yeah I


think it's uh like I think it's a it's a guy movie you know maybe that's right I don't know I


think it is yeah and as far as surfing that was one of my favorite things when we would go when we lived in California


and we would go out to the pier I love just sitting there and watching those guys out there on their surfboards and


stuff so yeah that was that was interesting yeah yeah but it's a movie all together


yeah yeah it's okay it was in Focus that's good is it a pass or a consider


it's a con oh I mean I watch it by all means uh you know yeah


make your own opinion of it but sounds like a consider yeah that's a consider I guess you can consider it


once and then pass on it every all the times after and I'm sorry I apologize because I know there are Die Hard people


I mean you know that love this movie it is a classic and and in the sense of the action genre yeah so that means you're


wrong that's fine you have to begin to agree


on the you know that when we review a movie we're not all gonna love it yeah but you have to be into that kind of genre


uh for it to be a clock all I could think of was okay this is to me it was a bank robbery I mean I know it was


everything y'all discussed you know there was that conflict with um Keanu


yeah being friends with the bank robbers you know and it's not like the other bank robbery


movies that I've watched because you know do you eat you know like with Bruce Willis and bandits yeah you're sitting


there kind of pulling for them you know but yeah you don't get to see them doing robberies too much basically what a


couple times one time and one time at the end they're they're actually fairly violent and right uh you know and I I


shouldn't be a fan of bank robberies working in a bank but wow uh uh anyway


um I have a theory about bank robberies if you're going to do a bank robbery for every hour that you plan the robbery you


have to spend seven to ten hours planning the Escape sure okay because anybody if you walk into a bank they're


going to give you the money they're not they're just going to give it to you yeah but then what do you do right don't


rob banks Phil's got some advice yeah no please


don't I've been through Phillips I've been through one and that was one too many I just thought


yes you're right don't do it because you'd have to plan 10 times harder and


the guy who did Rob us he got caught yes okay they're gonna give you the money and then what do you do yeah there's a


where's the body heat there's a speech that Mickey Rourke gives in buddy yeah about crimes or whatever and you know if


you're gonna commit a crime and it's uh you know there's a million ways you can [ __ ] them up you can think of 10 of them you're a genius you know there's I don't


remember the whole speech but yeah actually the odds are stacked against you yeah well there was a guy several years ago who had a genius plan


and he went to work for an armored car company and he worked there and he put the time and he worked there for like


three or four or five years gained their trust got the access codes got the keys


to where they trusted him at night to load the pallets of money that was deposited there from all the pickups


right onto these Vans to take to the reserve or whatever they do put all that time in so one night he's alone he's got


the keys he's got the vanity loads up a truck full of pallets of money I'm talking probably a hundred million


dollars I don't know some outrageous amount of money he loaded him in the van and he drove away and he was gone nobody


knew where he was couldn't find him he got away they busted him crossing the border into Mexico


penniless and they found the money in a storage shed in North Carolina


so he did so he got the money put all this time and got the money and then didn't know what to do and he was


arrested in Mexico with the money in a storage shed in North Carolina right are you telling me you got a van with a


hundred million dollars in it and you can't figure out you haven't thought one second how to get away right okay I'm


going up to a guy with a boat and saying here's 50 million dollars sell me to uh Geneva I don't know you know right uh I


don't know so that's what I'm talking about man you know it's not realistic yeah and and that's the thing about with


you bring it back to the actual movie that we watched they didn't ever go into the Vault they


only got the the till money yes to power them through their Endless Summer yes


and that's why at the end they break their major rule by going into the Vault because you never go into the Vault what


do we do in here that's how they get that's how you get caught is going off the plan right yeah for sure yeah because they were just using the money


to to finance there in the summer like it wasn't I'm gonna retire off of this it's you know every summer we're gonna


[ __ ] the the man now that we're caught well no one retire off of this or whatever his plan was he


doesn't ever vocalize it but yeah he wanted knew this was gonna be the last score let's go after the Vault so that yeah but again what was this plan after


going into the ball I mean how he didn't even plan that out because that went you know everybody was surprised what are you doing anyway okay sorry no that was


my opinion yeah so yeah I expected what you're talking about like as far as you're saying you know recognize it as a


classic um and I agree with you but like if you go through a list of classical musical movies I'm not going to be I don't know


that I'm gonna be able to appreciate that those are Classics of course I don't like music right right that's something so yeah they're all the same


they're crying and bullshitting and carrying on and singing and don't care but right crying sister Circle I call


them anyway what you said we can get into that I'm sure we'll watch a musical at some point but like uh well anniversary I hate how


they have to it's a zombie musical which I recommend all the problems in there they got to sing about all their damn problems like come on but that is the


exposition yeah but it's just in the I guess the bad musicals if I had to granted I haven't seen a lot of musicals


but like uh the new Aladdin was one of them like there was a whole dialogue scene where they talked about uh


Jasmine's problems right and it was cleared from the dialogue scene what her issue was and they said immediately she's saying about it I'm like I don't


need it twice give me one or the other yeah he's cool I guess from I hate to say this but remove the dialogue scene and let me just hear you well I think


that's supposedly I have to watch The Sound of Music every year nice absolutely have you ever seen it I


haven't oh well I don't


I'm sure it's fantastic and I'm glad people love it exactly I got to work singing it and everyone at work just


hates it too so is that it I think that's it did you you obviously recommend it yeah yeah I did


yeah sweet okay yeah so that is Point Break and we are out what do I have to learn


to serve Why can't I just walk around with this thing on my arm an ax Stone oh this is great this is really great


you have to start jamming or something right immediately no no I will not watch


okay that's that's the one I like surfing


Steel Magnolias is better movie than the Last Action Hero I'm gonna say it right now


that's a very uh Elder Millennial thing to say is they had the CGI Patrick Swayze's hair


on how many times has Keanu Reeves been named John


I I edit these things Chris you can say what you want is never going to show

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