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3rd Aug 2022


The Fellowship Of The Reel reviews: THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT



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greetings reelers my name is phillip and together with my wife sherry and two of our friends chris and james we're


fellowship of the real four people who love talking about movies almost as much as we do watching


them we hope you will join us as we dig deep into cinematic masterpieces and some


that are well maybe not you have an opportunity to be the fifth host of our little show click the link


in the show notes and leave us a voice message telling us what movie you would like us to review


you can also reach out on our facebook page fellowship of the real from all of us at fellowship of the real


thanks for listening okay on with the show


are you recording this studying a movie in the mechanical level


i think can really bring some revelation i believe that no one sets up to make a


bad movie with the exception of on paper this should work


i just don't like it that's your own fault if you haven't seen it


way over budget start cutting scenes even the actors don't know what that


movie is about [ __ ] i wish i wrote that


which i love the title with that movie's trash well it's over man it's good for you


this pics was uh sheri's long kiss good night sure you got your


yes let me read the synopsis synopsis okay school teacher and single mother


samantha crane played by gina davis lives an average suburban life until she


begins having strange memories of unexplained violence and discovers that she has physical skills that she never


imagined hiring private detective mitch hennessey played by samuel l jackson


to probe into her past samantha discovers that she's a well-trained government assassin who went missing


after suffering a bout of amnesia and that her former handlers want her back


in their employee yeah again that's a more of a synopsis which is better than the blurb i found


which you know tends to be surface level at best or whatever maybe we should just start writing our own yeah we couldn't


do worse than some of these blurbs or whatever but that's pretty good i say that like i actually do homework i just watch the movies three


four times and come in here and go off the top of my head no that's cool so going forward james will


be writing the blurbs awesome yeah okay yes i picked this one and i wanted


to say i did not watch this one in the theater when it came out which was what was it 96 86


um however i do remember seeing the trailer especially when they're jumping out of the window shooting the ground


yeah and i i do remember that but um i think we rented it on vhs


yeah and saw it vhs what is that yeah that's how long ago


but ever since i watched it it's been one of my favorites it's my favorite to or one of the most you know if if you're


wanting to see an action movie i will recommend it to people who've i've never seen it and


i've already said my recommend at the beginning right no no well well you picked it we kind of think yeah yeah sure well


we all have movies that are our favorites for whatever reason and you all say what you want okay just like


in the aliens view when i started treading into dangerous water by you know saying some things that maybe


weren't ultimately positive chris was clamping that [ __ ] down fast sharing it jerry loves this movie okay


i like it but she loves it i i honestly think it's one of shane black's the writer shane black i think it's one of


his okay my favorite of his yeah i'll say that i don't i won't say it's one of his best i think there are better but it's


one of my favorite of his well that's interesting that you can separate the two you think there's you


think he's written better movies but you like this one more that's i guess for me i think i would have a hard time doing


that in it's a more in our unbreakable episode i remember talking about sam


jackson just not scratching my itch when it comes into does this look like a comic book store [ __ ] right you


know that's what you should say this movie he hits it sure every he's scr


yes he's great yeah it's great well yeah you did you find some trivia about jackson what he said about this this


role or whatever do you no maybe maybe i found it or whatever i thought you had found it anyway in interviews sam


jackson has gone on record as saying that of all his roles mitch is his favorite which really yeah


which kind of blew my mind that he would have picked that some of the lines in this movie you know i just smoked a pack of


newport and drank three vodkas yeah i'm a more interested yeah no uh yeah these are shane black


writing for sam jackson man well good other reviewers uh


critics have called this one of shane black's you know weaker outings


i and i and i tend to agree that of shane black's projects i think this is one of his weaker ones that being


said i will take a shane black week project over a strong project by other people almost all the time shane black


is one of my favorite writers i think obviously of lethal weapon fame but yeah


he it maybe is his weakest project but a weak shane black project is still a


shane black project uh he he wrote a movie that still breaks my heart that didn't take off better was it nice guys nice


guys yes guys absolutely that critics loved i absolutely loved but it didn't do great and so there's not going to be


a nice guys too but that that movie he does buddy movies that's his


bread and butter and i think he he does pretty good job here with charlie baltimore and mitch uh henderson


hennessey yeah yeah the shane black i guess i kind of go into it and everybody's not a shame black nerd as


maybe we are so to kind of give you an idea of his other movies lethal weapon was his first one written by monster


squad which is we might have to review monster squad eventually yeah i love monster squad oh


absolutely last boy scout man has nards last action hero like this goodnight obviously and then uh robert downey jr's


before iron man came out kiss kiss bang bang i love this big one which kiss kiss bang bang and the nice guys


i would watch those back back they're totally enjoyable absolutely the same vein


so shane black awesome writer awesome writer and then obviously in predator he was


what character was hawkins hawkins hawkins so you know he's been in the business since the 80s he's just a good


action writer he also wrote iron man 3. like yeah some people don't you know i guess more the the comics i guess it


played you know loosely with i guess defining what the uh mandarin is yeah


but but as far as a movie and particularly a shane black movie that's that's very very good again i guess you


guys talked about samuel jackson reading shane black's lines robert downey jr delivering shane black's lines yeah


and then you know kind of also an easter egg and not so it's very apparent most of his stuff takes place in christmas


yep yeah it's excellent christmas movies yeah i know when when we were talking about lethal weapon i'm like wait a minute


this is a christmas too yeah five of his movies start off with christmas and this one nice guys iron man three kiss kiss


bang bang let the weapon long kiss goodnight all those are around christmas yeah we


did forget to mention the box office but uh it made its money like it had a um


a budget of i don't know if i wrote like 65 million but 65 million yeah yeah that's the big


[ __ ] letters right there i couldn't see the paper i just remember for the listeners out there a little


peek behind the curtain phillip has printed yeah we don't print the internet right yeah well i have


everything pulled up on my device pulled up on his device yeah i printed last week to to be fair i printed last


night this week i'm going with the you know yeah i'm writing everything device


yeah yeah but you know all my notes were written by hand though pen and paper you never have to recharge a pen and


paper you never have to have sell signal i will give you that 65 million budget now now we talked


about this right because we reviewed aliens we've had a 18 and a half yeah now several years


previous but i don't know if 18 million translates into a decade yeah so i don't know if 18 million in 86 translates to


65 and 96 but aliens 18 million kiss kiss bang bang here a more traditional


action movie 65 million a long kiss good night yes yeah we just talked about that kiss something anyway


domestic 33 million international 56 for a you know a win of 89 million against


65 million but that is not enough apparently to get people excited in the


in the studios to make a sequel or i i had a kind of a thought i don't know where i got this idea from but usually


the budget for the movie and the marketing budget are two different things and usually the marketing budget


is just as much as the movie filming budget so i imagine it's 65 estimated budget for the movie


maybe add 65 for marketing which i don't according to sam jackson they didn't market this movie correctly yeah that's


why it was a miss so imagine producers were probably all in 100 120 million


yeah maybe and this made 89 so maybe not in financial sense to make another one right so the numbers are always a little


misleading but that might be why there wasn't a sequel yeah sherry had said something about 80


of people loved it that that may be true the scores on tomato are 68


uh critics and 70 fans which which is still pretty good where did you get your 80 percent


cherry uh yeah did i you just pulled ten friends and eight of them liked it or right four out of five dentists maybe


did i say that earlier i didn't mean to put you on the spot i just i was curious what the the eight percent on rotten tomatoes and it


was on voodoo 4.4 out of five okay all right well and then 6.8 out of ten on i am


yeah so i don't know it's still pretty good numbers you know two-thirds to three-fourths of the people critics and


fans like it and i think it's a solid movie uh and we'll get into you know some of the


things but shane black he has this as a problem


because he doesn't write bad stuff nice guys top to bottom is a great movie but it


didn't land and so we're not going to get any more of those guys it's interesting like so one of the


things i found when shane black wrote lethal weapon he received a record of like a like a


million dollars for that at the time i guess was a record or a first-time screenwriter or whatever


right he was paid seven million for a long kiss good night and set another record


with being paid for a script i think he got a lot for last boy scout too i was i had five in my head i don't know if


that's right i'd have to look that up but maybe it was three four or five but definitely his his worth and paychecks are going up you


know according to the sources that i read shane black did make a big payday for long kiss goodnight but


as far as his writer's circle the circle in hollywood they looked at him as a sellout so he didn't make another big


movie after this one until kiss kiss bang bang i believe because it was you know you're making


big money you're selling out which was 7 million back then no writers were making that kind of


money so that's why he took a little break after this when he wasn't super successful for whatever reason maybe who


knows hollywood's a weird game yeah but i mean as soon as i saw nice guys i went out


and bought it on blu-ray as soon as it came out right i think it's a great character didn't we see that in the theater together


together it wasn't my brother yelled it oh yes yeah and your brother was that guy yeah my brother it was a girl it was


a girl yeah it was a teenager she was on her phone or something right on her cell phone and my brother reached across in his cop voice can you put that away please


yeah she got up and left well you know they tell you right at the beginning right yeah he was not messing around yeah no


i'm with you i love nice guys that's one of my favorite movies yeah i thought i i think that could have


one of the famous lines i don't know if it's famous i will use this line every chance i get


somebody asked ryan gosling i can't remember his name right now but uh you know how you doing and he goes about


this good all the time and i just love that you know okay and i do i will say this


about nice guys because i pulled i couldn't remember who was in it it's um is that russell crowe that's what


growing ryan gosling yeah i'm not a fan of either one of those but i did enjoy that movie yeah and critics love that's


why i didn't at first want to see it when i heard y'all are going i was like yeah go uh you know i could i love it i'll watch


it later but when i saw it yes i enjoyed that movie i'm i'm always a sucker for a raymond chandler style detective story


always big lebowski yeah kiss kiss bang bang just yeah i love it shane black does it very well yes


okay so that's money critics fans we're moving now into the breakdown of this movie


he became very hot at that point so i guess people were probably throwing money at him yeah give us the next you know yeah like


you said buddy cops type stuff right yeah with an edge too it's not just like yeah yeah his stuff has an edge it's not


just a there's tons of buddy cop stuff in the 80s in the early 90s but the camera black has an edge there's a


little bit of uh i guess moral morally gray characters yes and i i think he does character


stories very well well like you were talking about in the in the previous episodes of


kind of the anti-hero they they have a little grease to them they're not exactly yeah they're not always great


people you know right yeah so uh i i think this is probably a no-brainer aliens as a monster in the house was a


no-brainer i i'm picking this as buddy love chris is that what you yeah so i actually have it as do with


the problem i thought about that i'm not 100 sold on that i could be convinced i went my instinct was buddy love and


then i was like well i think maybe this is due to the problem okay uh i


i tend to think that buddy love is shane black's wheelhouse right lethal weapon nice guy yes


as a reminder buddy love requires an incomplete hero a counterpart who helps the hero get


complete and a complication that sounds like this movie and go uh you have do with a problem pulled


up by any chance i i don't you don't uh an innocent i know it requires an innocent


and then i can't remember the other two what are some of the examples of dude with a problem die hard with a problem a


guy going along mine in his business and someone someone throws a rock in his pool uh breakdown with uh russell yeah


they're just innocent going along when something completely disrupts their life i would say long kiss goodnight would be more buddy


love in my opinion it's usually an object he'll call it a two-hander because they help each other


i think i think mitch definitely helps samantha or bill or charlie baltimore


her two personalities reconcile but mitch also starts off


in a deficit he's there's a scene with his kid uh obviously he is estranged


he's almost a hustler right because he's running scams private detective yeah yes he's a private detective but he's


he's running scams on you know guys he's slimy he's slimy yes and it's not a good


not a good husband a wife don't want anything to do with him won't even let like his son says you know i can't keep


that right when he gives him a gift so the son can't even take the gift from him right and you can tell that he's


being kept at a distance so he's got a deficit and i think by the end of the movie they've helped each other and we'll get


to that obviously well he was a cop and he was caught still yeah yeah yeah so he was a cop writing and


and well they they cut out uh a bit of it i'm kind of glad they did but uh in the


backstory of sam jackson's character he got caught stealing went to jail the thing they cut


was he was assaulted in jail oh really like raped oh and when he got out his ex-wife


didn't want to have anything to do with him due to all those circumstances really so i'm glad they cut it out because that


just muddies the whole water that that would have been a really uncomfortable dark tour exactly and with this movie


this character sam jackson playing it removing it was the yeah that might kind of explain so i always thought it was


weird in this is our we're going to change the podcast to we're going to get to this but


yeah he's being held captive right yeah and he's naked in there like and i thought that was weird yeah i thought that was weird but maybe


that explains that a little bit you know with backstory because i was like whoa what what were they doing in the sport man well look at it but it was it pulled


me out a little bit not out of the movie just the question yeah notice yeah what's going on there in the way that


the ex-wife uh interacts with him when he's there on the porch with his son


you're if you don't know that backstory you're like man that's kind of harsh shouldn't it like i just assumed she knew what a dead meat he was you know


well exactly but you're not knowing anything and then that's well it's surprising that whole sequence reminded


me very much of armageddon with the guy who was a stranger from his wife and he and he wants to see the kid and she you


know you're not supposed to come around here right and he leaves on the shuttle yeah you don't have to tell him who it's from right right yeah and at the end


they see him on the news and all of a sudden and and here we have them at the end he's on larry king


and and his family suit his suit was lovely his wife and kid are watching him on


larry king and all of a sudden like oh that's dad and may you you want to believe that i think at armageddon they


actually do reunite with him right yeah but yeah you want to believe that his family's going to come back uh and yeah yeah i think that's part of


the closing image which get to as we go but yeah yeah so i did find to go back a little bit i did find um due to the


problem uh it's just it's an innocent hero he's dragged into a mess without asking for it or even aware of how he


got involved a sudden event that thrusts our innocence into the world of hurt and it comes without warning


and then three a life or death battle is at stake and the continued existence of an individual family group or society is


in question yeah so yeah i guess that just and again i'm not sold on it but well


i think you might have mentioned it on one of the other episodes of whatever that she's far from innocent well yeah but almost any almost any movie could be


a dude with a problem yeah but some of the parameters don't always yeah


i guess i feel like samantha kane is very much innocent you know minding her own business when this stuff happens


right now granted she's got a past because of you know her amnesia but yeah with the amnesia factor it's almost like


she's two people right i mean stacy watched it with me and she made several comments about how she's like you know


almost like a split personality type thing yes like the two charlie and samantha are two completely


right which obviously that was intentional but they're completely different characters yeah so the setup


i guess the the opening image again going back to a single image is complete homemaker right the first time we see


her she is mrs homemaker misses family time in the christmas parade right yeah i had a


school teacher i had a hard time narrowing it down to just a single image because uh yeah it was very much the setup was susie


homemaker stuff right so i saw that that's her ordinary world but yeah i mean the first time we see her she's in the parade now one thing i did think was


interesting is she's pretending to be an elf right in the parade right she dressed up as a no


for whatever mrs plus i apologize mrs claus the guy in the uh in the crowd says oh


mrs claus is hot and you know flips and that flips them up but chews them away or whatever yeah all right so


sorry she's pretending to be mrs claus so she's pretending to be something she's not oh i didn't get that and then


mitch is also pretending to be something he's not first time we see him like he's a detective but he's pretending to be a


full-blown detective in these other two bombs or detectives actual bums yeah they're actual bombs


that's what i mean yeah i just thought that was interesting because in a movie about finding out who you are


that's that i like that because that fits right in there i didn't pick up on it that's very good


now obviously i don't know how you make a trailer


and hide the fact that she is this super spy right like how you don't how do you advertise the movie but hide the


fact because in the opening sequences credits you you get the idea that she is charlie


baltimore yeah i kind of didn't like that yeah i didn't lose that


you see yeah images of central intelligence and her point in guns and


so yeah it was like you're reviewing all the reveal earlier the audience knows more than


charlie does or samantha which can lead to your audience being bored yes now we're waiting for samantha to


catch ketchup so but but i i don't know how you advertise the movie without revealing


that yeah i don't know maybe others have done it and maybe i i can't think of a i'd like to


this movie came out before the bourne identity this was uh i think based off the same kind of source material spy


books and all that yeah yeah so that was part of the problem sam jackson had of


talking to the producers how are we going you guys should you guys should advertise this in the middle of the day in soap operas because


this is a action movie for women sure yeah and they didn't do that so it kind of fell on its head i think it didn't


kind of hit its stride until the born identity on where they knew how to write it express it


because i i think born identity compared to this one is a bit smoother yeah it's much and he wakes up in water like she


wakes up on a beach he wakes up in the water being risked yeah yeah that's actually an excellent point because born


identity you're along for the ride yeah you suspect something but you're learning it with him i think and it's


been a while since i've seen it but this movie reminded me of history of violence which was made after yeah that's a similar similar idea right he's because


he's not sushi homemaker but he's you know regular joe at a coffee serving coffee and stuff at a diner yeah and


then i think when the guys come in to attack it or rob it or whatever like he


defends it and so that's how his awakening happens but again i don't think they were i think you're alone for the ride i don't think they tell you


before that yeah and then there's a newer one with the guy from better call saul mr nobody or something or isn't it


a similar idea where he's a regular guy but has skills yeah maybe they don't hide it i don't know that he has amnesia or anything but


i don't know the story in the trailer you see him being badass yeah i know i'm saying like he but he


presents himself as a regular guy yeah i haven't seen it but i don't know like he's is he like retired right and


done being a badass and trying to live a normal life and then you know obviously that still works though because you're along for the ride as he has drawn back


into that correct world here you're told she's yeah it's it seems lazy to me this is as awesome as shane black is and


maybe that was a producer note who knows the other movies kind of using it as an example born identity they i think they did it


the correct way yeah like you were along for the journey like you were saying bring it back to this where you know


more than gina davis's character and you're gonna you're like okay when is she gonna catch up to me because i know


all that oh she's gonna yeah that draws me that's part of the fun you mean or draws you out of it that draws me out because i'm i know


i know she's a super spy i'm just waiting for her to figure it out all right i'm gonna go get more popcorn and go to the bathroom because she already


come on it could have been better but hey i still enjoy it no no uh yeah i i think uh once you get over that i think


the movie becomes it's really a fun movie yeah she talked about focal amnesia


i i couldn't nail down a theme uh her husband or boyfriend or whatever at


the party says or somebody says may the best of your past be the worst of your future


and maybe that's as close as i could get to uh that's what i had i actually had that same yeah yeah that's the best i


could find for me i would like to have seen more emphasis on the duality of people you know your


your domestic side versus your violent side this is the uniting of of two halves


into a whole person kind of thing but it is an action movie and so you sometimes can't ask a lot of that but i i still


think maybe that could have in terms of a theme that could have been something they might have explored or whatever


you know when this movie opens she has been so i the catalyst and all of that i thought


maybe was a little weak because she's been doing this for a while hiring detectives trying to figure out yeah but she can only remember for like


eight years she's been yeah and she because she has a i think another thing like they always say in screenwriting


rules to don't have a voiceover like they say that they frown up on that and it's lazy writing and all these different things


but i feel like shane black uses it a lot and he's one of the few guys that can do it well so he's like it felt like


he you know throws the dirt in the face of that roll to somebody what i want right well it makes up a million dollars but anyhow um


he does it well and she has a line in the voiceover about yeah i've been doing this for eight years i used to be on the expensive ones now i'm on the cheap guys


right which sets up uh sam jackson's yeah who is hiring bums and homeless people to play parts


a landlord who had rented samantha cain in apartment years ago still has some of her things a credit


card with samantha cain on it this is a clue that that gets mitch back on the case


first thing he says is call samantha we need more money to pursue this you know he wants money he calls her amnesia chick yes


yeah get amnesia chick on the phone yeah i thought we need more money so she already no she doesn't know that


she's a assassin we do so i was looking for a catalyst as to


what would spur her on to the adventure but it seems like she's been trying to get spurred on


for a while because she's been hiring people well i just i think she wants to know who she is right anyone who wakes up with amnesia i think you'd be curious


about who you were um and yeah she doesn't really have a clue that you know who you know like we talked about she


didn't know that she was a cia assassin right um so i guess for me what i had done as a catalyst initially was the car


wreck yep that's what i got because yeah she's taking a drunk neighbor home after a party and ends up getting hit in a


deer he gets in a wreck and he dies and she's thrown from the vehicle and then i guess starts to have flashes of you know


of her previous violent life um but even then like so is it like a double bump cause


later on the the one-eyed jack guy or whatever sees her on the tv in the prison escapes comes to her house and


attacks her and so i feel like that's like a major catalyst because nothing really happens after the wreck sure she


starts cutting up carrots and oh [ __ ] hey i could have been a chef look at these cool skills um and then she's kind


of has a personality split with the daughter on the on the ice yes she breaks her arm and she's super shitty to her talking about bumps okay so double


bump i i actually wrote down with a question mark like i have down bump four


like is this a four bump yeah because all the things you mentioned the car wreck the daughter the tomato you know


or whatever all these things trying to spur her on are like bumps to get her


going and i thought there was like four of them right yeah that makes sense yeah there would be four because you got one


eye jack the tomato scene i seen the car wrecks yep yeah i think one eye jack being the strongest


i mean the car wreck could have been but like there's no scenes of i think harry even unless i don't remember right of


her at the hospital or in the husband going are you okay they just move on well there's a scene is there she's


unconscious in the in the bed and the husband no you're right yeah yeah you're right you're right but she's


not awake i don't think yeah and no funeral for poor drunk handsy neighbor yeah well yeah it's just it was kind of


weird like the like i don't know like to me to make it tighter right because i guess he needed


her to get a knock on the head to jar some of this stuff loose right yeah why not have her get her head and hit


when jack shows up to attack the the house yeah like why have a car wreck


there were bump one bump two bump three and bump four uh yeah i think three out of four


of the bumps are triggered by blood the car the knife and when one eye jack shows up


are all triggered by blood yeah someone is bleeding and she has these memories the skating


i think is just triggered by her impatience at the child being timid or whatever so i i first i thought well


blood but then bump three didn't have that but most of them are triggered by some kind of you know appearance of


blood uh there is the cool line uh chefs do that she says it playfully one time


and then when one eye jack comes along and she kills them yeah chefs do that right there was these


like scary creepy sequences of charlie coming back one time cutting her throat and then like the horror scene on the


cliff in the mirror so you know almost gothic horror yeah it was weird i didn't it was uh it


didn't match with the rest of the movie to me totally it was it seemed a little strange or whatever she can't like when


when when her daughter breaks her wrist she feels bad about it as samantha later and can't remember that she said those things


yeah right yeah again it's almost uh stacy talked about like split where you know different uh


personalities in that movie they call it taking the light yeah so they're like you're you know i guess if you can't not


aware of what the other one's doing kind of thing yeah uh that's what it seemed like whenever charlie would come out there's a good


line in there uh she's you know feels guilty about the broken arm and not realizing she's hiding in the tree house


and when the the boyfriend shows up he goes i think you're looking for a dog house this is a tree house oh yeah i


don't know i like that one right sam shows up and the two of them set off to find some answers which i'm i'm


pegging a sort of the break into two yeah that is what we're gonna do as well the there's not much of a debate no


because i guess to your point she's already yeah she's been doing this kind of debating i guess yeah like one


synopsis i read which i don't feel like i i got this from the movie at all was she goes on this adventure


to find out who she is because she's worried about bringing harm to her family you know to


her family to her daughter and to her boyfriend howe but i don't feel like the movie set that up at all unless i just missed it well she yeah because uh her


boyfriend says something like you know no matter who you are i'll love you i will love you i won't be scared you know


yeah as opposed to a good cows could have been and we always get the danger of rewriting these things but if he was


you know after that seeing her he's not unnerved by seeing her kill this dude you know throw the


daughter into the treehouse or through a hole in the house right yeah like he's you know have him unnerved by that and


and and threatened to leave or or whatever right you know until you figure this out i don't think we can be together charlie like charlie somebody


had to you know i don't know that might have been a stronger catalyst the whole reconciliat reconciliation


reconciliation of who she is like she's a fractured person and yeah yeah have cps show up take it away right


a b story i wrote down who who is leading her to change her daughter to be domestic or or others to be lethal so


she was being pulled in seemingly two different directions right like right her daughter was wanting her to be a mother to her but


then you have these others who so the daughter is the bee story well i don't i i i really


couldn't nail it down right because i think that's where i had trouble with it choosing it as buddy love because what i love it'd have to be mitch waldman later


says forget all that that's not who you are like right pulling her to be charlie you know so


she's being pulled in two different directions and she needs to reconcile so i think


if there's a theme maybe it leads that way you know like reconciling uh your light and darkness you know like


we all have a sure you know so yeah the she didn't finish the mission right these bad guys are still out there she


can't be at peace and be safe with yeah and her daughter until these bad


guys are taken care of yeah but samantha can't do that charlie has to or a blending of the two sure


i've i found it funny because and this is just an historical note this is way before you know cell phones in the internet but


like they like she calls it my portable phone yeah i mean about all these awkward phones all these awkward names


for you know right again i saw this on vhs yeah


it's old a lot of setups and the writing of the number on the cast i mean i knew as soon


as she wrote i couldn't it's been a while since i've seen it but as soon as she wrote that number like well that's going to come up later right right um


so right about 25 minutes i'm i'm taking the break into two which is about right almost almost textbook right really if


you think about it but that's what i'm picking it around the 25 minute mark well i called him sam and samantha


because sam jackson and samantha but it's yeah mitch and samantha drive into the second act so


she decides and they go off in the car and then i guess they're on the and they're going to


the apartment yeah on the way to the landlords is what i have right right to investigate the lead that he had yeah he wanted to go


with him got it yeah yeah and gets the the belongings that were left


yeah yeah because where they find the suitcase right that has clues and stuff yeah the book it has a


clue to waldman now again this is there's a lot of fun moments


which really have nothing to do with the story i guess their character they are a character so they do have something to


do but they're driving along and and mitch sees the jogger and i thought there was a really great line


you saw her tits so neat it's so neat you know it's like she's totally disparaging him and uh is your neck okay


because he runs him off the road yeah it's so neat and he was just like what are you talking about right yeah it's a


guy thing or whatever and you got her you you you got her beat from the neck up you know


right yeah i just i've really had a good time with with their their exchanges


wait wait i didn't go woo woo i broke down snappy exchanges between uh


samantha and mitch about the jogger uh you saw it it's so neat um yeah the clue in the book that leads them to waldman


there's a bit about the him getting the song wrong too which is that was yes yeah it's not uh it's not it's not the


linen not the linen yeah what about it's about moving in yeah yeah


and that's and that's good fun right and that's and that's that's shane black's bread and butter like he's gonna give


you a two-hander with just two great characters you know uh


he does that uh lethal weapon and nice guys are amazing you know how i


come to see the movie the first time i had a supervisor who asked me have you seen it i said no and all she could do


was dante and then yeah


and i found it like i enjoyed this carriage but i i just find it you know not amazing but shocking that


sam jackson liked this character the best because you know uh yeah i wouldn't have guessed that a clue in


the book waldman the dog oh yeah again great exchanges at the at


the dinner table where you could have had just a regular scene when you entered when we were meeting waldman right but here we got


this the dog licking his [ __ ] thing yeah yes been licking his ass for 30 minutes yeah


i i i propose to you that whatever whatever


yeah good stuff yeah so so you know i mean a lot of actors could deliver it but brian cox


does a great job of delivering that kind of line yes and kind of in a timeline sequence this


is brian cox's first iteration of that type of character after this movie he was hired to play that kind of guy i


didn't know that he was in uh born one neighbor yeah yeah yeah yeah oh i knew i had seen him somewhere yeah yeah yeah if


they didn't have a line in there where somebody says i remember you to brian cox they're missing out you know they messed that up with these two amnesia


movies you know nobody would get it but well now you say brian cox for some


reason albert finney looks a lot like him in my because yeah i think he plays played


similar roles at times yeah i mean he could have done it too he just i was thinking his name was albert finney but it's not yeah


okay all right samantha reaches out to waldman from the car this is the next clue they stop at the


motel writing her name talking to the daughter mitch singing his song and then he's he's talking about well you know you


start curse a lot before it was all dang all philly uh burn the dang muffins muffins or whatever and then she


discovers the gun in the secret compartment of her suitcase muscle memory allows her to assemble it charlie is closer to the


surface and then then you have that jump scare of charlie cutting samantha's samantha's throat which i i think worked


on some level where it's it's charlie killing the one identity yes coming to the surface and and wanting to kill


so for her to survive samantha has to die you know kind of thing i thought that kind of worked yeah that's one thing that


brought me out of the out of the story just a little bit was how can you transport a rifle of


that size and wait yeah you're going to notice that suitcase is heavy yeah


what's in here there's clothes in here yeah i can get one pair of socks in here why is that oh well there's this three


it's a 50 caliber and this puts mitch right out here take your money take it i'm out you know or whatever well


because she almost shoots him yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah she puts it together and then runs around and


shoots the frame shoots the door frame now this this goes to what james was saying because there is some


reference to him going because he says i'm not going back to prison when he wants to get out well they explained the backstory that he was a crooked cop and


went to jail for that they just i guess cut out all the yeah yeah but now we know why he really doesn't want


to go back to prison uh you know definitely not a day camp right because yeah i guess no one had to hire his line


earlier no one had to hire ass [ __ ] for him right the backstory i guess right and then what he says earlier i will


personally you know if there's not guys in prison they want to ask [ __ ] you i will hire an ass [ __ ]


and traditionalize you to what you're talking about james oh yeah yeah yeah yeah he's sam jackson doing his thing


he's yeah right but he's dealing with these memories because that line now means more than


just a cool line right i mean man and so i think here's where it becomes


more of a a two-hander where they're helping each other achieve because he has this line


that he i never did one thing right in my life the setup that that he's sort of at a deficit also right yeah that helps him


they're going to help each other mitch is back on the job the train station they're now going to meet waldman and you have the shootout and again another


throwaway line or whatever but you know mitch says you know he sticks the gun in his pants i'm afraid i'm going to shoot my dick off and now oh now you're a


sharpshooter right yeah so so this is there's a lot of fun here you know


on that note uh shane black i guess he has a uh like a running theme of putting hiding a gun while you're by


your balls or whatever in his movies yeah so there's a reference to that you know he doesn't put in there because he


doesn't want to shoot his dick off waldman you know talk about all the different guns he's carrying and says i've got one


i don't remember his his phrase but he references one down there and that's the one that uh charlie or samantha uses to


you know shoot luke later on and then in um kiss kiss bang bang they get out of a scenario because valkimmer's character


has a small gun and he's like yeah you were down there by my balls oh yeah so yeah good old gay perry yeah good fairy


love that character still gay no i'm n knee deep in [ __ ] i just like the name so much i'm keeping it up


yeah so i mean it's funny that and i i guess i don't know if all writers do this but you have these


things that you go for is that you know these things you reach for as you know that's funny because the christmas thing


absolutely he does that on purpose for some reason i don't know you know really likes christmas man i


guess you know it's christmas theo it's time for miracles yeah


uh yes and then they sorry no that's uh they found the gun i guess the henchman


daedalus is the bad guy that was her target and this other guy who we've met torturing a guy


early we skipped over him i guess a little bit but he's timothy yeah timothy yes i can always tell when someone is lying that


line shows up again he's telling the guy he tortured that he's there and he confirms sort of in his mind that she


doesn't know who he is doesn't remember right it doesn't stop him from giving the word to take him out but he's he's


sort of feeling her out you don't know me do you yeah then there's this action scene where they're trying to take her out


well yeah well there's a bit of a kind of a yes no type of thing like they get to


the farm they meet luke because they decide they don't believe waldman right and so they they attack him and then


take off yes find her long-lost lover luke on this farm and she knows all and memories start coming back again she


knows all this stuff knows he sits down to pee all these different things and then turns out that he seems like a nice guy but he's you know ultimately


not yeah he's he's yeah it was her guy yeah yeah it was her last target yeah she remembered target yeah when she got


on amnesia yeah like when there's a bit where sam jackson when they first meet and sam jacks doesn't trust him and he's got the


gun on him and he's like i said don't move and he's like sorry i had an itch it's like just that's to me classic you


know shane black right right before before they actually get away from walmart we are given


some of her backstory like waldman waldman trained her i guess uh her father


he says was a royal irish ranger and he died and his friend perkins recruited her to


the black bag mission which i guess failed and went dark in 88 eight years later


her target daedal is still alive wants to take her out now because they're all working with the cia or the black bag operation so


enemies have now become partners right and she is threatening this operation so


it has to go or whatever but like you said they don't trust fault and they steal this car and flee


again this guy who was also in 16 blocks so we've watched a couple movies now with


crossovers right because we got this guy from 16 blocks we got sam jackson from um unbreakable unbreakable you know


oh yeah there's this whole sequence about sherry likes this i i think it works


uh mitch thinks he's a bad [ __ ] you know he's got this song right and uh waldman gets to drop on him


and while he's sitting there with his gun singing the song yeah yeah yeah


they capture her and mitch uh which we have this weird scene i guess that we understand now because of the scenes cut


that of his prison experience uh well yeah it's interesting because there's no other like they just take him away and next


time we see him is when she rescues him and he's yeah he's like cowering on the ground naked maybe even a little beat up


and like even zoom in on his face like that he's terrified he's yeah like i feel like some of this backstory that


james mentioned maybe they even filmed some of that and then decided to cut it i don't know because it's it's just


possibly you could just have them tied up in a chair or something you know like they do later on i just it's weird like yeah i was definitely why was this poor


guy naked why isn't he on a torture wheel too i don't you know yeah no they yeah they just have him


like you know i guess they need to they need to know what she knows or whatever i get that i just you know


without the backstory it was weird to me yeah well i don't i don't know i just thought that okay he's supposed to be


protecting her when they get to the farm and then she ends up saving oh yeah yeah


charlie is fully yeah reversal of roles yeah yeah and maybe i didn't think about that but maybe it's


typical to have the the female being cowering and even strip naked and all this stuff yeah well and then he had


said i've never done one thing right in my life like he he's just a poor guy everything he


touches seems to right you know he even has the gun and has a good position and i'm a badass and then he gets instead he


has several guns yeah he has a rifle too that's right and my rifle knew just what to do yes you know


but that when she's on that wheel though that's one of my favorite scenes yeah is she you you just see her go from


switch yeah yeah she's scared and she's cold and then all of a sudden she's like


and then obviously emerging from the water you know this being born again yeah so


i don't know what you have is the midpoint i guess i'm i'm still in fun and games up to


the wheel from the water she rises now charlie so she's she may be samantha before she goes in the in the water and


then we have the setup of waldman with his gun down there and so but when she rises she's fully


that is my midpoint is her is a false victory her finding out who she was and becoming yes charlie because i mean what


that means as far as you know bad guys close in is well if she's charlie then that means that hal and the daughter


don't mean as much to her yeah and then of course she got all these bad guys that want to kill her if she is charlie because the whole


thing was if charlie was still dead then you know she could go back to her life or or whatever


right because yeah so i have this as a false victory also she gets she gets everything she thinks she wants because


you see the picture of her family and and she's torn out of it right so i


thought this was a very cool sequence the song she's not there i thought i thought tonally and everything that scene


was very cool her putting on the makeup and and and becoming yeah finishing the transformation


yeah dyeing her hair and cutting it and yeah yes she reminded me of um i was gonna say this earlier


even though it was done way later i don't know if there was uh i know that was based on source material and i guess


this is an original by shane black but her character charlie with the blonde hair and being a cia assassin reminded


me a lot of atomic blonde with uh charlize theron yeah just those type of


yeah they're both blonde they're both lethal they were both in the in the 80s and worked for the cia like i don't know


like maybe maybe a coincidence but yeah i i'd have seen you should see


atomic bomb if you haven't okay anyways yeah so this so there's two sequences mitch is


gearing up he's got his own song yeah so so i thought i thought that worked


mitch mitch again talking about the duality of personality so mitch is offering that to charlie baltimore that


samantha had to come from somewhere because charlie is trying to seduce mitch again trying to really put to death


samantha right something samantha wouldn't do homemaker now you know but mitch is


declining right so and he and i guess almost the b story at this point for her saying that samantha had to come from


somewhere that that is part of you and uh charlie baltimore wants to reject that right you know he even tells her


didn't he tell her to call call caitlyn call your daughter yes yeah yeah yeah


which i guess now i meant the bad guys close in her handlers decide to take her out but charlie is is playing them i i'd


forgotten i was a little shocked she actually throws mitch right out of the car and he just lays there smoking on the ground like


this and this is like okay well this is my life you know right i can't do one thing right and here i am on the street that that figures


you know it can break so what you're saying is you don't need me you know what you're right get out yeah shoves them out yeah yeah i actually


forgot about that and that but yeah i mean as i was watching that because i had it's been a while since i've seen it too so he's sitting there laying the you


know smoking laying there on the ground just so i'm not even going to get up and just smoke a cigarette what is the point so that's that's how i took it at first


but then like very shortly she comes back around and stops and says get in so just like did he know that she's gonna


figure out in a minute that she doesn't need me i'm just gonna smoke my cigarette while i'm waiting on her to figure it out i i think he's like this is this she's not


surprised when she comes back uh i i don't at this point i don't think


i i think he there's so much [ __ ] and nothing's about this is my life you know okay i'll get in okay you know


yeah i i think he is just this is my life you know it's always this is like found to use for me after


all and gets up and gets in and off yeah right right yeah so she gets home and there was this


setup with the kid about smoking and i thought this could have been handled a little


better but there was this setup if i catch you smoking again they'll never find the body or whatever and


now is charlie she takes a cigarette and smokes and hands it back i don't know that that's a good payoff for that setup yeah because


now it's if you tell anybody you saw me i'll blow your [ __ ] head off yeah yeah yeah like i think the a better set


up and payoff would have been like and i guess that's there's hints of her


charlie coming through at the beginning right they'll never find the body like that's not something samantha would say even though it is samantha yeah yeah


like if it had been more of a samantha type of thing yeah i'll tell your parents or i don't know whatever right something definitely way more tame


and then you know what i mean have that with i'll blow your [ __ ] head off or have samantha i mean charlie have the they'll


never find the body you know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah uh i have down here because i'm watching


this and and it's it had been a while but as i'm going through this i i mean i think gina davis was very persuasive i i


i was on board with with her as an action star you know sometimes you watch


these things and they're oh they're trying to shake things up by having a female action star or whatever but i think i think gina davis like i enjoyed


the second half of this movie almost more than sure the first half yeah i'd agree to that and that's it kind of puts it back


into the category of gina davis sigourney weaver being just badass women yeah heroes yeah


the only thing i didn't like the bug because yeah as far as the physicality of it it's fine um and the look and all


that it just it seemed like at times like her the way she would change her voice um and there's certain uh like


male it's not a female thing male actors have done it too it's their you know when they're trying to be tough also they put on a tough guy voice and i


feel like that's what she did when she was charlie a lot and it annoyed me because it came off as a oh it's a tough girl he's got it yeah okay as opposed to


just being tough but like that may have something to do with the director sure yeah right you're right no can you


do it more uh they were married at the time gina davis oh that's true yeah because they'd done


cutthroat island before right yeah well that was yeah that was the thing like


because captain island was not a success right no right and then this was not a knock out of the park so sure he'd


uh i guess three years prior he did cliffhanger with stallone and die hard too before that so he had a record of of


being making good action movies and hits um and then i guess i think after missus


cause i think he did driven with stallone way later and that was also a mess yeah yeah i don't know what the


guy's doing now i just you know going back to the kind of funny little things in the movie i would attribute it to


more of the directors than but hell what do i know


so i guess we're learning about operation honeymoon which is their their plan that she's


threatening to undo they want to i guess that all comes down to lack of so again


aliens was greed money here it's almost a similar situation because the


counterintelligence community is their funding has been cut so they want to stage this thing kill a bunch of people


so that congress will manifest a terrorist act so they can get money yeah and get money and yeah this was pre


all the all the big conspiracy theories so this one when i watched that i was like holy crap yeah


whoa oh the simpsons being ahead of its time yeah it was right on uh


she there had been a setup about when she was leaving you know because this will again set up some


payoffs worked i think generally they were believable at least the candle in the window so i can find


my way home sets up this escape scene uh because


again it had to be done but they give the one of the bad guys gives the daughter a doll you know


you're giving her a dollar well you know it's christmas i'm not a complete argument they're going to kill this girl right but but he gives her a doll and in


my mind i'm thinking it's been a while since i've seen it but i knew okay that comes into play somewhere and and then


i think the candle in the window set up the fact that she had matches in her cast charlie


and we'll get to that in a second even the breaking of the arm so she can hide said matches sure oh yeah i didn't even


think about that but yeah yeah which which i think is okay like if if if you want to do that as a writer just set it


up maybe it seems a little forced but maybe not but i think it works i mean i think i think it's all about hiding it well


too yeah you know don't call attention to itself right instead of it just needs to needs to happen you know


this so i have a as the all is lost we had picked it as a false fish so this has to be a false defeat yes


mitch and charlie are captured but not before she thinks about the doll and the guest so she sees the dripping gas the


kid has the doll and you can see charlie putting something together she didn't know that she was going to


need that gas but yeah just in case i mean this is what i got yes let me fill up a doll with gas


okay she tries other things yeah they get put in the freezer she she even tells timothy you know look into her


eyes this is your daughter trying to you know get some sympathy out of him to not kill


them and not and to let her go and and that doesn't work and so then they're stuck in the freezer so she


macgyvers this this doll in this gas thing and then even then like i mean talking about your payoff she can't get


a spark she can't get the gas to light yeah and actually breaks down you know and crying like so here's this tough


woman who's you know at her at her wit's in and then now she's gonna die and her daughter's gonna die and then mitch


she's definitely can't do anything right it's going to die because she can't go save his ass yeah and the daughter reveals oh hey mom i got matches yeah


right right uh so yeah that's definitely always lost at that as well well yeah cause as they were wheeling uh sam


jackson away he was like i'll be sitting up there waiting for you to come here yeah he has a line maybe a minute yeah i


thought that was a good life yeah i'll just be a minute just a few minutes yeah and she learns that at this point she


learns that her handlers and the bad guys are now working together right perkins and timothy are together yeah and she


actually says i think she says alone we stood a chance like at this point she's beginning


maybe to despair a little bit right yeah so the false defeat she's capturing because i storm in there to get her and


it doesn't go well and that's how they end up getting captured yes yes she calls it a fundraiser operation so


you're staging a fundraiser her bomb literally explodes the doors off the third act like oh yeah into the third


act you know she blows the door open yeah i didn't actually have that written down but that's that's good and blows mitch out the window but


i mean he survives like he's about to get killed right that's a bit much but yeah he gets blown out the


window through a sign through you're right through sign into a tree and then down on the ground yeah yeah a bit much but what a bad day what


a bad day they said the ticking clock again uh the bomb timer almost ex i looked at


the how much time was left in the movie at this point i think the bomb timer was set for like 30 minutes which is almost exactly how


much was left in the movie and then you have the guess and the doll payoff charlie's at her wit's end but the


daughter has the matches for the candle in her cast samantha makes it i have down here samantha makes


an appearance or a motherly charlie i thought this was a very this line worked are we going to die no honey they are


yeah that's good you know you know i think sir and i think it to what you're saying earlier about uh duality like i


wish it had done been done better yeah and the blending of the the two personalities because yeah i feel like it's it's not charlie or samantha it's


got to be both at the end um but her this is a while back but her putting on the ice skates


is is is a blending of those personalities because their mom's ice skating later on i feel like visually


right yeah she puts on the ice skates and then does this you know awesome stuff where she takes out the bad guys on the ice but you know it's


so yeah i think it's charlie and samantha having a moment with the daughter yeah the daughter gets


away and hides in the bomb truck you're a bad choice kid an unfortunate place to hide yeah so i


guess now we're in the third act storming the castle so we got 20 minutes somebody says we got 20 minutes tops which again is just about how much time


left in the movie so they're the tension is being increased the movie's coming to an end and so is the bomb again mitch i think says just do


one thing right pay off from the line i haven't done anything right my whole life so there is that call back as [ __ ] i guess trying


to rescue them and then charlie is acting as i thought that was a pretty cool action scene the yeah yeah where he's


shooting what he can but and she's helping him out from a distance yeah the high tower surprise mitch's shot charlie steals the


car from the bad guy i thought all that and as i'm watching that that action sequence


was pretty elaborate there's a lot going on and some pretty serious explosions in that


yeah for sure you know and then the chase in the truck and when she crashes it through the wall and there you know


turns on its side and starts sliding i mean yeah there's a lot going on there i guess the brake line


yeah in the truck yeah i thought that was a little convenient i i i did i thought that was part of the


staging of the oh wasn't it because they put the the middle eastern guy who's supposed to be their uh their patsy he's dead yeah


because he was in the freezer and you see him yeah but what did they need to cut the brake line for like i don't know i just thought it was part of it maybe it's not yeah i don't know


anyway the trucks are wrecked the bomb is ticking the daughter is trapped the bad guys are still kicking the [ __ ] out of charlie so the the action scenes i


thought worked she had set it up with uh you're gonna die screaming and yeah i think he does


you know he does but like he uh he falls into the water or whatever at one point when they're fighting and he screams


he's like he has a you think he's dead then he comes back kind of thing yeah yeah yeah so yeah he screams both times


he screams when you think he's going to die and then he actually screams when he's you know right yeah she screams when he actually


dies charlie says goodbye to the daughter like charlie thinks she's out like is going to die yeah she tells her to


run run right thinking death is imminent and then her daughter returns and


sort of takes on the role of charlie baltimore here you get up you know yeah no it's a nice callback to the


i don't remember the exact phrasing but it's the same line that she said to her earlier yeah on the ice when she was being weak yeah daughter echoes


charlie's words on the ice yeah yeah which is cool mitch mitch makes a play helicopter on


the bridge mitch's mitch is as bad as he thinks he is at this point as you know that he was singing earlier now charlie sacrifices


herself for the daughter right so this is not something that charlie would have done so we're


we're learning the two that would have been a good callback i just now thought about that if he's sitting there behind the wheel and he


starts singing the you know yeah again that would have been good right but it works out this time yeah


yeah he's probably too beat up for that i'm not singing now uh i forgot to mention there was the


scene is it before i guess when mitch is captured isn't he like hiding with a gun


or whatever and yes the bad guy comes up behind him yeah he's yeah he's out there with the


with the gun from distance and then yeah he's watching her and then a guy comes up from just like in leave the weapon i was about to say it's it was very


yeah i was like the room were the same guy again these these things that he reaches


for right you know that yeah


okay it wouldn't make sense with with here or whatever because he doesn't ever do


anything right but uh i like that scene to leave the weapon very much because the the bad guy has a cool line


that he tells uh martin riggs don't try it kid you're not that fast um like he was gonna try to get one more shot off


yeah it's just kind of cool yeah uh yeah um and again you're in lethal weapon they're trying to rescue the daughter


right yeah uh here they're trying to rescue the daughter yeah so yeah he's got his toolbox right i guess


at this point you know he's now the final image is rep uh i have this is


again the almost reminiscent of armageddon where the deadbeat dad is the hero and the family sees him and mitch


makes this joke which only he thinks is funny apparently you know in chicago i'm fritzin yeah


earnest well she takes out timothy in a in a particularly cool way like i thought shane black had you know the


ideas of value like he's got the guns on her she doesn't have a gun anything and she sees the the dead guard


uh you know henchmen or whatever hanging there on fire upside down and with the by the christmas lights so she grabs the christmas lights and pulls


on it yeah and now she's going up you know in the the flaming bodies coming down she grabs the gun off the dead guy


yeah yeah takes out timothy is pretty cool no no i thought the action sequence puts her feet her feet together and she slides down and takes out all the lights


i thought it was yeah very cool very cool cool way to kill bad guy i told you you'd die screaming yeah right yes so so


at the end both these characters have been have been uh their their deficit has been made up


so they helped each other you get the idea that mitch's family is going to come back to him


uh and that his life maybe maybe he will be able to start doing stuff right now you know so


that could have been stronger than me but yeah yeah i agreed because they have this like horrid look on their face and you know this uh the family yeah to


me and then he makes a terrible joke and i'm like yeah she ain't gonna she ain't taking that back yeah like i feel like he messes it up he gets in his own way


too much i might let him see the kid once every month but she'll open after that maybe you can


yeah the two would become one charlie samantha happy domestic you were happy and domestic but still


didn't lose the skills she acquired like she throws a knife so i guess to me that was like you know still there in case


trouble shows up she can right she's a good one to have around but but she's reconciled


that's the one thing that i noticed at the very end of the movie i i just said to myself that relationship is not gonna


last at all charlie's charlie's yeah with the boyfriend like she is too


i don't know he's like he is a different person than what that boyfriend oh for sure yeah i i was nobody signed up for i


did not i was not impressed with him that i didn't think he was funny at the christmas party as he thought he was i i


don't know i thought he was probably the weakest character in the there was something kind of i guess a fan fiction review or whatever uh that


they wanted to see charlie and mitch have an off child a love child 20 years


later and now the child goes into the cia or something like yeah that i could see mitch and her before he had a good


chemistry more than that boyfriend but yeah whatever yeah so so i think i think that's what happens


i just wrote down i always look at the credits that there wasn't anything astounding but uh two of my favorite credits are men in


bed and burnout one and two so yeah some two guys got to play burnout the bums at the beginning yeah yeah uh


yeah yeah that man in bed obviously he's i've seen him before in other movies rex lynn


correct yep that's rick flynn okay yeah he was in cliffhanger um i don't know how many other


if he's like you know he was a mclaurie yep yep yep yep he's the and that's where it was there's a


narration for a million ways to die in the west because he has like he has like just


really good voices and like i think it works perfectly because like at the beginning it starts off like a almost like a documentary of


what you know the old west and he's shown the picture of this this lady who's not very attractive and he's like


and i mean back in 1883 this was the uh this was a miss america i mean [ __ ] look


at her just it works i probably butchered that but it's sets the tone for them i love that movie


but it sets the tone for for that whole movie and he was also in one of my favorite just stupid movies zombieverse


zombies i tried watching that i've never seen that the dialogue between bill burr and john


mayer in the truck i need to watch it again i started watching it and i'm like oh my god


i'm gonna have to tell people i watch zombies it's so good okay anyway yeah we're getting off getting up right yes


uh anything else uh uh let me see this uh any intro oh uh brian cox obviously was


in it but david morse you would kind of imagine 16 blocks david morris is who we're talking about on that one yeah yeah yeah yeah i think he plays luke


yeah they're daedalus yeah right right that's that's all i got though all right yeah it's funny we've had crossover with


you know just we're picking these things random almost but it seems like we had crossover any other thoughts or anything sherry this was your pick


no obviously she thought it was okay yeah yeah i enjoyed watching it again


yeah and laughed and yeah i i uh i was i wonder what that was reluctant but


i knew this was kind of like one of his weaker movies and so i wasn't necessarily thrilled about watching it


but as you know the second viewing i there's a lot to enjoy about this movie i you know like i said i'll take his


weakest stuff over other people's strong stuff almost any day all right so now we need to recommend


yep yes uh no i did i did want to mention i know we've seen now two movies


with samuel l jackson and i think now we understand you know he he got


that academy award this year for it's an honorary award oh yeah and yeah


for uh lifetime achievement type of thing ordered for extraordinary distinction and lifetime achievement yes


you're awesome no yeah sam jackson always delivers yes so cool yeah i mean he's one of those


actors that it doesn't ever seem like he's phoning it in and he's been in i don't know 200 movies or whatever it is like whether it's a small budget movie


or a big you know big budget movie seems like he's there to do his job and he's not gonna you know uh phone it in well i


think a lot of that has to do with he didn't get super famous and into movies until he was


later in life yeah so you know he knows i would say if i was in his place i


would know what i had sure i'm gonna give it a minute this beats it they're gonna pay me a ton of money all i gotta


do is come pretend right sam jackson's one of the top ones i love it yeah i mean he got on my radar probably with


with pulp fiction right yeah yeah yeah yeah and then uh die hard with the vengeance


was around the same time was he he was a jackie brown yeah did he oh yeah yeah play the guy with the card the guy in


the trunk or whatever anyway i just wanted to add that since he did win that yeah i guess i'd forgotten that or


didn't know that that's cool and then time to kill was around the same time frame that we were just talking about like all those years and


like that's probably what after that everyone knew who samuel jackson was because he was in coming to america back in 88 and nobody knew who


he was i don't yeah he's the guy that goes in and robs the robs the place gets tripped by the mop


yeah wow yeah i'd seen him coming in america i didn't even know he was in it that's great yeah


he's classic in that too yeah yeah please refrain from pointing your gun at any more of these people what yeah just


he's good joe we know what you think i highly recommend highly recommend watch it


again i i'm torn between uh recommending consider i definitely think


it's worth considering and i probably would recommend it because i think it is a lot of fun you know so


my turn i guess i go i would give it a i'm unlike you i'm torn between consider


and recommend i'm just a big shane black fan i like everything he does but if somebody was coming into it not


knowing anything about shane black's style i think knowing his back catalog i enjoyed this


movie better because i enjoy his other catalog yeah come into this with fresh eyes maybe i wouldn't have enjoyed it as


much so i would definitely recommend it but give it a give it a consider at least


yes i'm looking at it with shane black if you are looking if you want to see a really classic shane black movie


i might turn you on to the to the nice guys or kiss kiss certainly leave the weapon yes it might


not be my first choice for a shane black movie because i do appreciate it because it is shane black like you were saying


you know yeah same here i mean um i guess i'm gonna be a consider yeah uh if


you're a shane black fan then yeah definitely and you haven't seen it give give it a give it a go but yeah it's um


it's a fun action movie it did feel very dated to me and yeah there's there's better team black movies there's better action


movies but it's not i'm not going to pass not terrible yeah but yeah i mean it's just considered to me if it's your


cup of tea you know that a 90s action movie or you want to check out shane black's catalog then give it a go yeah


yeah very cool all right sounds good until next time


i said no and all she could do was dantana but um i think we rented it on vhs


yeah saw it vhs what is that yeah that's how long ago


i just said to myself that relationship is not gonna last yeah i i


okay can't do one thing right here i'm on the street that's that figures why isn't he on a torture wheel too i


don't know they're gone for good or there to stay


he's gonna give you a two-hander with just two great characters you know uh


wait wait i didn't go woo woo

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