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19th Oct 2022


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greetings realers my name is Philip and together with my wife Sherry and two of our friends Chris and James we're


Fellowship of the real four people who love talking about movies almost as much as we do watching


them we hope you will join us as we dig deep into cinematic masterpieces and some that are well maybe not


you have an opportunity to be the fifth host of our little show click the link in the show notes and leave us a voice


message telling us what movie you would like us to review you can also reach out on our Facebook


page Fellowship of the real from all of us at Fellowship of the real thanks for listening okay on with the


show are you recording this studying a movie in the mechanical level


I truly bring some revelation I believe that no one sets up to make a


bad movie with the exception of on paper this should work I just don't


like it that's your own fault if you haven't seen it


way over budget start cutting scenes even the actors don't know what that


movie is about should I I wish I wrote that which I wrote the title with that


movie's trash well tell me a man is good for you


all right fellowship with real four friends of the movie this was my pick


John Carpenter's The Thing so


another movie in our four movie tribute to Halloween so in October we're gonna


have one movie a week we picked four scary movies Sherry picked The Shining I picked the


that this movie came out what:


was the release it had a budget of 15 million dollars so not a whole lot of money


I I have a feeling that the marketing division did not do this movie


Justice it had a domestic gross of 19 million on a 15 million


and an international gross of two thousand dollars so what do they release it one day


somewhere overseas two thousand nine hundred and fifty five dollars International


gross for a total worldwide of 19 million six hundred thirty two thousand


now I say the marketing division because the critics and the fans


generally like this movie 83 for the critics gave it three and a half stars


or higher and 92 percent of the fans love this movie and I love this movie I think that's kind of a


misleading thing when it was released from what I understand critics did not


really praise it in luggage they thought the special effects were overboard well by quite a bit it really caught on uh


with home movie rental yeah it really caught on fire there but I mean I could be wrong I wasn't


even born at that point so I don't know what they would say well no that that does I do remember now that you


mentioned reading something about how critics sort of Pat in this movie when it came out hmm


which is unfortunate because like I said it did it has garnered much higher


praise in the Years following and not probably the Home Video Market has done that for it yeah it's got to the point I


thought of this they may have thought that it was overboard on the special effects but I think now in


e current area current ERA of:


example of how practical effects can be used oh yeah look great and everything


about it so yes I think this is a shining example yeah this uh the creature effects in this movie I think


are every bit as good as say even uh Alien like some of the effects in Alien


like the monster in this one uh the creep Factor the skin crawl factor is right up there on some of these scenes


even even a even a viewing of today like I watched it you know this morning and


made my notes I watched it before and then I watched it one more time this morning to make my nose and the creep


factor is still there every time you see it so it's very well done I think as far as the special effects there's there's


one thing that bugs me and we'll get to it when we kick into the story and I


yeah I'll tell you about it and it'll and it may answer the reason why it wasn't so big overseas okay all right


that's a teaser for you gotcha again uh we're doing four scary movies and


generally they're going to be the genre monster in the house I think this is a monster in the house


the monster is the thing the house is the research station which it seems to


have several names on the side it says reach search station number four I think throughout the movie they refer to it as


station 31 sometimes I so I don't know if they could nail down the actual name of their station but


there is a a cut of a camera cut where it says U.S


research station number four but it's an American outpost on Antarctica Antarctica yeah essentially essentially


so the house is the research station the sin I had a little trouble with but


there is reference to one of the characters saying to another we need to burn all this and another one


of the character responding says we can't burn that that's somebody's Nobel Prize you know whatever so I think


ambition and Accolade and pride in digging this up to to uh get The Nobel


Prize or get accolades is the sin uh yeah I don't know I feel like maybe and I haven't seen the the


the prequel with the I guess there's a prequel out there that tells what happened at the Norwegian Camp oh yeah


um I feel like maybe those things could maybe speak to that just based off the the footage and stuff they show in in


this one yeah um to me I feel like it was more like the the theme if there is one is


more like paranoia and mistrust like they don't even before I feel like [ __ ] hits the fan there's kind of like especially McCready and Childs are kind


of going back and forth a little bit like I feel like there's like they like I mean opening image from McCready he's


in his uh Hut alone yes playing against computer when there's like what 12 other


guys they could be talking about right there there is definitely personality friction yeah between some of these


characters I guess part of their not knowing who the thing is right as the movie gets going right they're


they're mistress and paranoid for each other is what leads to you know the way it ends up I guess yeah these guys don't strike me not all of them don't strike


me as scientists military yeah like it's kind of a Miss almost like a penal


colony well someone thinks it like like uh I think Palmer McCready of the pilots right and then uh


I kept calling him Cooper but his copper copper and Blair are the doctors I had to learn their names so I could


keep track of who was getting whacked at what point but like Gary is the sheriff of the security yeah it's almost like


when you were to cook you know it's almost like when you're in the Navy you have a mix of people yeah it's like an


institution they set up different roles yeah I gotta I got a kick out of the the communications guy his name is Windows


Windows yes yeah that you know I don't know yeah so anyway


yeah so that's the money critics fans it's generally a like but I think like James says uh initially it was paying I


think it became big in the Home Market I like this movie I like John Carpenter uh generally like a lot a lot of his


movies he's got a lot of good ones uh Escape From New York yeah uh both of


them I mean New York and the leader both him is what I meant yeah yeah sure Eric is better I think and then I can't


believe I said I didn't say Halloween first but yeah that movie terrorized me as it was a kid Big Trouble in Little


China and that's probably my absolute most Comfort movie right there


and in trouble yeah his final tap like those are my comfortable crazy is that your problem anyway uh yeah so generally


I'm a fan of John Carpenter and I like this movie now the opening image as we get into


the structure here I definitely like this movie I'm not sure this


opening sequence is in step with the rest of the movie they got you got this uh almost animated


crashing of the saucer right at the beginning of the movie and I I guess if I'm uh not a fan of any part of the


movie that's it it had the same exact Vibe as predator predator has the same thing it opens up on Earth in a


spaceship coming in and crashing it's like in this movie specifically and Predator yeah you don't need it I'm


pretty sure it's the same footage in both movies I'm playing it could be it's not they're very reminiscent of each other they are very rumored but they're


not needed yeah no I I didn't feel like it was needed and it seemed almost cartoonish and out of step to me with


the rest of the movie yeah I mean yeah if you don't realize there's things from outer space without that then well they


go visit the ship in the ice later and you clearly see it as I'm saying yeah yeah with some cool matte painting stuff


yeah so it's like it's like a double a hat on a hat a double ship if you will yeah like it's probably some producer


from a note from some [ __ ] producer was like ah dude is it clear that these are is this the things alien left


Twitter I've been in there at the beginning about a spaceship yeah it's like just look at it because the thing did it and then later on what five years


later in 87 when they're doing Predator some producer probably used that as his example well the thing did it [ __ ]


put it in yeah as if looking at it's not clear enough that it's from another you're not paying attention right go watch The Shining or something yeah this


movie opens up almost what they call uh in the middle of things in media res is the idea that it


opens you're opening up you're starting the story right in the middle of the action yeah and and I think that's what's happening


so you're opening up with this the hunting of the dog by the neighboring station a very chaotic scene I think


this is effective because as an audience Carpenter had to know


they're going to be on the side of the dog you see a dog you see a dog you're instantly drawn in don't hurt the dog that's my first note as well dick if you


don't know what's going on you know you're trying to shoot a dog what the hell I hope you fall out of the helicopter dude and break your neck yeah


which is exactly what what they want yeah what they allow they they welcome the dog they protect the dog and what


they've done is bring in okay but the first time that thing shows up I said they should have shot that oh for sure but it's too late at that point yeah


I agree so that's the Brilliance is it first no no don't shoot the dog no dude I hope you die right and then like


Sherry's saying later when it comes out of the dog like oh yeah we should have shot the dog damn it okay let me go back


so it's my turn to blow your mind that was my teaser so it might not have done well overseas is because when the


helicopter lands the Norwegian shooting at him the guy gets out with a rifle and said that's not a dog that's an alien


yeah get away from that I'm gonna kill it yeah oh I spoil the whole translated yeah and that's what he says in


Norwegian so so other people who were able to understand Norwegian yeah they're like that's oh yeah that's an


alien okay ruin the movie so if any of the guys had spoken Norwegian they would have gotten away


and yeah that's terrible yeah it's like having subtitles on the six inches I'm saying dead guy says you know when it's


Bruce Willis you know like really that's right I mean had one job man I was


paraphrasing I do not speak norwegiance so we get the alien spaceship but we don't get the like we gotta cut


something cut their dialogue that spoils the whole thing for well that's you know that's what he says


that's what he's saying is get away for us but yeah but like anyone that speaks that like yeah that's crazy so jackasses


uh yeah rooting for the dog and you don't know he's trying to tell you right and then he gets shot in the head yeah


yeah Gary shoots him and I like that even too like the you know yeah like you


deserve to get shot you're trying to kill a dog what about you and you and just I think you're automatically on board with the the the guys at the at


the the camp or whatever because all of a sudden hear these crazy [ __ ] shoot up they're chasing a dog they got guns


like what do you want to do you shoot the leg you know oh yeah shoots one of the guys in the leg but also you catch the heat after he gets shot in the leg


McCready kneels down to him go hey man are you okay McCready had his his alcohol or whatever yeah and McCready just leaves it in the snow to take off


the guy goes hey I'm fine he immediately picks it up and takes sip the guy that got shot leg Yeah I thought that was funny yeah I mean you could shut the leg


Yeah take a take a sip you know well they I don't think it comes across in the film but the helicopter chases that


dog from the Norwegian yeah it's an hour away by flight they say so Miles and Miles and Miles yes yes and nobody in


this American Camp is like huh yeah this dog is running miles and miles and miles here in Antarctica these dogs aren't


native they're Snow Dogs well I think uh no I'm with you James yeah yeah they


never yeah they never even think about it but there is nobody to question that because the there's the hand grenade


Fiasco or the helicopter blown up and then the other guy gets killed so at that point they're left with a bunch of questions which sure we'll get into but


yeah take this random dog in that part annoyed me like the way they shot it like it slipped out of his hands so weird like well you went to throat and


it went behind him I mean it's like you threw a bear it just it was weird yeah the gloves on and his hands were numb from flying yeah no it very well I I


know I'm putting no I mean that's just that annoyed me like no the fact that it happened just the way they they did it like I don't know haven't I don't know


yeah other ways to do it I guess I'd rather eat a grenade than have a


monster no absolutely clone me so for sure opening image still quiet day to day


okay so we get the scene of their life here which is you know them playing pinball and this kind of


thing quiet day to day McCree mccree's playing chess and he loses and he pours the drink some cheating [ __ ] yeah so


this here's a guy that doesn't take losing very well you know I said doesn't


like to lose lives apart from the others in his own quarters you know like Chris was saying yeah yeah well I don't know


where you're going going with that but I guess there was um two things I noticed is to me as far as character set up here's


a guy who's playing chess right so to me I was establishing maybe you know a little more like intelligence right yeah


right and a guy who can can think several steps ahead kind of thing right so and that's going to come useful down


the road I think this is um and then even the the even a little bit of the mistrust


like here's a machine like you know accusing the machine to [ __ ] cheats and a guy who's willing to like you said


doesn't takes losing so poorly willing to sabotage like he fried that where he's probably not playing chess anymore


yeah I think that also plays into later in the in the movie when he decides to you know torch the camp or whatever yes


we're not getting out of here and he's you know it's the same thing cheating [ __ ] and then right no it is definitely


a because what you want to establish character by his actions you know and I think I


think so I think he's established pretty good you know he's going to be the


not necessarily loner but he is going to be the leader chosen as the leader later and and is is comfortable on his own and


self-reliant and this kind of thing why don't we put Blair in your Shack because I don't want him in my shack sorry


well they make him move his stuff out of the storage room too you know yeah sorry


man yeah all right go ahead anyway uh the only so that's that's we get this


opening image of McCready we get sort of a feel for the camp the setup the only


thing we really learned is I'm not sure what they're researching but it's a research station of the United States


the effects of alcohol and isolation ice exposure yeah number four McCready comes


out which is the bottle in his hand yeah like when the shit's coming like zero zero shit's given right


no no that's so this is the setup this is you know we're a resource station in Antarctica number four


Catalyst Okay so quite couldn't necessarily nail it down


but Norwegian station nor the Norwegian stated for you Phil what do you mean you couldn't figure it out yeah they come in


shooting the dog Must Die Norwegians are both killed uh won by Gary the


security guy I guess he's the I guess he's in charge they say later you know uh one in a great grenade mishaps so the


catalyst is this big fat WTF what the [ __ ] mystery that the Norwegians have basically just dumped in their lap uh


it's the first week of winter they're out of radio contact and the Norwegians have only been there eight weeks not


enough to go Bonkers they'll say later so there's this big mystery that that


sort of happens upon them uh and I think this I think as we get into it I think


we're going to see that there may and you can see if you uh thought differently Chris but I think there's a double bump


Catalyst in this in this story so the dog's showing up and then kind of throwing this in their lap can I


go back to this I was looking for it this is exactly what he says get the hell out of here that's not a dog it's


some sort of thing it's imitating a dog it isn't real get away you idiots damn


that's what he says in no region I just shows you that like and you know and obviously in 82 they


didn't think much about like international box office because they knew all right this will be in Norwegian yeah most Americans won't speak that


we're not going to lay subtitles on it so nobody will most Americans won't get it yeah right


um and then but yeah as soon as they showed over there they're like oh thanks


yeah so uh so this is the Catalyst that's American Norwegian talking about the movie or whatever yeah can you


imagine man the reveal at the end that was what they told you exactly right at the beginning yeah uh and and McCree


keeps calling them swedes and yes I thought that's very funny they're not sweetener no no regions it's not sweets fun facts swedes and Norwegians don't


really get along they make fun of each other okay I wonder if like McCready knew that


right and so he's calling Sweden like a Sweden on purpose no he's all he's red-blooded America yeah they're all the


same you know all the same okay debate what do we do we need to report


it do we visit the camp it's bad weather is it worth the risk Palmer says he'll go and they don't want you


Palmer oh thanks for thinking about it though yeah right very quick Palmer appears to be a little On The Fringe and


they don't uh they want McCready doctor is going to go with them doc Cooper an


hour flight away to the other station so off they go and then there's this uh now there's going to be some red


herrings I think in this movie some some Mr X this kind of thing uh the dog makes a visit to who we see the shadow of him


on the wall only but we're when McCree didn't fly off the dog comes down the hall and it goes into a bedroom or one


of the bunks the fun thing about that is animals are notorious like they don't take Direction yeah that dog did that


entire walk down the hallway and the pauses and the looks all on its own really they just had the camera going oh


my gosh so they just wanted a million shot they got that yeah so I don't know


like because I wrote down at the end I wrote down the order in which they are taken over but I don't know who this


character is I suspect that it may be uh and I can't remember his name right now Mark right Clark the dog the dog handler


but and watch Clark watch him closely yeah and then it was specifically left


ambiguous yeah I think it is a a misdirect definitely you know whatever


they get to the other Camp the other uh because to be fair the the dog didn't do anything we know that now right


um right I mean because it's still in the dog later right no it it multiplies itself Oh no you're right yeah okay so


there could be several yeah that's true yeah yeah I don't know what he's watching one point I think it was just


one but yeah it only does multiply itself because there's several times when you think they kill it and then it they didn't because it still it didn't


multiply it already here yeah yeah the other campus has experienced and I've just just because of the of


watching The Mystic experience the problem of sub magnitude some of some of it seemingly self-inflicted they find


the guy who's cut his own throat uh Cooper is astounded and he is a doctor of creed he doesn't seem to


shaken up about all this guy who's cut his throat and McCree takes it like he's like yeah [ __ ]


these swedes man well it just seems like he's experienced some of this before and has gotten a certain callousness to it


sure is Dr Cooper uh I wrote down Cooper every time but it's copper I don't know


why I wrote Cooper copper it's not Cooper I swear they called him that's what I thought and then but like in IMDb


it's listed as copper and yeah I think Gary calls him copper to my copper okay well anyway but a doctor is is more


shaken up by this than than McCready which it seemed to indicate to me that McCready had a pass like he's a little


bit he seems to me like he's an old Vietnam pilot yeah right really probably yeah something like that uh a colder


approach he has to it they find the ice script debate further what it could all mean


evidence of mass destruction by fire uh burned up in a hurry there's uh


what is that a man in there they find this these corpses all burned up uh back to home base number four the dog is


watching there's several scenes I think that are effective of the dog keeping an eye on things you know you know when


it's underneath the pool table yeah I mean the tennis table let's watch him yes uh the autopsy of the burned remains


from the Norwegian Camp uh you can almost see them debating as they stand around looking at what does it all mean


uh I really like that shot you're talking about when they're all standing around the table or the the is that a


man thing laying there yeah I really like that shot because it just like they could have um


so many different ways he could have shot it and like I like how he as they go around the table like they're actually standing in in the way like the


camera's behind them yeah so like you see a little bit of the because you're obviously what you want to see is what's on the table right right an audience


right so you're looking at you're like oh what the hell is that and then there's a dude in your way yeah and then no no that's the guy and there's a


little bit more and then oh [ __ ] there's another guy on your way yeah yeah I mean it's really cool the way they did it right yeah no but get the hell out of


the way man I want to see what's on the table you know we're gonna get to see plenty I think uh so docs Cooper and


Blair do the autopsy while Windows the radio operator still can't get anybody on the line uh things seem to return to normal Clark


the dog handler is ordered to put the dog in with the others just a quick question that is that's


that's the scene where where uh was it Wilford Brimley yeah I always want to come quick rootmail yeah but uh


that scene where he has the pencil right and he's talking to him or is that later that's later later okay oh shut up then


go ahead yeah well um I had a question about that because right now I think they're still debating about what it means but they don't know what it means


so life sort of returns to normal after this no you're right with the after the dog is when they're yeah


so they've had a catalyst with the Norwegians and the discovery of all this but they don't know what to do and they


can't reach anybody so it seems to settle down sure we're given a double bump almost


immediately the thing emerges from the dog right so they put the dog in the in


the kennel Clark goes to investigate after he hears the dogs crying doesn't like what he sees the monster comes out child gets


the flamethrower uh and he's like like and again McCready is very quick to act


everybody else is like flat on their feet even Childs with the flamethrower is hesitating but McCready is like I


like Man of Action the nose it goes to child's as he's like you know getting dressed still like throwing his room and


he's like but could he wants to fly let's just get the flame player recording wants to what that's what he said man God damn it he's putting on his


face cracks me up and what's the what yeah yeah but McCready is all action


he's like ready so as soon as he shows up he's still not fast enough for him get your ass in here when he tells


Childs yeah McCready is always the first to react others are in denial Clark or slow Childs and finally they torch it it


almost gets away they torch it another autopsy by Blair here's where he does the pencil thing learns it's an organism


s other organisms and he uses:


figure out yes like the the way they delivered the


information like like I was still I was uh before we get to that um the he has a pencil right yes I swear


to God he touches the thing with the end of his pencil like when he's pointing yeah like lays it on this mess yeah and


then he puts it on his like his mouth later I'm like you're infected now buddy probably like but anyway I don't know


yeah mistake or intentional but anyway that was my question if y'all saw that too and does he touch him I may not have


picked up on that um yep yeah I know that Wilford Brimley wasn't there for the whole shoot that


kind of helps explain his absence through a big chunks of the movie yeah yeah he locked him in yeah pretty much


I'm good now I want to come out I really want to come back in there you know


all right so debate number two so double bump again the thing emerges they seem to have another debate mistrust sets in


they reviewed the tapes from the Norwegians and see that they've dug this thing out of the ice they were digging


something up Northeast of their camp and so now they get in the helicopter and go to this place so it's almost sort of a


re repeat of what they've done before going to the Norwegian camp now they're getting in to go to


ip is but we skipped over the:


the computer I don't think he that's not happened yet 75 per chances I


don't think that happens yet okay oh that was dated like I was into that like like I was reading it and like yeah


to me like it it still hit like 75 of you guys [ __ ] hell yeah chance of


yeah that still was like you know because that's that's his


I just had to point that out if they put a really expensive computer that can do all that figuring in Antarctica like


what well to research facility yeah it's research maybe so maybe they were doing


a viral testing down there sure well yeah maybe it would be infectious


diseases sure sorry go ahead now they're going to check out the up in the helicopter to go


McCready and two others find the ship that's Vance McCready and I never did get who the third guy was that went with him because I was trying to keep track


of who everybody was at all the times and uh they're wearing masks so I couldn't see who the third guy was


with it was Vance and McCready in the third guy that's not important he doesn't die here so uh another debate uh Childs could not


believe he keeps called this Voodoo [ __ ] this Voodoo I don't believe this Voodoo books leave this Voodoo [ __ ] I don't believe this Voodoo


[ __ ] Palmer said Palmer you know friends get oh it happens all the time they're dropping out of the Skies they control


South America Palmer's like yeah you know the sun comes up aliens drop that's


the way it is you know they tried to debate what it is like he's wearing a vet jacket right yeah


nobody wants to fly with Palmer did they try to debate what it is Blair


when asked looked just Ponders as the scene ends nulls finds underwear in his


kitchen nasty drawers nasty drawers you know uh indicating I wrote down is this


another red herring because I'm not sure that we ever find out whose they are but yeah right was that part of the the


thing discarding its clothes or was that just somebody being nested right yeah yeah it was disturbing to me that McCready like handled them like if those


aren't your nasty drawers I'm not touching those you know what I mean they're not mine but he grabbed them and moved them and oh yeah but again that


could be all fall into the umbrella if not phased by anything he's seen some did right no nothing is facing yeah


McCready all right this is like I don't know what the hell you asked me for ask him yeah yeah yeah when they're talking


about the illness yeah uh Blair Ponders this is when the voodoo [ __ ] you believe this dog he does


some reason this is your computer scene James yeah does some research comes to the conclusion about the rate of infection uh 75 chance that someone is


infected 27 000 hours after first Contact the entire population


but Sherry figured what was like three years oh I forgot yeah it was I think it


I don't remember I think it came out to be like three years after first Contact sounds about right yeah


uh at this point we have not broken into two as a story but Blair has his own what I call


personal break-in to do because Blair sees this and then grabs the gun and he's gonna he


so so he breaks into two I think way before everybody else yeah this is this is a oh okay all right honestly part of


the fun and games but you're saying you're breaking the two four yeah he's because he's gonna he has you don't think going to the ship is they're


breaking the two like after the dogs done its thing and I think it's still I think it's still debate yeah yeah uh


and but you may see it differently because I have I'll once we get through this you'll see


that I think that there is it's not structured


completely like we want to think sure anyway I think Blair has his own


personal breakthrough too he grabs the gun so he's already going to take action to stop this the others I think are


still debating windows and he's sometimes called George sometimes called bettings George


bennings move the thing into the storeroom uh where McCree was to keeping his stuff he's got to move out uh


Windows this is where his stuff was in there like he's got his own Shack yeah but apparently he had stuff stored in


there yeah because I thought was that where he's staying but then I remember knowing [ __ ] weird yeah anyhow


Windows wants to burn it all George says can't burn the find of the century this will win somebody the Nobel Prize and so


I thought that's when you know it having discovered this thing they they


dig it up and because even uh McCready will say in the Norwegians dug it up you


know not thinking okay well this is alien any possible problems with this you know


at least at least George thinks that is somebody's Nobel Prize though people get rich off this you know well


alien came out in 79 this was an 80 so they were up there like the alien head in the movie hadn't gotten to the


Antarctica yet so they didn't know sure yeah well they weren't afraid yet yeah they weren't afraid right


so I just wrote down is this the sin ambition riches Accolade you know I think I think the theme of mistrust


definitely is there but had they left it alone none of this would have happened and why did they dig it up and then


they're filming themselves you know and because they want evidence they want to hear Fuchs wants to talk to Mack


uh because I guess at this point Blair has locked himself or has gone away because Fuchs can't find uh Blair uh


Fuchs wants to talk Mac George is left alone but the thing as Windows goes to Gary to get the keys to the storeroom uh


Fuchs tells Max Blair's Theory because I guess he's gone through his note yeah but he won't even say it like in front of the other guy no no he agrees to meet


in the snowmobile or whatever yes he does not want to spread these theories just yet but he he goes to Mac not Gary


Gary is the leader Gary is the guy in charge apparently but that's the sheriff guy right yes yeah


but he is drawn to Mac naturally as the one to handle these kind of things


we make it quick I'm getting tired man it's getting cold in here like I like I was yeah you know it's 40 below yeah it


didn't give a [ __ ] it was like I'm tired like yeah like he to your point


he's the he's the natural leader in there the guy they go to but he doesn't want to be even no just leave me alone


yeah I'm tired it's cold you know absolutely play some chess oh wait I can't do that yeah uh Windows discovers


George ain't George no more so this is the first confirmed George I have as the first confirmed


takeover by the alien may not be but it's the first one we see of this group


uh Windows discovers George and George no more and so now I think we've had this double bump and now they have to


deal with it so here's where I'm calling it the rest of the break into two I think Blair has already made his break


but I think the rest of the yeah I mean because I mean that I was thinking it was earlier but that does


match with what I was just talking about but I'm tired it's 40 below like he's that's not a break in the two kind of guy no no he that's that's a I don't


want to do denial debating I don't want to debate this but then as soon as that happens he goes running in there and then he's he's all on board right let's


deal with this thing after that yeah yeah uh when windows leaves through okay yeah so a couple of


you know I'm always looking for doors windows leads to the store room door a few some mac exit the vehicle doors into the second act whatever


oh yeah nice your little doors and windows doors and windows thing man you know that's cool and think about that


yeah they get out of the yep yes now it's a really good trick by the way that really helps me when I


watch movies that's what I'm looking out for you know he's doing the Leonardo Garfield me uh I always call him crap yo


Leonardo uh I can't even say his name properly no um anyhow the the meme from uh Once Upon


a Time in uh Hollywood that's that's what I pictured you doing whenever you see doors exactly the snapping in the


point yeah yeah that's pretty much me watching TV watching movies right no I


mean that just mean when you see something to go back to the Rocky 2 episode I was


like I think I got the second beat of like yep you nailed it yeah so it's yeah Philip you've helped


me yeah no tape no notice when the second and third except sure now this is it I wrote it down at 47 minutes into


the movie of an hour and 48 minutes so I think it's a little but I think that that's not sloppy I think that's


intentional and I'll uh sure maybe like a little late but yeah and maybe that's why I was having a problem with it as


far as me wanting to place it earlier because I knew I was like oh that's too late right uh I'll I'll hold off till we


get to it but I think there's I think there's something going on here Windows gets Fuchs and Mac discover


George bennings has left the building so George is gone uh George I think is the first one that


we see get taken over uh Gary has struggled with this because I guess George is his friend but


McCready is all about it they have to burn the rest of them cleaned out the storehouse the lab there was nothing left so they gather all this up and burn


it now because they realize what's happening so everything is burned and I wrote down but the dog visited


somebody and somebody left their draws with nulls so so they think that yeah they like a gift


for that hey they think that they've taken care of everything and that that it's over but


it isn't obviously all right so that then I have us moving into the fun and game so that's the breaking the two in


the fun and games so they're burning everything so I've been trying to keep track of all these


characters at the burning on screen at least there are nine characters present McCready nulls Palmer Charles Cooper and


Norris Vance sometimes called uh there is this long stretch where Clark is missing and I think that's a


misdirect you know that because you wanna everybody wants to think of Clark especially Blair keep an eye on Clark


Clark seems to be missing I haven't seen him in a while uh Gary Fuchs and windows are there


Blair has locked himself away and George is being burned so I just was trying to keep track of the characters at that


point uh we learned that Blair has destroyed the helicopter and with the gun has taken things into his own hands he's


also taken out the chapter the chopper and the tractor and now he's in the process of knocking out the


communication so he had like I said I think he broke into two a little quicker and caught on what was going to happen


and what he gets he's at the point that McCready I think will get to yeah but he breaks in a little sooner as learning


what's going on you know being the doc smart guy whatever Clark does show up now and is concerned


about the dog about his dogs I guess Blair's also killed all the dogs and so Clark does show up and runs to


check on the dogs they subdue him lock him in the tool shed which is where he's going to be for the rest of the movie uh Blair doesn't


know who to trust Mac tells him trust in the Lord just in the Lord you know whatever Blair


tells Mac to watch Clark close Mac now suspects that some are not what they seem and they come up with this


blood serum test uh Fuchs is going through Blair's notebooks this is all funny games is


what I'm yeah running through uh accusation start so now the mistrust is really starting to set in deep


yeah you got the feeling that they didn't really like each other no there was not a lot of love to begin with sure


as a bunch of strangers put together on a team who were all did it say how long they


had been there already well now McCready will say first damn week of winner when the after the Norwegian Fiasco which in


us uh Antarctica would be July probably so I don't know how long they'd been up


there before there was Winter all the time out there it's always [ __ ] cold in the southern hemisphere first day of


winter would be July but I don't know how long they've been up there and I mean cool already let's take an army


getting worse environment measurable worse environment measurable yes don't sign me up so they come up with


this blood serum test but they need the blood to do that and they discovered that the cabinet has been open and the blood no been destroyed and they have a


big debate about the key and who had excess and yes the accusations start and Clark uh so Gary and copper are the two


with the keys and Clark was with the dog so these are the three suspects at the at this point Windows freaks out and


goes for the guns Gary uh chases him down and says uh you'll all feel a


little better if I gave up my gun so he gives up his gun and knows there's debate about who's going to lead her be well Charles like I'll be the leader and


and McCree is like no we need somebody a little more even tempered right uh Advanced is originally chosen but he


doesn't want it and I don't think I'm after that yeah I don't think I'm up for that guys so it falls to McCready uh


nobody wants Childs uh Mac is the man we're told that a storm is coming in six hours uh a second group around the fire


as they burn the blood supply so they burned what they thought was everything now they're burning in a similar scene


the blood supply thinking again that you know this is going to take care of things


all right Clark Cooper and Gary are LED away to be tested uh Norris injects the


serum Mac makes Mac is now making a tape to for posterity in case we don't make it


the shredded long johns found by Norris uh had the name tag missing could be


anybody's McCree said so again this this idea of whose are these right and he calls it U.S Outpost 31 as opposed to


research station number four so I don't know what that that's just continuity whatever


uh Fuchs is going through Blair's notes and there's a power outage a shadow in the darkness Fuchs pursues oh before


that outside when when mccree's making his tape he says uh uh and no one trusts


anyone anymore yes and then he stops it and he rewinds it right yes and he didn't change it records over it yes and


changes what he says yeah I make it sound more upbeat I guess yeah uh yeah clear as to why he was doing that but


that yeah he erased us what he was like ah that sounds a bit rough let me yeah somebody you know like I don't know like


yeah it doesn't explain it but um also with the when they're doing the shot to the to the dock yeah he's like


oh let me do it let me do it break the needle and then [ __ ] challenge because he's doing just fine like


they're holding the torch yeah that's good stuff


all right so uh a few experience uh so Fuchs pursues this shadow guy that has


run past his room in the dark um have you seen some more movies man yeah that was that was a good uh jump scare I


don't think it was a jump scare but that was a really creepy moment when that shadow passes yeah sure now I would call


it a jump scare yeah I don't it didn't get me enough to make me jump but it's right that's the same idea it was a solid yeah so what the [ __ ] was that


solidly and then he calls and hey who's there and no answer right outside


a jacket or something that has mccreedy's name on it is found again I think a misdirect another red herring


McCree is the thing the whole damn time from that moment on could be see what they tested they do


test the bloodline you're right they tested go ahead Fuchs is missing gnawls and McCready


outside Palmer doesn't want to go this is when they are trying to pick teams to go outside and stay inside all right


going Palmer doesn't want to go I don't want to go ahead I don't want to go with you who said I want to go with you right not all this [ __ ]


uh Windows goes with mac and nals Nora stays with Cooper Gary and Clark Palmer


and child's look inside so you know they're staying in Garden to place so Mac windows and Nas go to check on


Blair ask about Fuchs Blair is saying Fuchs ain't the guy fukes ain't the guy I think it's funny they look on him and


they check on Blair open the door and there's a news scenario


and so has he has Blair been infected at this point like that's the well there's at some point he has but I don't know


when and that's the thing it was the pencil remember it could have it very well could have been your man and a slow acting


maybe well I mean you could be infected but you're not gonna infect others or freak out until you're


in proximity and can yeah you know because that dog obviously was normal for a long time that's true yeah it only


started doing going that way when the other dog started growing it right yeah yeah and it could infect them or whatever yeah


Blair is convinced it ain't Fuchs I don't want to stay out here anymore I wrote you want to come inside and make


make you guys some oatmeal yeah he's pretty insistent about wanting to go back inside and so I have it is he


already infected at this point I wasn't sure but he's very insistent about wanting to come back inside and he's infected like a [ __ ] yeah I


think I think I like how they just close the door on them yeah


they find few if they find Fuchs classes so now


I think this is the second so I'm putting this down because he's all burned up yeah don't just find his glass but they find a burned up body or


whatever and it's just Fuchs and recruiting funds glasses goes yeah it was yes why would he burned himself maybe he did it in an accident yeah


maybe he burned himself so we couldn't get him yeah Windows is sent back to tell the others that they found Fuchs


mackinawls need to investigate Max shed the lights are on because you know when I was there I had the lights off now


they're on it was a good reveal I like it because he's already looking talking blah blah and then well why do you want to do that because when I earlier I was


you know and then the camera turns over and yeah wants to it that's good yes so now Northern and Mac are out there uh


we we cut to Charles child's keeping guard um it's about 45 minutes later they say


and and nalls comes in and he has cut the rope on McCready and left him out


there he is convinced yeah Nas is convinced that Mack is the guy now there's some broken glass he found the


McCready thing that yeah he's found it stuffed in the I think Fuchs found it earlier didn't he


yep and and now Fuchs so Fuchs must have put it in there yeah because I guess knowledge found it now yeah yeah because


he's been coming about yeah I don't think he saw me take it or whatever yeah this is also the they hear broken glass


Mack is still alive and he's breaking into the supply room and they bust down the door we're gonna kill him we're


gonna kill this is all fun and games too I think so yes I don't have yes yeah I thought maybe well this is this is where


I wanted to see how you're coming out on this because yeah I I I I think yeah I


was thinking maybe false defeat because he got locked outside and all that stuff yeah um but it could also be a


a false Victory when they do the blood test and they narrow down who it is yeah he gets them and he proves to everyone


else that he's not the not the thing right that's like my favorite one of my probably my favorite scene in the whole movie is the blood test oh yeah yeah


North comes back near Frozen found Max garment cut him loose all of the detailing uh mccready's beard like he's


he looks like he was stuck outside oh yeah no it's frozen and it is he does a good deal with his hand later on yeah


like he's trying to flex it and his beard it's like I think from this point on his beard spin like the rest of movies covered nice the rest of the


movie they're going to kill him Mack that McCready is armed himself with dynamite and uh yep good ideas


yeah yeah no he's he is they are at each other's throats at this point


Norris goes down for the count and Cooper is let loose to work on Norris it does not go well so at this point Norris


and Cooper are the next two to go you know completely forgot about that I


don't know why but completely forgot when he's doing the CPR yeah he's like oh [ __ ] I forgot about that completely


I don't know why because that's the same thing with the head later on off the if it's his body where the head drops off the table and I remember that but I


didn't remember okay I have a confession yeah that's that's when I fell asleep right before that happened and woke up


and they're screaming and I'm like what the hell yeah I called yeah Norris is being burned but not before the walking


head there's a there's a fun thing and the chest compression scene uh when


they're making the movie they used a double amputee for the special effects like they used a body double those


double amputee that missed that was missing his arms no really yeah so that's who you see was like with no arms


oh my God that's cool that's great so like practical effects yeah they didn't back to that that's that's is awesome


yeah no it totally worked nice they torch him yeah talks about Windows and Palmer told


me not to to tie everybody and test them Matt kills Clark when he tries to attack so Clark actually gets killed without


ever being infected child says I guess that makes you a murderer or whatever but that doesn't bother McCready nope


right the shots there of him grabbing the the knife off the yes uh X-Acto blade or


whatever off the yeah scalpel thank you yeah scalpel couldn't get it out yeah I couldn't say the right thing scalpel but


it's like very much reminded me of like I was like oh Carpenter's doing his Halloween tricks yeah just the the framing and the scene in the foreground


and yeah it was well done yeah this blood test Mac and windows are


doing the testing all right so uh I wrote down who was clean and who wasn't so


Windows Mac Cooper Clark nulls Charles and Gary all come up clean Palmer is the


next one on the list he his blood tests positive and he becomes the thing uh the


flamethrower malfunction uh again this this uh meant to keep you uh on the edge right


you know the tension nose came clean before Palmer uh


because they're all tied up on the chair right yeah the the yes uh Gary and Childs are losing their [ __ ] so I guess


Gary and child's are still tied up you know okay that's right all right because they do the he does the same trick


several times and it it cracked me up the uh and I thought it was nulls and then with with uh with Childs


um they're sitting there they're tied up yeah and he you know has the end of the flamethrower and he puts the thing and he Heats it up and he tests their blood


in there take a side relief and then immediate cut to them with the flamethrower doing


it to the next guy yeah and I swear he did with nulls and I know he does it with Childs later on because they're because they're pissed off like when


you're in the chair tied up [ __ ] you man but they're all pissed off but then like immediately like a change of like uh


your mind frame of you know now I've got the plane throw away I'm ready to [ __ ] roast Church whenever you're


ready I don't want to sit in this [ __ ] chair yeah yes gentlemen I know you've uh been through


a lot today and when you get a chance you might untie me because I don't want to spend the rest of my life in this


[ __ ] crack my crack me open he said that's good stuff I forgot about that anyway I


felt that in my soul I was like I would say it exactly like that no look the window or you would say we're gonna do


this to work cause I'm ready for my pop tart I I know I'm not the thing man I'm hungry yeah well McCree said now I'm


going to show you what I already know you know and earlier uh he says one of


you things like when he's talking to the rest of them yeah one of you things is gonna fight


you know or whatever nice um well Windows uh does not survive so I


watched that he doesn't make it yeah Palmer is bit yes yes uh the his speech


though like when he's you know explaining the the blood and how it works and you know one of new things whatever McCurdy speech I watched that


scene several times um because I was trying to keep track and


um of like the the whole eye shine thing right and so I was trying to look at that and because in that scene I was


like all right there's any weight to this Theory this scene has gotta gotta prove it because it the camera stops on


each guy because he makes that speech and I'm looking an awesome couple don't even asked like all right hey I know


you're not you're half watching this thing but look at their eyes are their eyes all shining because I feel like everybody's eyes were shining but mccready's even


though he tested out at that point right um but then I looked it up after and like it's it's [ __ ] nothing to it at


least Carpenter didn't say yep and I did that you know yeah okay I I wasn't familiar with that theory oh yeah but


the eye shine thing like yeah like if your eyes shine or don't shine your ease of the thing or not the thing or whatever I think I think that's a


coincidental thing oh it's just the way they shot it yeah yeah because the dog's eyes are shining underneath the on this


table earlier like that's what reminded me I was like oh yeah that is a like a theory thing and so I started trying to keep track of it but anyhow all right


Palmer is torched and falls in the snow Windows is burned so now here's where I have and again you


you'll see how and then you can tell me how you structured this


so I had this as a midpoint false Victory they think they have eliminated the threat when they do this blood test and Palmer and windows are done


everybody is tested clean they think that it's over except for Blair right


but because they're going to go later to test Blair and he's not there whatever but this is at an hour and 26 minutes


and I'm pointing this as the false Victory okay so they think they've got it now they're going to go test player


who they know is locked up but this is an hour and 26 minutes which I which is way late it's not a midpoint


at all as far as time yeah but at the the first the break into two was late then it's gonna push everything back


right so uh and and yes we'll get through this and then we can talk about


whether you agree or how you structured it or whatever so then of course naturally then we're


going to move into the bad guys close in right yep uh they're going out to give Blair the test Blair is missing uh a


tunnel is discovered he's been busy and there's a ship of some kind underneath the the base uh child's is spotted


moving outside by null someone got outside and blew the generator later not child will say that he thought


he saw was it Blair I guess yeah uh again I missed records there goes Giles


off into the dark alone spotted by uh North uh All Is Lost if I had a false victory


at the midpoint obviously this has to be a false defeat so I have this as with no power they are


in danger of freezing to death uh the decisions made to warm things up and then McCready says we're not getting out


of here alive uh this is so I picked that as sort of an olive All Is Lost


false defeat they blow up the ship and then they start burning the whole camp


which obviously is going to be so the the ship was put together by the Blair


by Blair from that of spare parts yeah from the parts they say from the parts from the helicopter and the snow cat I


guess that he destroyed and if he's the alien he's gonna have that to me like proves it like he's the alien yeah yeah


even though he's a smart guy like well at that point at that point yeah at that point but he was building ship to get


the hell out of there because yes I guess that's what Greek guy may get me or is he doesn't like I don't know right that I thought of was weed the alien


ship that the Norwegians found yeah this thing that's now loose in the camp we


don't know if that thing got into the aliens and now the aliens


crash landed here and now that thing had infected Norwegians and that thing infected Americans like the thing alien


we don't know the thing alien was flying the alien right crash yeah it could be like a xenomorph just yeah yeah the


aliens could have crashed here infected infected yeah okay anything with that I didn't either but that's good I like that because I that even


explains like maybe where the wind was like crawling out and like yeah diet or froze in the snow right yes yes yeah and


and this alien that takes over and imitates doesn't seem technologically advanced


like the aliens that built this ship right but would have the knowledge of everybody they've assimilated at that


point I think sure that would make sense yeah because that was what I was thinking it's like if it's just a


shape-shifting alien yeah I don't know how to build a cell phone I sure as hell don't know how to build a car yeah not


every alien's gonna know how to build a ship yeah so where does that knowledge come from but it could be an assimilated


yeah yeah yeah I like that yeah I guess I didn't think of that but I like the idea that the aliens who crashed here


weren't the thing aliens they were infected by the thing because because at some point one character says it could


have affected millions of Worlds and and this you know yeah now I'm just thinking about because you


had said that the you know I don't know how to build a cell phone like if the alien takes over you like it I didn't think about like it takes over your


knowledge too right so like when they're doing the blood test and the the office is the aliens Palmer at that point


sitting there right like the aliens was in there I knew is a [ __ ] mistake take over this dumb [ __ ] man I shouldn't


have gotten this guy's [ __ ] yeah you know what I mean nothing here was the things I mean I know we don't know what


its intentions were but say that that dog got out infected one of them at a


time in Secret locations then what like would they all live in harmony because it seemed like when one


of them was infected they were all at each other but from what I'm gathering from this there were several people


infected at the same time and were they still bickering at each other yeah I don't know so like would they become a


symbiotic unit when everybody yeah maybe yeah they would become more because I


think the goal of this thing is spreading yeah to spread so they would


have tried to get back to civilized world you know yeah just write it out to you know somebody goes on that ship and


goes home or if you're the thing you get on the ship and you go home or whatever yeah not the ship with the the helicopter yes and and because McCready


says it wants to freeze now uh yeah because it doesn't have way off so I'm just going to wait yeah wait for the


rescue team so what was the deal with the ship well I think Blair was going to try to Blair alien thing was going to try to


get back to civilization civilization okay not go back to the stars but go no no I think yeah I think he was going to


try to okay because I thought it was like trying to go back home yeah no I think I think he has Knowledge from the


aliens he infected that crashed on Earth okay as you know have assimilated but I think he was


trying to get to a populated area makes sense uh yeah because a helicopter would


surely not go all the way back to civilization and the helicopter may go back to the Airfield or something yeah right that they all use Norwegians


Americans whoever else is down there as an Airfield but well well Blair destroyed the helicopter before he was


there sure yeah so he needs something a little a little bit more power yeah so he's the alien is trying to rebuild


something something yeah so now the aliens custom Blair you know yeah as he's building the yeah


that's right could I use that dummy yeah yeah so now they're burning the whole camp


now I say we move into the Dark Night of the soul the generator room macnall's Gary


the generator is gone can it be repaired no it's missing right Gary says uh who


is left at this point so the ones we have alive confirmed are Gary mcnall's child's is missing and Blair is


somewhere uh Childs is missing Gary Mack and nalls are in the generator room Blair is definitely now the thing and he


takes out Gary so Gary bites it it's like one of the I think it's the first time we see that right


the first time we see the alien actually in fact yeah yeah like as a human like take out another human or whatever yes


yes everything else has been well I guess when he was dead or whatever he


takes the guy's hands yeah yeah I guess so but actually I guess copying like that was just seemed like there was just killing like that was just a survival


type thing to me when he's when he's in inside the guy that had heart attack or whatever yeah yeah and he's you know


takes a guy's hands like he seemed like the thing was just trying to survive at that point where this seemed like I guess to clarify first time we see like


the the imitation take over right yeah yeah uh because he does this weird thing puts


his hand in his mouth inside his cheeks like yeah then he drags him away null sees him being dragged away Frosty scary


being dragged away and goes to investigate alone he died a stupidity there uh Max


discovers he is alone how's it going down there yeah and then nothing nothing the thing then bust up through the floor


matt confronts yeah real big Olsen yeah real big yeah yeah it confronts the


thing seemingly blows it up destroying the last of the shelter of the camp I have with a with a [ __ ] utility runs


into the third act right and and so you're gonna see that the break in the three is at an hour and 38 with note and


so this is this is short third act yeah with no team together and no Castle to


storm we get a high tower surprise with the emergence of childs who got lost in the storm after going after Blair so he


says they wait for a little while to see what happens so what I'm saying is essentially the movie ends on The Dark


Night of the Soul beat I don't think there is a third I think Carpenter leaves us at


the point where the hero would have dug deep down and conquered the thing and saved the day and everything escape to


safety escape to safety and save the world but Carpenter I think lops that off and says nope we're going to end


this on The Dark Night of the Soul beat going out with uh this idea of uh we


don't know let's just see what happens you know maybe we shouldn't make it you know this kind of thing because if one of them is the alien they're gonna


freeze and when the rescue team comes nope that alien is going to infect and so I think Carson how does he storm the


castle if this is the bridge you know the breaking the three is about to happen what is what does he do to well what would be yeah well what would be


the break into three at this point because I say there's nobody left so he's got no team and he's burned down


the castle right there's I mean this is why I'm saying I don't think the third Act is there yeah now whether you want


to take some of those events earlier yeah I feel like burning down The Castle is the storm ring of the castle okay well see that's what I'm wondering and I


looked at it that way but as I looked at it because this breaking three is We're Not Gonna nobody's gonna survive like he


knows that and that's his plan so then he's going on about it differently that's why he's at peace at the end to


me about right let's just wait and see so if you like that's to me I was


comfortable structuring it this way but if you have a full third act you're gonna have to back up and find a place


where you know they have a mid I think there's a midpoint I think anyway the way I've


structured but you're gonna have to sort of push everything that I have you got to push it up farther to get a full


third act yeah um either way it ends strangely like


there's no put some videos on purpose for sure yes I don't know if child's is yeah it shows the thing is mccree's a


thing neither one is neither one of them the thing yeah yeah but they're but they're mistressed and they're paranoia


like it won't allow them to well yeah and at this point they are going to die


they've burned down every structure and at night it gets to what they said it's gonna be 100 below soon they're not


going to see Mourning at that point you know uh they probably won't see the next 20 minutes that's what I'm saying


they'll fall right to sleep and that'll be it which is you know freezing to this you I've heard you actually get warm before you die like if you're warm it


means you're you're done hypothermia and all that you know you feel warm you're not warm but uh freezing to death


well that's why the right way to go but it's he has the what is that Scotch that is he's got the scotch so that's one of


the theories out there is he was making Molotov cocktails there was gasoline in those bottles oh his child just take


this takes a sip yeah and McCready laughs he smiles when Charles takes a sip so there's this theory that he knows


that's confirmation oh you're the [ __ ] alien because you're drinking it if you don't know any better you're drinking like it's normal and that's


[ __ ] gasoline in there yeah like but there's not a whole lot to back it up no yeah when the cocktails later on but at


that point wouldn't you kill Childs because if he freezes to death and then they because if they they're gonna the


rescue team is gonna take those bodies back yeah but I guess he's like uh I mean yes I mean I guess if you want to


if to your point if uh Carpenter wanted to play it out and show all that but he also says let's wait and see what


happens like maybe he's waiting for the right moment I don't know and again you have to bind to this Theory which there's not a lot to back up I just


thought about at the beginning it's it is a nice if it's true it's a nice um to me uh for the closing image with


the opening the opening of him pouring the stuff the scotch or whatever into the computer you cheating [ __ ] yeah well now he's cheating in a way boy he's


pouring the alcohol into somebody he if it's the same I don't know I don't know that I've had that theory but it's


interesting the only thing that I guess it would be a con to that theory would be those two are alone now there's no


need for the the thing the charade yeah hiding itself it would be attacking the


last survivor so I think they're both just human yeah I I that's true yeah yeah but but what do you think about


that James yeah but they have destroyed their shelter uh and there is I think those are gonna survive yeah yeah so I think I think yes


but the thing just tries to attack McCready who has survived up to this point right a child is the thing and he


just and to your point of view no point in hiding why risk attacking McCready and possibly


injuring yourself and recruiting the best of you now you're now you're injured as opposed to it knows I can just wait it out too because if I Will


Survive the the cold and you won't yeah yeah you know maybe maybe it is a point maybe waiting I don't know maybe I think


that's one of the cool things about the ending and the way it ends like it'd be nice to have it wrapped up in a boat it's well not this conversation is kind


of cool yes uh I think there's also a theory out there I think somebody debunked it well you can see mccready's


breath but you can't see Childs as well but I think it's just curse is maybe breathing heavier than yeah I don't


David Keith yeah but it was interesting yeah yeah so like the ending is enough


they were sprung all these theories that people were thinking about it right right and they're interested they want to know yeah they keep it ambiguous and


I think he does end it on a dark The Dark Knight yeah it's not a


happy note for sure yeah unless there's gasoline in there and he knows right cheating [ __ ] just for fun I


wrote down the order in which they were killed yeah were you able to track it I started to and I was like Africa [ __ ] it


yeah so Kill Order uh George is first Fuchs then Norris then Cooper copper


then Clark Palmer Blair uh Gary and nauls uh Mack and Charles I put down as


being frozen to death well those were all people that were infected yes so so uh well let's see uh Clark was was shot


and killed by McCready so he actually said you gotta add the two Norwegians on there then well yeah this was the The


Kill Order for yeah for for whatever first right right uh for yeah they're following the


disease they killed themselves in the movie if you're you know can speak Norwegian right right yeah so they're 11


11 people and that's the order Mac and child's I'm having this frozen to death not so nobody makes it out in the alien


maybe might make it out which is a great way to end it on a scary movie is yes


see you next time kids yeah is it did the uh I tend to think that they did


destroy the alien and that these two guys are gonna die Frozen in the snow as humans and that would explain why the


thing was so big right there at the end like it was bigger than we've ever seen before or whatever maybe that was it like you know


it could be the thing got really big when the bus I'm reading at the floor like it was the


the physical size of it was much bigger than we'd seen previously so maybe like your theory about it they had killed it


and Childs and recruiting are both human at the end yeah that's why it was so big because that was it that was the big


badge yeah I did Wilford Brimley I keep forgetting his character's name he


disappears and comes back as the big monster right we never see him either change or what


happens the last time we see him is he's dragging gnaws off right no uh he's running around yeah he's dragging Gary


off what happens it's cool yeah we don't actually see nulls goes to investigate and that's it


so the they're burning the place down yes and they're burning the place down but we have to assume that if Nas went


off to investigate he did not come back yeah it's just weird though like because we see the first time we see the


imitation transfer you know the he's yeah but then they don't do anything with it because next time we see it it's


this big alien thing busting to the floor yeah he drags Gary off yeah we see that but then the next time we see the


thing it's now this creature thing again busting through the floor and it's kind of weird yeah I don't know it was like


to take all those guys and was trying to transform and couldn't decide who I wanted I'm thinking like is it when it busts through you see the faces of some


of the people in right yeah you see the dog and the faces of like T2


yeah yes so uh yeah yeah now I they may have done this and I just


didn't catch it um did they test um what is his name blood the one that was out there by


himself they never did because he was gone when they get them get to his he's


on the door's open when he's gone oh that's when they were going to test it yes oh okay yeah we're gonna give dot


the test or whatever the test yeah I'm gonna talk but yeah yeah Wilford Brimley was 58 years old in


this movie Philip damn he's all right this does some pretty physical stuff in this movie like he's he was 58 then yeah


wait no I think yeah it was 58 because he was born in 36.


oh so damn yeah uh fun fact I followed he's doing some [ __ ] and like die or Die


Hard a hard target I I found uh 16 years old on Twitter there's a page that's


called the Wilford Brimley cocoon line it's so many days like 18 000 days


you've passed the Wilford Brimley the age Wilford Brimley was at the filming of June Paul Rudd has passed that Tom


Cruise obviously is past that like people that you're like oh my God Wilford Brimley you think of him as this


old man he's been old forever yeah he's never not been old as far as I I don't


think I've ever seen him young in anything that's crazy well just fun facts yeah no because they're supposed


to be old and decrepit and you know speaking of but so many people are older than that I just saw something that said


all the people who played in Friends are now older than


um Blanche was when she started in the Golden Girls Jared Leto is uh he passed the Brimley


[ __ ] line uh five days ago good God yeah 18 530 days old


that's the Wilford Brimley cocoon line on Twitter it's an awesome one it does celebrities and people have noticed like


this person is as old as Wilford Brimley yeah because they pulled a picture of Wilford Brimley like damn he's old


looking anyway that was a tangent no no I just


love seeing these now so Archie Bunker and um Edith they were like in their 40s right


when they were on what was it I think I think Homer Simpson is 33 or 38


something like that wow yeah he seems older I don't know why yeah


it's just getting old man yeah yeah no I have to have to watch myself now like we'll be


watching something and I don't know what it was or something I think it was you know someone's supposed to be like you know college


kids or something and you know watching a TV show or something supposed to be the college kids but it was like an


older guy playing one of the college kids and or something and I remember my comment was like that dude's like a 40 year old man oh [ __ ] yeah hey man


you know what's what what did what did Sherry post the other day something about your Senior Citizens Discount yeah


they asked us if we nice yeah and she said for 60 and I'm like um no


and I'll I'll take a discount anytime yeah whatever if you look at Wilford Brimley


I think he was getting a senior discount in his 20s yeah that's nuts yeah I still I still muscle man he was 58 in this


because yeah he's that guy that seen Gold forever yeah forever 85 you know when you're a kid and


teenager 58 is old you know and then when you get to 30 you realize oh 40's


not that old sure 40 yo 50 60 is not old all right anyway


yeah so the the uh the thing man I I think it's a good movie I think it's a fun movie yeah yeah I like to you know


after so if you do the recommend yeah I I definitely recommend it I've enjoyed


it every time I've seen it yeah tremendously I like the character like anything with Kurt Russell but yeah I definitely recommend


the thing for a fun uh fun scare movie you know I'd recommend it uh and this is


one of the top ones I'd say if somebody was starting with John Carpenter stuff this is a solid one to go with


absolutely so yeah definitely go for it yep yeah I'm saying uh yeah same recommend


yeah okay here I go yes here Echo here I go


yeah no I'd um that's the pass for me I um we watched it on Blu-ray mistake nice


and clear yeah I felt well I fell asleep until the screaming


and then uh I'm not kidding you some of that made me nauseous yeah that


was very risk yeah what special effects so you woke up about the same time that the character


in the show was saying you've got to be [ __ ] kidding me like that was Sherry that's what you said when you woke up


you saw that yeah I made I made a list of of titles that it should have been nice because I've looked it up it's


based on a story called who goes there and I thought the thing I guess it's better than that but no I would have


been saying WTF WTH I mean I made a oh hell no


um and I was like well nope's taken so it would have to be nasty or something like that because I was like no no no or


yuck but anyway and that should be a thing like from going forward like you I


don't know if it always has to be you but like somebody and then sure things you can do it but like alternate titles like I'd really like that idea like that


should be a thing every going forward every time no yeah you want to put an addendum to The


Shining Phil one of the things that could have been called


and then the other thing I have to address is the Hat because you talk about something that takes you away from


the story uh she could not get over the Hat McQueen showed his hat I sat there and I went what the heck is he wearing


and I just totally didn't pay attention to the story for a long time looking at it like the Hat a lot oh no I think it's


weird um and then Antarctica hat well here too and I was in there and it disappears


yeah well I I looked up maybe maybe the alien took it the hat is the thing you


know I looked up information about the Hat trying to figure it out and found that video of Adam uh Savage from


MythBusters recreating it and his wife apparently feels the same way I do because she's like you're not wearing


that in public are you I mean I just I just couldn't get past the hat for a while I think it's mccready's way


of saying and [ __ ] you too you know put this hat on say something about my hat you know right well it covers his whole


body right I think McCready wears it probably as a finger in the eye of people who have to look at it you know


maybe yeah probably uh he's not gonna do things that are


gonna be people Pleasers like he's I don't think I don't see him as a humanitarian you know right and I think


it was a whole group of the same like people down there in Antarctica like they were just all there down there for


selfish reasons and yeah they're all don't want to deal with each other yeah yeah Palmer and Charles and they'll


drink and fly helicopters they're probably paying them a lot of money yeah he's gonna take his crazy hat and all


his alcohol right yeah but it it would I mean some of it I enjoyed but for the


majority know I'd have to pass on that I just and it's pretty graphic


they're the graphic warning if you're not used to it like it's yeah I could take the like the wet goo monster stuff


but like the the spider legs out of the head and that that's where I got a little rough for me you gotta be [ __ ]


kidding me yeah I do not like that and it was you feel as frustrated as Kurt


Russell with his flamethrower the you're like shut up all right absolutely uh very well done


as far as the creep factor and like just get kill it kill it you know


anyway all right well it's a good one good one all right


anything else all right that is the thing


we are out here Echo here I go oh yeah


damn it I'd rather eat a grenade than have a monster no absolutely


I'm good now I want to come out I really want to come back in there you know


friends God happens all the time they're dropping out of the Skies they control South America


uh Blair doesn't know who to trust Mac tells him trust in the Lord now now I've got the planes that are


away I'm ready to [ __ ] roast you we watched it on Blu-ray a mistake nice and


clear I felt well I fell asleep until the screaming


you feel as frustrated as Kurt Russell with his flamethrower though you're like


shoot at all right absolutely

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