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11th Nov 2022


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greetings realers my name is Philip and together with my wife Sherry and two of our friends Chris and James we're


Fellowship of the real four people who love talking about movies almost as much as we do watching


them we hope you will join us as we dig deep into cinematic masterpieces and some that are well maybe not


you have an opportunity to be the fifth host of our little show click the link in the show notes and leave us a voice


message telling us what movie you would like us to review you can also reach out on our Facebook


page Fellowship of the real from all of us at Fellowship of the real thanks for listening okay on with the


show are you recording this [Music] studying a movie in the mechanical level


I could really bring some revelation [Music] I believe that no one sets up to make a


bed movie with the exception of on paper this should work I just don't


like it that's your own fault if you haven't seen it


play over budget and start cutting scenes even the actors don't know what that


movie is about should I I wish I wrote that which I


love the title with that movie's trash well told me a man it's good for you okay here we are Fellowship of the real


four friends in a movie uh this is my pick uh another John Hughes movie uh I


am a big fan of John Hughes as a writer um especially Planes Trains and


Automobiles this is a Thanksgiving pick I can't think of that many Thanksgiving movies but I wanted to since we did the


Halloween thing I wanted to any excuse to do a John Hughes movie of course but I wanted to maybe do


something for Thanksgiving and this this filled two two checks John Hughes and a Thanksgiving movie


born man's journey to get home for Thanksgiving it had a budget of I want


to say 15 million I wrote it down somewhere I think it was 15 million uh I see a budget 15 million yes okay


budget of 15 million a domestic uh of 49 million so


definitely made its money back and then some it was never released internationally which I found strange I


did not realize that 100 of its box office is domestic 49 million 530 000.


well they don't really do Thanksgiving anywhere else yeah other than North America I guess or I guess United States


but I I mean I I think Thanksgiving is the setting of this movie but I think I think this movie should have Universal


appeal this movie is is really oh there it is 15 million yeah this movie uh yeah


I really like this movie so critics over its life have given it 92 percent uh three and a half stars and


above fans I I would have expected fans to be more 87 I would want to see that


higher because I think that if you see this movie that you should love this movie but you know only 87 percent of


the people agree with me on that anyway uh yeah so this is playing strains and Automobiles when did this one come out


87 87 yeah so yeah yeah this has just been one of those movies that's always been around always been on the TV at


some point in my life yeah like I was saying I've seen all of the movie just never all at once and so this this gave


me a chance to sit down and watch a view it in sequence yeah this uh John Hughes


really uh gets you in the fields as Chris says in his movies and this one especially I'd really dig the ending of


this movie or whatever but we can talk about that when we get to it whatever so yeah this is just a movie about going


home in one of the worst just travel delays and everything I think we've all had that when we went to


Maine just this last time we had an eight hour layover in DC yeah and that


was bad enough as it was yeah because we didn't want to leave we didn't want to do anything it was just eight hours so I


slept yeah I just took a Xanax and I was out yeah my my first year in my current


job as a manager like um uh a week of Thanksgiving I went to Little Rock and


we went we almost got stuck there yeah so like never again have I gone around a


holiday um right but yeah like it was so bad like we were just like our flight kept getting delayed kept getting we're like


you know we're five hours let's burn a car and just drive home make sure we get there and we were this close to doing it and finally you know we were able to get


on them it was my boss and I were able to get on a flight but yeah yeah never again are we uh you know do I book a


flight anywhere near the holiday I think everybody has a just a horror travel story well it's also the and it's


the most travel day I think it is yeah biggest travel Day in the year absolutely yeah and that's that's yeah because some people don't have a choice


if you want to see your family you got to do what you need to do to get there yeah and he's this came from a John Hughes story where a quick travel home


ended up being five days because this man got diverted to Phoenix or something I already know that's just it's just


ridiculous I think with any John Hughes story you get you get the full package full story I I think this is no


exception my opening image uh obviously it's two days before Thanksgiving it may even say


that I can't remember yeah Neil uh who is a marketing executive I guess are


presenting a project to their boss who is apparently a bit meticulous Neil under the gun but obligated to stay


is encumbered by you so so when you're looking for an opening image uh you're looking for the before State


and and so throughout this movie poor Neil is going to be encumbered by I I


have the phrase encumber by idgets which is a a line from Young Guns too or whatever encumbered by idgets we


personally we pressed on throughout this movie Neil has one challenge after another in the in in the


form of other people you know especially John Candy's character but it's but it's


really not though it's really he's in his own way right yes because he won't go with the flow I mean yeah it appears


that there's other people and yes there is a significant growth yeah to to kneel


because there's even in this opening scene the other guy the other executive who's sitting across the table from its Ferris Bueller's dad


um yeah he's uh he's in the same boat he's stuck but he instead of rushing he booked himself a later flight an eight


o'clock flight and he's not stressed out like Steve Martin is right he's more he's already like going with the flow


like I feel like he's already where Steve needs to be with the end of the movie Neil is uh Neil Neil expects


things to be a certain way yep go according to plan yeah he's not a go with the flow kind of guy right and I


think that's actually brought out yeah quite poignantly later I he's under the


gun obligated and covered by idiots uh and Under Pressure he's he spends most of this movie Under Pressure yep now


under pressure of his own making yes I think his own expectations getting expectations about how the world should work his boss immediately finally


getting out from his boss there is the scene with uh and I forgot that Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon yeah this whole cab


competition uh which nearly cost him his life you know he almost gets run over in a bit of foreshadowing trips over the


case that is all that is carried by Dell uh loses the capital during negotiations


with the guy you know yeah man it would give 50 would give 100 to where you know yeah right I did not necessarily I


thought it was pretty easy to get a cap and rush hour it's like ah right yeah


but again I mean all these I mean speaking to just use strength as a writer just all these obstacles all this


crazy [ __ ] this guy's want to do to get a cab he's willing to you know bribe a guy you know all the way up to 50 75


bucks you're talking about race a guy down the street who's younger than you sure right across the way just to try to get a cab is you know all of that to try


to make it home as opposed to just go with the flow because Dale gets a cab because he's going with the flow right yeah yeah he does kind of steal it a


little bit but he didn't you know a lot of his we're getting ahead of ourselves but uh you stole my cab I've never stole anything in my life like I mean it's


completely like he's so good with the flow he's unaware almost of the stuff around him yes um and we'll we'll talk


about this as we get into it as he is joined at the hip with Dell throughout this movie Dell is a master and a master


and a master negotiator of the world that he is in yeah and and and and and


Steve steals Neil is not yeah uh there anyway before we get too far I was going


to say it and um just a little thing like I really like the beginning when the titles come across you hear all the


sounds of Planes Trains and automobile like you know and multiple cars in there yeah yeah like I don't know I just


thought it was kind of cool it's a little thing but I I liked it uh we are given a ticking clock minutes to spare


flight DeLay So I guess the airport he's got minutes to spare but then delay delay delay delay uh a Man Neil subject


to the whims and casts of others to include getting bumped from first class to coach he has almost a meltdown there where he has yet again to encounter his


Nemesis death so he's gonna continually bump into Dell uh until it becomes


apparent that they are going to remain together his Nemesis I call him that book he was reading at the airport


what is it called


I haven't known about that everybody has notes go ahead well I was gonna say that's in Deadpool is it


that's the book Ryan Reynolds is reading I did not know that Deadpool well uh since you brought a real book it's not a


real book no well Dell reading the book the Canadian Mounted okay so now Dell is completely


at home well oblivious but he's he's oblivious because he is totally comfortable with who he is yeah no


you're right yeah yeah because yeah I like me and he'll say later in one of


the a very poignant moment yeah uh apparently a piece of adult fiction establishes him as a man comfortable in


his own skin unashamed of who he is and what he likes like Dell is you know this


is who I am take me or leave me he even says that later you know right Steve uh Neil is not decidedly like that uh just


unapologetically reading clearly what is you know well it's it's about as uptight of person you can get with the most


oblivious person you can get it's The Odd Couple on steroids yes yeah


I was gonna say the note I had about that book is there's uh you can buy like a it's a trivia uh about this movie now


yeah like and it's called the same title and the same cover even with that with the girl on the front really yeah but you can buy it the Canadian Mounted but


it's a a trivia about this movie yes that's amazing the whole thing's a tribute to this movie and which I think


is a testimony to because I it says 87 of the fans but people who love this


movie love this movie man you know so those 87 percent are hardcore I think you know anyway uh this is all part of


the setup so we're meeting already we got a very strong opinion about who these two are uh and these are and


Hughes is very good he did it in Breakfast Club very well and I think he does it in all his movies


strong characters archetype characters coming from from their unique perspective and and totally honest and


faithful to that perspective as the character you know uh he's very efficient like his setup is quick yes


very efficient in a second you know who this guy is now you'll get more layers about that you know right on the plane


where he takes his shoes off oh those dogs are barking


I just love it anyway so yeah you get who these guys are immediately and Dell is happy with Dell


well I have right down here in the setup kind meets callous so Dell is kind Neil callus he is let he the world has turned


him into uh just a callous Soul uh who expects things goes his way and when they don't he is not happy


they land okay so they get on playing they land in Wichita because of the snowstorm in Chicago


uh so I have as the Catalyst stuck in Wichita Dell the more seasoned traveler


has secured Hotel Neil does not have one and is faced with a choice uh the floor or more time with Dell a quick debate


and Dell it is so right off the bat we're going to learn that Dell is infinitely familiar with this world and


is a master at negotiating the ups and downs of it yeah he was prepared he already had secured a hotel where you


see um Neil in line at the pay phones because there's no cell phones in any seven right right so they're all in line


trying to get a I've seen with that when I was watching I was like man nowadays you want to book a hotel your skin on your phone and you do it all online yeah


like you know there's no internet no cell phones right in 87 so everybody's at these you know freaking long lines


trying to get to the you know the pay phone and then yeah he can't get one because he was not prepared like you're saying for the for the world yes uh dell


is a shower ring salesman which I'm not even sure that's a real thing that was a movie Once where I think it's the most


obscure job I've ever seen in a movie uh and I don't remember the movie or so or whatever uh but the guy when asked what


he did he showed you a shoelace and he says you know those little plastic pieces that are put on the ends of shoelaces so you can lace what is it


they're called aglets oh they have a name oh my God he says that's what I do I make those


like oh my God you have to reach deep as a writer for those of you who don't know James's first job was making


I learned it from a Phineas and Ferb episode on Nickelodeon nice thank you very much okay well maybe those guys


they're they're they made a whole song about it aglets How does it go James


I was like this is one of those things that planted in my mind yeah I don't remember the movie but that guy made


aglets this guy makes shower he sells shower Rings there was a there was another movie these things exist so that


you could argue that they're real jobs you have to be yeah uh there was a there


was a movie uh we're not going to dwell on this uh who sold the guy sold extension cords different gauges and


lengths of extension go oh the M90 well that's you know oh my God it was infinitely familiar with anyway


so that's the setup we got kindness callus and and a man under pressure meets the man who uh


no social pressure whatsoever I liked how his debate was um was uh was visual


um and and no very minimal dialogue like when he you know he didn't so Neil can't get the hotel


um Dale's already got it so Dale offers you know again the kindness right because if it's reversed [ __ ] Neil's


not offering Dale to share [ __ ] um so but he says you know hey you want to come with me and he looks over there


sees this poor guy on the floor these guys sleeping you know sleeping and then he turns to him and just knocks yep yeah


I'm in there yes John Hughes uh we don't get started on that I I uh he to me he


is one of the he's awesome yeah anyway uh the break into two all right so so Dell moves


through this world with finesse and an Acumen and knowledge uh he's familiar


with this world he has sold shower curtains to everybody along this route apparently and knows Everybody by name


so he calls Doogie the cab driver and knows Doogie by name and apparently has dealt with him before


and dookie is not your normal cab driver does taking them a different way you


know not the direct route to the hotel and Neil questions this well but in the inside of the cab is there's you know uh


pornography all over the Internet yeah half naked chicks yeah it is not yellow cab number 47 you know how am I driving


car you know and a little bit creepy and then but


says you know I don't know I don't know what the cab driver says but but Dell says oh he's proud of his town you know


a damned rare thing these days you know he's proud of his town yeah the cab driver tells him something about uh you


know thought you might want to you know take a save the town looking the only if you go on the interstate the only thing you see on the interstate is Interstate


yeah right right he's proud of his town you know so Dell you know obviously this man only has the best intentions he


wants us to see he's proud of his town that's a noble quality Neil is chewing Nails yeah but even then the the Neil's


expectations of how a Cabra cab ride should go yes or not being met yeah this


this is not what a cab should look like this is not how a cab driver should act uh yes but the the cab ride the guy is


not assaulting him he's not you know yes okay you can argue the pictures are offensive but Neil if you just sit back


and relax man you're being you're in a cab ride you're going from the airport you're not sleeping on the right airport


floor like you're worried about you're being taken to a place where be able to sleep like calm down man but anneal is


yeah Dell knows these people cabbie Hotel CL even though he does the hotel clerk when they check in yep you know I saw the


machine Rings yeah uh I like how he sees the Rings later yeah later when he's in


the shower yeah yes so uh so Neil's breaking the two I guess is accepting right I'm having his accepting the the


ride uh with Dell or whatever at this point he's he's his world is chaos and the catalyst is


uh his flight being diverted and and Dell offering him a ride uh


yeah I don't know I guess I'm kind of torn I had that like with him you know because I've been coming back early by him nodding and accepting but part of me


like says they could still be debate um I don't know I guess because the I'm jumping ahead but they had the big


argument and the break you know and they had the big disagreement Hotel they'll get or Neil gets back in the bed yeah


like that's a big moment so I was like my first ones were is that the break into two because he decides to yeah despite all this I'm getting back in the


bed or I guess his options are out in the hall but right well and then but even even later on in a restaurant


doesn't he I think we'd move faster if we separated yeah so several times the whole time he's trying to get away from


this guy yes yeah yeah um well the thing I guess it didn't show it or showed it in the trailers or


whatever but that first night with the the bed he had spilled beer in the bed


uh dell did yeah it's revealed through dialogue yeah it's revealed through dialogue he spilled a six pack of beer


he put it on the vibrator and then they they got All Shook Up and they explained I didn't know those cans were gonna explode you left him of everything bread


what did you expect was going to happen and then the other part was the pizza they had ordered pizza and all that and


Steve Martin wanted a salad he had to end up eating pizza he gave the delivery guy a dollar yeah and that's all that


was all cut out the delivery guy was the guy that robbed them okay okay so he was


coming back you know a dollar tips yeah motivation for the robber yeah yeah nice but obviously they cut out it the


motivation is still worked but that was cut out I mean him going with Dale's is a pretty


big decision so that's probably the breaking too but I just I feel like getting back into bed is a big thing too yeah uh catboy has to break into two as


as uh Steve and John ride I guess his name was woof whose taxiola is part jukebox and part


opium Dan Steve has entered the upside down world of Dell Griffith and he won't be the same again so I guess he's pegging that as the break into two


they're going with him yeah that's that's probably right uh his debate is what will Steve do now John offers to find Steve lodging for the night should


Steve join him that is the question uh his theme stated is uh uh John tells


Steve his motto like your like your work love your wife I think this the theme is stated better


later yeah I agree uh home is the place Steve needs to get to out of Duty but his lessons will be learning to appreciate it I think I think there's a


better theme down the line so so far yeah catboy has a breaking where I have


it breaking and I think because I think later on uh like Steve Martin is going to be trying to get away from Dell for


quite a while you know uh fun and games this whole this whole Motel sequence I


thought is full of ideas of value oh for sure no this scene is uh this is awesome share room one double


bed you know the first thing yeah the music the reveal the the camera pans and goes quickly back for the bed you know


like revealing [ __ ] they just got one bet that sucks yes uh now there is this setup of the uh and and it was set up


and paid off so much later that I almost thought that maybe it wasn't a setup because I couldn't remember but there is the setup of their Diners Club cards


being switched you know do you think that's Neil's fault or is it the the hotel manager's fault


that they get switched his new hands his card first he puts that down and for some reason when he's talking I guess he


switches because of the the Dale can pay because he switches the cards yeah but he moves uh kneels closer to himself and


then he he takes Dales runs it and then sets it closer to them and Neil's thinking well I handed my card first


you're done with it that's got to be mine so he takes it yeah I think he's he's just in such a hurry it matters on


the blame I just I went back and even rewounded because I was thinking this guy's so much in his own way because even the card switched up his fault but


I couldn't really I think he's other than being impatient he doesn't pay it he I don't say he doesn't pay time he he


is in a hurry and he if he'd taken a second to look oh [ __ ] yeah if you stop and take a second the idea that their


cards look exactly the same never entered his mind right yeah right uh and that this should be my card you know


yeah you know yeah that it goes back to Neil his expectation yes it's just an


expectation of everything's gonna go his way it should be right the unit versus just yeah yeah and so and again it's a


very small very subtle small fast way again it's character it goes right yeah


so the thing with Hughes is he's not going to waste screen time or page man if he's writing something he's got an


idea and I and I think you know I never really thought of it maybe till now we're speaking but you


can look at it and say yeah Neil is acting uh with haste and you know and and that's right to his character yeah I


mean Dale's [ __ ] when the guy's not in a hurry to get his card back he's not going to get yeah he's talking to yeah


he's his friend that he sees you know every so often on his route you know the shower and no towels the whole scene


where this deal is trying to draw off with what a wash Club yeah well I like


how you didn't even the reveal of that like because he's in the shower [ __ ] water stops working why he's got soap on his face just you know yeah


um and finally it gets down with the shower opens the curtain and it's a disaster in there and like you would never even saw Dale go in there and make


this mess right yeah it's a complete disaster swamp everything yes and all that's left is yeah a little hand towel


to dry off with and and Martin sells that um trying to draw it rise back with the stupid [ __ ] though yeah yeah no


no absolutely um now you can argue well Dell was kind of selfish there but you at this point


you know Dell does nothing out of selfishness yeah he he is a good natured guy and and it's just he's oblivious


oblivious and and and and and like with the cab I noticed the only thing in my life had no animosity towards Steve


Martin by using all uh and leave them all apologizes and offers to buy him when we kind of skipped over that once


he realized oh it was kind of you said earlier James I said it was kind of easy to get a cab in rush hour yeah yeah oh [ __ ] I guess I


did steal your cats inadvertently can I buy a Coke a sandwich he offers like 4 000 things to make it right which I


thought was very cool dialogue you know well yeah right well also when they first walk into the hotel room he says


do you want to take a shower yep and Neil with his uptight what do you mean


I've never grown up together right yeah he offers the first because obvious obviously Dell's gonna


make a mess yeah he knows it go please use what you need and okay I'll put


others before himself whereas Niels you don't want to sit through the door first Neil have yeah thank you I will take a


shower he would have had a clean pristine bathroom right right he could have set aside a towel for himself right


right yes yes it can't get out of his own way and that's um on the sharing the bed though um when I watched this movie


I am reminded of our our trip to Austin where you and I shared a bed yeah it was now we were near as ventful as this


movie right but um it did suck because we're sharing a bit yeah it's like you're a terrible bed mate yeah bad well


I'm not blame it all in pillow you know sometimes I don't sleep well with my wife no in the bed but uh yeah I don't


know if you feel the same way about it but yeah it's it was enjoy the trip sharing the bed sucked you're right right well yes uh because we went down


there for Die Hard or something right and it was you know we wanted to obviously not drop a [ __ ] ton of money and so we shared a room and thought it'd


be cool and yeah maybe not it was the same hotel where you know know where the it was right right near the theater


where where uh what's the name was going to speak the writer of Die Hard and uh you're not you're going to pay premium


prices that's that's cool right so yeah so it's a hotel to have that moment when you walked in the hotel room and you


looked at the bed and no no I guess we knew we knew we were going to share a bed that'd be cool like you know yeah


and underestimated you know how well that would go I'm sorry yeah uh this


again this is uh this is one of the anchors of this movie I think yeah the sour new towels and then the


sleeping the contrast of this chaos with the peaceful world Okay so so Neil's life is in chaos and he calls


home and his wife is there and it's all soft music and very calm and so Neil


immediate contrast to the hell that Neil is in versus The Paradise that he's trying to get to you know I didn't even


catch that like just how like I noticed how subdued she was and like Stacy even thought she seemed too like very cold


yeah and like not very loving but yeah I think that that's all speaks to the music and what you just said the it's


very calm complete you know contrast to the chaos season yes and Neil has uh he


absolutely implodes here the contrast uh words hurt and Dell sells it the speech this speech when they can't sleep yeah


yeah they can't say he can't sleep because uh the beer and and yeah he's


clearing the signs all the stuff he can't even try to read even like him with a lighter like who does that like I


I'm I couldn't see like that's not enough light for me over try to read in bed yeah but he's again is Dale being super considerate yes but even like the


flick of a lighter is pissing [ __ ] he's trying to be considerate it just doesn't he doesn't have the best way of


doing it yes but but it all comes from Pure pureness I mean he yeah because even after this you know very hilarious


clearing of the sinuses sorry that's what he says right afterwards you know like he's if I don't clear my sinuses I


snore all right yeah sorry Neil loses [ __ ] gets up out of bed yeah uh uh I


could be a cold heart cynic like you but I'm not changing uh he is the instrument of change in this movie obviously oh he's a beast Warrior uh and he's you're


right I'm not changing I like me my life this this I tell you man I can't believe Dale didn't walk away though which again


he's because he's a kind guy but all the [ __ ] that Martin says to him like that's really shitty and really hurtful like


yeah you know because yeah he Dale if he wasn't a kind guy he should have punched him you know what I mean you're right right no this is you and I'm telling you


man the whole time that Neil is going off you could see and and had you know


John when John Candy there are only a couple times that I almost that I did cry when an actor died when when when


Robin Williams died I was literally in tears okay I mean because I knew what a


soul he was right yeah John Candy when he died um I felt like part of the world the light some part of the light of the


world went dimmer sure uh by all accounts candy was a just a gentleman


and a just a great great guy like he probably was Dell you know right yes you


could see the hurt on his face I think that's what makes me so mad it it Neil's cares about the and then he just keeps


going on and on and on you man yeah yeah and and and and John Candy comedic actor


but but man that is like that's that's the hardcore acting like oh for sure


without saying a word his face is just melting and you could see like the lashes of these words yeah I I I think


it's awesome and even his you know to his his response because everybody else is like wanting to punch him beat him


beat Dale up I mean beat Neil up yes and his response oh you want to hurt me that's fine you know like just yeah it's


really good it was awesome we have the thief in the night and well so I had a


note about the the theme stated um and it's and uh I guess I think it


stated a little bit better uh later on yeah but something occurred to me during his his rant yeah he uh he make he says


the uh I don't know he's talking about you know how can you stand this kind of stuff and


he's like I've been with Dale Griffiths I can oh gosh I can uh withstand anything yeah in a way that's kind of


the theme you know is like him having going on this journey with Dale allows him to because at the end of the movie


he can withstand anything yes you know what I mean because he's not going with them no and it's it and and you mean it


as an insult but it's yeah it is you know hitting on the theme and these are two comedic actors but but hats off to


Steve Martin too because you know that when he ends that you know how can you stand I've been with Dell griffison and


the other guy says yeah I know what you like like he there is there is in his voice and even though when he's talking


about the pull and the string which is funny but yeah I mean this guy's a comedian but you don't like him for a


minute right no there is real both these actors are pulling it out man yeah it is awesome


steal their money yeah rather than just a random act of chaos next morning the you know those aren't pillows you know


that line well that's as we said there's a second ago um so they violated the the rule


um if if two grown men are going to sleep in the same bed you either sleep uh pulled a pole or hole to Hole okay it


was never a pole two hole and they violated that yeah well I've heard it uh uh butt to butt or nothing but never not


to butt right it's the same thing clearly violated that yeah is that an Always Sunny in Philadelphia you know we


always sleep ass to ass Charlie yes everybody's got their own version of this yeah this rule yeah well because


it's it's there for a reason that's right these guys oh I think it begins why'd you kiss my


ear yeah why are you holding my hand where's your other hand between two pillows those are pillows yeah how about the Bears you know yeah very good yeah


they're shaking it off and have this yeah even States after that and she's like you know it's so funny poking the


trash this I think is the brains of me because


we just had a dark angry moment and now we're laughing right and oh yeah


uh I think are brilliant again John Hughes man I tell you those aren't


pillow socks underwear too close for comfort okay so Dell knows all right so um so so we've gone we've gone from


Planes uh and now we're gonna move into the trains aspect of our journey right so it actually almost breaks into thirds


but uh again Dell knows Bert dingham who works for the railroad also sold him


shower curtains and Rings owes him a favor and I wrote down Dell is the guide through this special world of the second


act the B story of the save the cat and the benzo is really the mentor and the bee story uh to to kneel you know yeah


um well because the bistro always carries the in a well-structured movie it's the Beast story carries the theme


right so they and they are and you know they're the mentor to the character because they're the main guy because


they're helping yes they'll Enlighten them and show them the air of their ways or whatever right


uh so uh catboy has the B story is obviously


Dell and uh and Neil did we talk about what his break into two was we did then


we uh yeah the taxi yeah yeah going with him we decided that was it yes uh uh


funny games obviously I think I think we'll Yeah just they have this big you know like I was saying earlier the big argument then he gets back in the bed he


could have gone out in the hall but yes and there's there is this even and I guess there is even a light moment


at the end of that because so uh dell has said what he said and gone back into the bed and he looks over at him he's in


there and then and you know yeah yeah he picks over show them very quickly to see what he's going to do yeah yeah and then


you're right that is funny that helps so immediately huge starts to lighten it and I didn't think much you said it a second ago but they have the the funny


little moment when they wake up um if Dale I mean if Neil had gone off


again and like had been shitty and some sort of rant you're really like your sympathy for this guy is going to go out


the window right right so this was used was very very smart in making them you know both play it off and laugh it off


uh yes he doesn't want you to abandon this guy just yet because Dale is not going to abandon you know right even


though Neil wants to Yes uh so the thieves now we're moving into I guess the trains


because he knows the train guy and well the reason the reason I mean yeah


the they're asleep when the pizza guy steals their stuff there's the diner the next morning when they realize that


they've been robbed oh yeah yeah but Neil discovers it first and immediately thinks Dale stole his money yes and then


and again I really love the way Hughes reveals it Dale again being this open book and


honest throws this wall down since there's two through 263 dollars in there there's one more I'm a thief yeah I've


never stolen anything again in my life right right count it yeah and so then he counts it and that's when Nero says oh [ __ ] we've both been robbed right yeah


yeah yes yes very good yeah Dell is immediately yes yeah the character right


playing against each other and both reflecting who they are uh so now it comes to the point where Neil needs Dell


yeah he's got no money his cards are messed up yeah well still wanting to catch a plane too I think they're


discussing that in the diner and Dale's like no there's no way that's going to happen they're all delayed they're we


gotta find another way see at this point I I thought maybe the cards wouldn't have set up because Dell Anil still has


his credit cards and he's uh he yeah he uh which become destroyed in a fire


later that's right they get the car yeah yeah so so at this point Neil can still


try to walk away uh John Hughes is not going to let him out of course that um


again Dell uh friends with the hotel manager knows his son and his son comes


to pick them up to take him to the trains in a very long ride in the back of a pickup you know well that that


scene there where uh the guys spitting his jaw uh what's his name Owen yeah he


spits and then he wipes his hand and shakes Steve Martin's hand yeah that was that was unscripted Martin didn't know


it was gonna happen yeah they told him to mess with him and had the reaction on Steve Martin's face is genuine yeah so


that's awesome he ran off after that and washed his hands for like I'm sure that's awesome and it makes the most


god-awful nasal sound yes aneurysm or something and his wife she's


tougher than she looks out here this thing oh no no no we're we're fine we got it and then she accidentally


offended she did it was being thought that she couldn't lift him not that her husband is abused abusing just right the


the ride in the back of the truck Neil asked what do you think the temperature is one


yeah I mean yeah 30 40 45 tops I mean it just keeps going up a little bit longer


you know okay well here we have some gloves because the dog is guarding the gloves I mean just because he left his


gloves on his boss's desk or something yeah yeah yeah yeah okay that was set up in the opening scene the opening yeah


because he asked the Buddy to grab the gloves for him yeah yeah that's a good payoff yeah I forgot about that that's good yeah


trains a seeming okay so again Dell I mean Neil's always going to be triparting their ways and on the train


they I guess do for a while yeah and then they didn't have two together oh no and the train breaks down smoke did you


say that you saw smoke I mean he's yeah well he at some point he thinks he's going to make it but the train has


what I do is everybody off and now so in a in a a glimpse of what he could be


uh he sees Dell dragging his chest across the field and again a second


debate but you but this is a little bit of Dell having his influence on him because he he eventually will go and


help carry Dell's chest so is he there yet no but


by degree and with no dialogue just a scene again he uses showing that this


character is is making progress I think you know and I have a couple of notes on that um and I didn't uh like towards the


end of the movie when I was watching it it occurred to me um because part of to me it's part of his his closing image but


uh or a final image it's him repeatedly like sharing the load of this journey by picking up the


case the heavy Casey sharing the load of this journey with the stranger yeah because at the beginning he's not willing to share [ __ ] with us right


right let alone one that's annoying and all this stuff yeah but he keeps picking up the chest and keep putting it down I


mean his the he he loses the the race to Kevin Bacon by tripping over the yes he


keeps tripping over what's right in front of him he jumps over again later too yeah yeah yeah you know again yeah


speaking to you know to Hughes Mastery of craft yes a trigger object or an anchor something they have a name for


you know a representative object in the movie and and uh yeah absolutely that's


a good point I think this case represents the burden and the load that that Steve Martin is


having to bear at this point uh I have some of the callous nature of Neil already worn away uh helps Dale uh


any character like this and Hughes knows this you want to show progression you don't want to have Neil all of a sudden


change at the very end yeah unnatural nobody does that but throughout the movie by by degree uh


dell is helping Neil and Neil probably is not aware of it at this point uh


trained strange was a short automobiles the bus have you ever taken a bus no well your


mood isn't going to remember are you in a bad mood yeah yeah then yeah have you ever taken place your mood's not going to improve they're singing the songs on


that bus I'd be annoyed on that [ __ ] bus and the kid ran up and down the aisle someone Wrangle in your kid oh I'd


have tripped him I'm sure that kid yeah yeah yeah and there's a couple making out and and


uh Dale's oh you got busted you know yeah but Dale's the one that encourage them to look yeah it's very funny that


and like that annoy me like it's funny it's a funny beat but like you're making out in an enclosed space right like yeah


instead of Neil's not the [ __ ] for for looking over there you're even invading his space the way she wrote you


know leans over like her hair is touching his shoulder like but it's funny it's a funny beat in this world


people who people are again it's about being uptight him being uptight yes they're not uptight they're


totally uh fine with they don't care yeah Dale will read a pornographic novel in public they will make out in public


and they smoke cigarettes like this person on the bus who has a problem is is Neil yeah because Neil has


expectations expectations it's not how you behave on a busy but yeah everybody


should be in their little you know their space yeah yes uh new would fit great in


The Matrix yeah probably the so to pass the time


passing time singing the songs Neil his choice of songs like everybody you know


nobody nobody records anybody knows this one nope okay and then


everybody loves The Flintstones again Dell complete master of this world uh


the people in this world are like Dell and and Neil is the alien do you sing along with Flintstones when he breaks


out I do every time the last two times I've watched it I can't help it I started singing it sure the other thing just a quick aside did you notice the


the the the soundtrack music is Red River Valley


I didn't that's in Tombstone that's what that's what uh she sings oh that's the


same song throughout Planes Trains and Automobiles I just found that out last night my girlfriend pointed it out to me


oh I did not know that yeah that's all throughout this movie that's crazy yeah crazy our our two little two we did


Tombstone before now we're doing Planes Trains yeah nice there's a link Dell the master of this universe is around now I


wrote I wrote down each one of these because I guarantee when Hughes was writing this or whatever he probably had


a hundred of these right Dell is the master salesman they need money at the at the train at the yeah yeah I know


where you're going yeah yeah bus station yeah we're down 100 and probably filmed


50 of them and probably John Candy is probably improvising a lot of these that's true yeah we've got to give him


if I'm John use them like put the camera on John and let him go right you know uh where he's selling the shower curtain


rings as earrings is that what's in the case is the shower Rings is that what's in the case or is


my theory oh no I told I I waited till the end to tell my uh my wife your


theory you know I didn't want to ruin it um I don't subscribe to it but I like it


because it's entertaining um to me realistically that's everything he owns the I guess


home I think yeah yeah I don't have it he says that I don't have a home so that's everything you own the case is in there so probably their shower rings are


in there he's got tons yeah plus yeah are we gonna reveal your three now or wait till the end I'll wait till the later all right anyway here here here


here here's what you can get from Dell Diane Sawyer autographed earring that's Czechoslovakian Ivory great Walter


Cronkite moon ring this is filled with helium okay and so


they're lighter they're lighter autographed Daryl strawberry earring uh Daryl strawberry apparently he was I


know who Dale strawberry was uh yeah yeah now I remember going to games when


he was playing in Atlanta and yeah and people would just sit in the stands going dead yeah even The Simpsons I


think had it there yeah they did yeah they're professional athletes they're used to it yeah sure uh earrings originally crafted for the grand wizard


of China I'm not what is the grand wizard of China I don't and then uh uh tell us tell us those teenage girls it


makes you look older and they hand over their money yeah it makes a girl for 18 uh yeah that was a Salesman he's a


[ __ ] artist yeah absolutely and just master of it uh and I'm sure there's a hundred of those I'd like to see the oh


my goodness anyway more contrast between worlds as Neil Neil tries to make a call on a pay phone


that may or may not be cleaning this yeah like he's handling his Payphone like it's yeah with two fingers two fingers yeah


Neil wants to split up Dell suspects ulterior motives gets his feelings hurt again I think that's him you know


resisting change right he's over there trying to solve the problem the old way by calling on the phone and using


order as opposed to adapting right using the normal conventions where Dale's over there adapting and selling these shower


things he's got a lot of engineering yeah going with the flow right yes absolutely Neil tries to rent a car but his car is


missing a meltdown and a long walk this this scene this is a uh what I have is a false defeat for me the midpoint full


speed the car's not there yeah uh I think I'm still in the funny games because I I have a false Victory that's


interesting all we get to I'll get the minus that okay um he gets he's all the way out in like


200 Acres of what cars hell yes all the way at the back walks by the time he


gets to the desk he looks like he's you know been through hell or whatever all torn up yeah he tried to chase down


the bus and yeah and it's I don't I don't know if it was intentional or not he uh he throws his like his receipt


away or whatever right but you see it blow back to him it lands like not that far from where he's at oh yeah he just


doesn't know that again wind was blowing it's a piece of paper you're not gonna throw it very far I don't know like if that's just the way it happened when


they filmed it yeah or if that was intentional because later on he's you know have your receipts do you have your


receipt no no you're [ __ ] yeah I mean uh so again you know but because that I


don't know it's interesting to me like if it was intentional or not because it's all if Neil would slow the [ __ ] down and pay attention he could have


picked it up right there but he's just so upset that he doesn't even no he doesn't know he doesn't even realize that he came back and of course the lady


at the the car dealership she's the second person or the third there were three people from Ferris Bueller's Day


Off yeah she was yeah so the dad and then she was uh Grace right yeah the the old man in the plane was in home alone


as well oh yeah it's falling asleep on him yeah okay okay I missed that yeah the yeah


talking about the earrings the cute dangly ones yeah but the uh but yeah she was Grace the


principal's assistant or whatever yeah yeah uh so you're a righteous dude yeah


uh so without his guide Dell Neil is not so the second he goes off with without


Dell he's right back in just gets worse it gets worse no no she did irritate me


like you're sitting there having a personal conversation when you got a line of people like do that on your break right for sure I mean so that


annoyed me a little bit but she didn't deserve the no you know the you know you you know you took me to you know to a


[ __ ] play y'all the [ __ ] middle of nowhere where there was no [ __ ] car or you know that was that scene is why


Steve Martin took this really you read that and went yep I want to do it yeah and then you say announcements enunciate


every one of those yes right for sure to make absolutely certain yeah he wants to stick the landing on him


and he does is that how years that took me out to the middle of [ __ ] nowhere for a [ __ ] car that wasn't [ __ ]


there that's right this movie would have been PG-13 all day long but for that scene because they allowed one I think


one yeah one yeah that's still the the rule yeah that's one so um it's interesting I wonder if Hughes like


cared at all if he was like hey John you know you take these out and it's pd13 I don't [ __ ] care you know I think I


think absolutely you need every single one now you talk about language but sometimes like like Hughes does like he


doesn't waste a bit of ink right every one of those is because it needs to be


there like yeah no he didn't vote that's what it means it's right [ __ ] now you know and it's funny too like it's oh


yeah who is not doing well and then even having her you know her response is


you're [ __ ] it's good she didn't say screwed she's got to drop the headphone too first to work right it's really good I have a question what what do the


ratings I mean does anyone really pay attention other than the people taking


your ticket saying oh you're not old enough to go in I'd never pay attention to the ratings on the


oh yeah well so um are ready to do your 17 uh and below if you're seeing already Movie 17 below


right you got to be accompanied by an adult okay um no I don't know how much are they of course that I don't know well I'm the


only one the only one that we were ever questioned for was um my mom and it was


me and a friend we tried to take someone who was a lot younger to see Dirty


Dancing and they would not let us in yeah well we've we're I was old enough but she was not yeah yeah well we're so


far from that and I'm like really like I think that but I mean but they still pushed for PG-13 movies because PG-13


can reach a wider audience because you can you can go and take your kids too right it's the parents who would who


would say no I'm not taking you that's all right theater or anybody else saying there's the whole people sneaking in you


buy a ticket for PG-13 movie and you go see an R-rated movie as a kid or whatever this lady I used to work with I've never


seen The Sawmill movies but I know how I assume I know how they are and she took


her young kids to see that yeah so they let kids go in with them by a parent


that's all you need yeah now NC-17 might be different I think you have to be so uh yeah no admittance under 17. yeah no


admittance under 17. okay um and now like now these are the internet and stuff and I don't know how old the site is but there's one called


uh Common Sense Media and I really like it because it'll break it down like each movie and kind of until you kind of


basically exactly what's in there right there's there's you know violence drugs and not just that but like it'll talk


about there's a sex scene it'll break down kind of what you actually see in the sex scene so you can decide if it's


you know if it's a raunchy thing or you know a TV type 16 where you see a you know side boob or something you know


what I wonder what Saul is rated because I can't imagine you all are for sure I


can't imagine taking I'm talking little kids yeah I mean you know I'm with you yeah it's well even back in the day uh


movies would get like I don't remember just for I'm not sure this was one but like certain movies would be in danger


of getting an X rating not even pornographic but just because of the level of violence and you know I mean


yeah because there's certain things you know violence and obviously nudity and then you know uh f-bombs will can push


you over into the next radio yes this one definitely did The Big Lebowski rated do we know it's


our or yeah because there's like if you watch the Blu-ray there's an F-bomb counter and I literally think it's like


175 or so I can't it's some outrageous number because if you set the feature on Blu-ray every time somebody says the


F-bomb it dings and so the whole movie you hear this little bell and literally there's a scene where it's going off


like 10 times like in the by my [ __ ] wife told me to [ __ ] take care of her dog I [ __ ] go [ __ ] herself so there's


this ding ding ding ding ding you know in one scene but just like 175 of them well and I have to watch it if I have my


Kindle out with it on if I'm in public that whole scene where they're in Malibu I'm like oh I forgot about that you know


jumping on the trampoline and then he's drawing okay so yeah so yeah I have to


go whoops the biggest Roger Zone dude yeah


yeah that one's gonna be we're gonna review this oh my God I I love that


movie um yeah so he Neil is not doing well in this world without his guide the


confrontation with the rental car lady he Neil thinks that this is the way you get things done if I intimidate her


she's gonna give me what I want right and nope and he can't get out of his own


way this is a a cage of his own making like you said yeah because he threw away his in his haste he threw away his


agreement instead of like okay all right I'll need this because I'm going to show them that no he doesn't he's rage once


you get a refund without his receipt yeah I mean who does that yeah yeah yes my credit card report that's what most


people say right I mean you're so upset that yeah you can't don't even follow the their own rule the rules of the you


know the world of this or order he even tries to intimidate the the next guy the uh


the the criminal guy when he goes down there to the booth you know uh oh he gets punched in the face yeah yeah


because he was like yeah because the guy makes a joke or something he's like if I wanted a joke I would follow you to the bathroom and watch you take a leap and


then the guy gets man hits him in the face yes uh he thinks callousness is the coin of


this realm and is thrown back into the arms of Dell Griffith who has a car right yep so you know it's very the cars


it's like a mini version of the Griswold that's what she said she was like the the yeah that's totally what it is it's


the same the green and the paneling and yes wonderful yes all right so here's here is where I have my midpoint and I


have it as a false Victory okay uh it's a false Victory because they're in the car and they're making miles they got a


car now they're Trucking everything seems to be we're making miles we'll be home soon kind of thing you know uh and everything


seems to finally be moving along what could happen now they have a car so they're not subject to


I mean they're on their own now you know um that means you got to have a false


defeat later right yes I have my all's losses of false defeat yeah okay okay


can I be honest yes this is actually where I started enjoying the movie dang


extra fun and games like when they get to after because Steve Martin finally getting beat up and you're like yeah


about time this jerk no not just because it became funny to me when they were in the car and the things that happened at


the other room the this is when it I started enjoying


it maybe I'm talking in a high voice because his nuts got crushed yeah I don't remember okay I don't remember


that yeah well fine I mean yeah because even his concern does this see Martin


got punched out because it's it's his own damn fault yeah and then Dale almost hits him but then he gets out he's like


you know where's your compassion man we got an injured man here I'll move the carpets you're helping him


up good stuff oh yeah I do remember yeah uh catboy has the midpoint as uh a false


victory at the Diner when Steve finally gets rid of Dell which maybe that's yeah


I mean I guess I don't know it's a false victory for Steve maybe I guess I could see him because he thinks


he's finally free of before he gets on the train uh uh to race cash for food Steve suggests


they split up and be stories across oh yeah yeah sorry yeah when they decide to go their own separate way yes but his


Airport rental car uh his hat is blown away he's being stripped bit by bit of his dignity Steve confronts I can see


that yeah because if that's the false Victory then as you know he thinks he finally gets away from Dale and then bad guys closed in bam no [ __ ] car you


know yes okay I I guess I can go with that and because that's you know I mean let's


talk about bad guys close in you know yes but then I guess I'll be curious how are the bad


guys closing in if they're in the car driving and everything seems to be fine because he's still stuck with this guy if his victory if everything he thinks


he wants is to be away okay all right now he's stuck on a small ass car with him okay so he's immediately messing with the seats and all that [ __ ] oh yeah


yeah so the bad guys close in would be what I have is a midpoint false Victory then yeah he's back with Dell okay I


guess I can see that yeah I had it as a post of uh most defeat with no rental car but


because that's because I have a false victory of him getting away from Dale later on so hitting all around the same yeah okay all right yeah I guess I'll


give that to catboy that make that that I guess that could make sense Dell with that damn seat oh he was putting it


through its Paces sideways there was ways that thing was going I didn't think car seats yeah Dell


is driving I guess it's not uh okay so here is where I think


the theme is stated remember what I said about go with the flow yeah be open and


gracious in the face of all that life throws at you and then they'll never see that on screen he's referencing


something that happened off screen in their Adventure correct I I don't know he says uh like The Twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream yeah that's


how you should be and and I think that's the thing that's never set up to that before that point like another thing


yeah the theme stated I think is late this is late yeah but I think that's it no no I agree I just I wish he had done


it earlier but again if Hughes was following catboy um he would have done it earlier he


would have had it on page five like you're supposed to but yeah Hughes predates Snyder sure but but


yeah but still works and there's a million ways we saw the reason for him to say oh for sure you need to be you'd


have to be organic to the store yeah and I think it's way organic here yeah yeah and he shows us that anyways and just


States it later yeah I mean it's yeah I think so Dell having trouble to see discussion of what bothers Dell about Neil the seat


broken when he'll say you fiddle with your balls too much and then the Nils I guess finally Madel


is does the mess around oh he falls too much you know what would


make me happy next set of fingers another pair of testicles I think we've all known a person that


does that I don't want to name names but I think we've yeah


okay uh yeah I don't know if y'all know who I'm talking about but I have been in


the accompaniment of somebody who would just just get in there yeah I'm like


dude come on you're in public you make powders for that right yeah right get some looser underwear something Dell


does the best friend yeah all right so then I have the bad guys close in he what you had the bad guys


closing is uh being back with yeah back with Dale or going the wrong way the car


fire yeah uh and then yeah yeah catboy has that as a drive home the insults go


both ways John lest he's false John knows who he is Steve does not oh yeah no no that's brilliant I do not


you fiddle with your balls too much I do not like again him are comfortable knowing who he is yeah and then Steve


not even recognizing that he plays with his own balls too much you're right and and would admit it if he did he's not here with who he is yeah that's because


he probably does brilliant you know because he's so uptight maybe maybe he has tight underwear that's what I'm sure


of it you know it's brilliant right so that so the catboy has bad guys closing where you do


with being reunited and them going at each other uh his All Is Lost is uh they


almost get into a wreck when when they head the wrong way on the highway There's No Mess Around yeah it's the


whiff of death okay so that makes sense well right before that's brilliant like ideas of value like trying to take your


coat off I don't have you ever done that I feel like maybe everybody's attempted that or maybe you're just stupid people like me um I've tried it once and it's


it's difficult thank God it didn't end up like Dale like trying to take your coat off while you're driving yes yes you don't want to slow down and and pull


over and do the the sensible thing right right but have getting both hands stuck that's that's that's brilliant it's


brilliant when they're going the wrong way you you mentioned that um did


John Hughes do home alone too did we ever find that out he wrote yeah the


Skeleton thing yeah yeah no I didn't know if that was a John Hughes thing or if they were just


kind of trying to I think it's the I think it's a John Hughes thing because okay it would be a reference to another


movie because I'm confused of what we're talking about okay so when when they're zipping through the two trucks yeah you


see you see skeletons at home alone too he does the same thing gets electrocuted


and turns into a skeleton oh nice I didn't know if they were just kind of take their hats off too in the car that


looks like the vacation car so there is yeah a couple of them but I didn't know if John Hayes had done Home Alone 2 or


if it was just kind of wrote a nod to him I don't know if he wrote the second one but he wrote the first one well that's what I'm saying related whether


or not I don't remember any rope vacation so yes so yeah um he has the bad guys closed in as


getting back with Dell I have the cigarette and distracted driving on the wrong side of the highway stuff on the highway car scraped up uh we can buff it


out or whatever uh and then All Is Lost catches on fire yeah so my almost lost


it's a false defeat the car's on fire Neil's card wound up in Dells wallet uh the payoff from the hotel


another accusation of stealing uh yeah because he's like you find he's Steve


Martin starts laughing yeah and at first you think maybe he's starting to loosen up a little bit and just embrace it and


then it's he's laughing because you finally did it to yourself yes you know you there's no way to return this car


now that you rent it or whatever then it starts done wait a minute how did you rent a car then you realize he used his freaking lights or his credit card which


he put I put back in your wallet yeah which is without the car that's on fire


oh my goodness oh yeah I like that they get back in the car and start driving yes


foreign at that point when they're cleaning it


up because when he sends on the brakes that the trunk lies off at one point so the trunk does not get burned


um but he he trips over it again um so again I just feel like it's just visual you know cue of him tripping over


what's right in front of him yeah yeah sure yeah All Is Lost that's catboy's also so


so now I'm back on track with catboy at this point but so so just differing is once they always lost uh he has it as


the uh yeah the uh yeah until he learns is his credit card we used to rent it


the fire uh is The Dark Knight is so hating each other they check into the El Rancho Steve takes the room and leaves


John out Nicole yeah so so uh false Victory getting away from him then or that's not what he has that's


what I had I was lost I was a foster he doesn't so if he has a midpoint what was


his midpoint he has it as a false Victory so here it's a almost lost he's gonna post defeat


the false defeat yeah uh all right yeah the the card and the car yeah accident


yes uh interesting yeah because I had it as a as a false Richard because he finally gets away from Dale right


finally gets a room yeah and to me it's a big moment when he decides to he rose is like he can't sleep like and then


Dale's out there talking to himself well he finally did it you know you finally you know um like he's talking to his wife but


he's um he shares the room with him the the vanilla at the beginning is not sharing


[ __ ] right right right so and he doesn't at first like he he did and has this debate about it or about sharing right


so to me I thought that was his break into three yeah and then the rest was finale you know and I I debated about


where the break into three was I thought maybe it's a little bit later um yeah they bond over drinks like so


yeah and he's finally to me he's part of his breaking in three right he's finally like embraced change and he's he's you


know they could have done that probably maybe the first night right they bought it over drinks yeah and and kind of let loose and he's he you know this first


time he's done that well so the yeah drinks were what set off his rant the beer and now drinks are so it's almost


like a book and now there's there's they had the beer they could have had those and take the edge off and not been an [ __ ] yeah uh now they're the dude


where are you going Jamaica you know yeah it's very very uh clever uh said she thinks of um Cool Runnings every


time yeah a reference you know well but it's before yeah


oh is it okay yeah there's no need three I think but anyhow it's still pretty cool uh he has a break into three as


Having learned from each other and bonded as a team the two men escaped the final part of their trip uh uh Blue Moon


of Kentucky through the car though the cars impounded they make the last leg of the trick in the back of a truck well even when they take off because they


didn't dig the car out like he puts it in reverse smashes through the hotel yes and again to me this shows that Steve


has changed yeah and he's already broken into um three because he's he doesn't wig out he just go get in there and go


and like the team yeah they're a team now absolutely yeah uh yeah I think this is all the finale the race the storming


of the castle is now their team trying to get home yes uh my Dark Knight of the


soul I guess similar Neo gets uh two beds Patel's out in the cold Neil can't get home blah blah yeah so yeah uh so


now the racing home as a team together and they get pulled over with a cup do you think this vehicle is safe for


safe for travel yes yes I do the officer the speedometers yeah right


so I couldn't really have no without any degree of accuracy how fast I'm actually the radio still works though I'll do it


off um that Dell does say some things in his


little as he's sitting out in the cold he he thinks he's the biggest pain in that in the world yeah okay acknowledging that maybe he's not as


oblivious as we as we thought he says something uh to he's talking to his wife


I wish you were here with me right now but that's not going to happen uh so we're we're given some some hints yeah


yeah suspense or whatever Neil wonders how he got hooked up with Dell takes pity and welcomes him in so I


think at this like you said at this point he's learned his lesson yeah they share drinks uh dell secret is kept they


share life on their Adventures breaking the three out of the parking lot and into the third act they're a team now pulled over we just talked about that do


you feel this vehicle is safe for highway travel yeah apparently the Michael McKeon uh he's the state trooper


apparently that was a lot longer they shot more stuff yeah and then in the final edit they were like okay we gotta


pair this down Michael McKeon is one you probably just turned the camera on like oh for sure let him go yeah because I think the original cut of this movie was


like three and a half hours it was with all the the ad-libs oh my gosh talk about having to make a decision like


look at all that and decide which one's funny like it'd be so hard to yeah with with Steve Martin and and John Candy and


Michael all these guys you just let the camera roll right because yeah if you're gonna shoot a comedy you show up with


extra extra film oh my gosh especially you're gonna capture it in the moment and then cut it later yes is that what


you want to do uh so yeah the storm in the castle like you said the high tower surprise the car


must be impounded and they ride back in the big rig and this catboy is on board with this this is oh my gosh it's us or


whatever I have no idea what that is but yeah well I guess it should have made the top of the truck yeah it's cheese it's that's right she's not meat thank


you yeah cheese yeah and it's a refrigerator truck of course yeah yeah uh now uh dell gets Neil home at the


commuter train station uh and and the Neil actually says at this point I'm a little wiser too and I thought that I


thought you know at that point that could be right on the nose but it's it the way it's written and and delivered I


think it right you know you yeah Neil has learned the lessons his mentor was teaching him I have written down uh the


dig deep down right so Neil is riding home and and in a series of flashbacks he starts to put it together about Dell


right and this is where I've been home in years um the uh oh my gosh what was the other


ones uh I didn't write them down um oh the the wives to the wives and you


know but at the very least you've got a woman you love to go home to yeah and he just kind of makes a face you're right right right yeah absolutely yeah had he


been less focused on himself and yeah he might have put it together earlier yep uh for sure for sure


uh dig deep down Neil puts the execution of the new plan so if you're still in the castle you got the high tower he


digs deep he puts the new plan together he goes back for Dell uh and discovers you know your Beats are catboy sweets uh


these are mine okay uh we'll we'll we can look at that in a second I just didn't know which one you're reading from sorry go ahead yeah yeah uh because


we're headed toward the final and she goes back for Dell takes a moment for Thanksgiving uh and in the final image


like this is one of my favorite scenes in all of Cinema uh Niels wiser going with the flow like so he takes takes


Dale home the teacher has become the master I say uh if you're talking about the writer's Journey the return with the


Elixir this is his he's he's literally returning home and he's got the Elixir


which is his uh Lessons Learned and I thought like these are so


pointed right so he says uh because his wife is is held up as a very sweet lady


and very welcoming nothing like Neil she welcomes Dell in immediately right


doesn't question like like uh Neil uh she says hello Mr Griffith you know


just respectful and right and then this is all delivery and it's all acting


and Delta and uh I'm delaying because it's to me it's like just in two words


or three words he sells it and it means everything he says hello Mrs page you know so their exchange right there uh at


this point you know uh I'm balling like a baby uh uh damn Dell happy for where uh dell


is now happy uh for whether I wrote this this is not in the movie but for where


the shoulders of the mighty stream have delivered him right so he's been on the stream the same as Neil and has his ups


and downs but he's he seems happy at this point like legitimately like he hasn't been to a home and now


he's being welcome into this guy yes yes that in the midst of all that life throws at you be true to yourself in the com and be kind do not allow it to make


your callous Dell could have become bitter at the death of his wife jealous and and sad at others who still had


their beloved but he does not people whose loved ones often can become bitter and angry at the world of God and


everybody Dell has not done that and he sees uh Neil hugging and kissing his


wife and shows real Joy at that yeah right you know so anyway so yeah you could be you're right it could have been


bitter resentment yes and even just a little thing I just thought of us I know we were I was thinking about the closing image in my head


um I don't know yeah I'm pretty sure it's always Dale leading carrying his trunk I'm pretty confident and Steve whenever


he comes and whenever the few times he helps carry the trunk he's coming from behind picking up the the background at


the end it's reversed and Steve is leading with the trunk towards his house now granted it could be because it's his house but it's it's a visual of yes yes


well you said earlier about the you know soon becoming the teacher and it's even Dale apprehensive and kind of I'll just


stay a minute I'll just pop by and I'll just leave and like you know he's no he's the nervous one yes you know yeah yeah he would now yes Neil has spent a


lot of time in Dell's World Dell is being reintroduced back into a world that he once knew but this is


now Neil's world yeah yeah who's who is going to be the master of it yeah it's Dale's return too you know to the yes


yeah yes but but now all of a sudden this is probably the first time in the movie the Dell doesn't know what to do


yep uh and Neil does yeah which is yeah I think he's carrying the case you know it's it's not physical representation of


sweeping switching places that's a good that's a good point I I had seen that there were extra again cut scenes it was


a really long story but there was a subplot where uh Neil and his wife his


wife thought Neil was having an affair that explains some of the ignoring the phone calls during the phone calls and


she was because at the end my girlfriend yesterday was uh watching this movie yesterday was like man it really seems


like a bummer note like when they come in she seems like she's


not happy to see him Stacey made it coming about the ignoring the phone call she's like she's kind of being a [ __ ] about this like you saw his fault that


everything's being delayed and I'm like yeah that's true it just seem kind of cold yeah there apparently she thought


he was having an affair and was using this as a time to which ties into love your wife and like your work or whatever


yes right you know and being gone all the time I've been away too much from from house you know from the home or whatever whatever I don't remember exact


line but Neil says a mixed comment about being being away too much and then well I've been home in years yeah and I


wonder if those scenes weren't cut for like tonal reasons like it totally how would this movie have changed if there


was that and that angst their animosity towards him by yeah it might have been


too much like we're talking about earlier like he's already like a bit of an [ __ ] and and doing all that if there if there's any doubt that he could


be cheating on his wife I mean I guess we we know that that he's with Dale the whole time but it could push it over to


[ __ ] this guy and then lose sympathy for him it definitely makes it feel like home is Neil's Oasis yes outside of his


home he is this ball of anxiety but when he's home he's he's calm and collected


yeah and if she fell outside of home is calm and collected but at home he doesn't know what to do yeah yeah if she


suspects like it ruins that Oasis image yes if you have her being unhappy yeah she did just seem kind of cold but maybe


there was enough to sure yeah because I I never I never really thought that she


was ever being cold or not yeah I could never even occurred you so I maybe because I was too not you know I knew


how this was ending I knew what yeah what happened yeah I don't know yeah on the phone she's like what's happening


like it just seemed weird yeah yeah well what's happening is um but it just said okay oh yeah okay this is kind of weird


yeah which yeah all right well yeah I I think this has got to be one of the most


poignant and awesome endings of any I I just the last 10 minutes of this movie uh make it I love the whole movie but it


just man I tell you it Nails it for me unless you go with James's Theory


I guess I can yeah my theory is that uh Dell's wife is in the trunk you're right


so now Neil has just invited this killer into his into his home and he's had Neil help him drag this body across the


Midwest that's funny as hell that's so terrible but that's again I don't subscribe to it but that's really entertaining yeah if you go back and you


know watch the movie again thinking about it yeah no no there's uh is it like you're with me right now well


that's not gonna happen yeah right you're the trunk in the back yeah yeah so she's got it with him and you said


you know yeah but his wife died six years ago I was like well she'd be a hell of a lot lighter right that is true


right she died eight years ago yeah yeah but yeah of course that's not it actual


outfit that's actually your theory or you read it somewhere I put it I pieced


it together Oh that's oh yeah so it's an original yeah it's original that's that's brilliant is anything original I


don't know no well I mean we could start something here now my mind just goes dart's dark place yeah I thought maybe


you'd read it somewhere so yeah no that's that's brilliant all right cool all right well that's playing strings uh


recommended oh my goodness 100 recommend anything Hughes does really uh I I I'm


biased completely when it comes to refuse I think he's brilliant but yeah absolutely recommend uh I think this


movie hits on all levels you know I mean and I just I love it yeah it's one of those classic things you know there are


no Thanksgiving movies it's weird yeah uh this is an excellent movie just in


general it's a good holiday movie it's a good buddy movie Road movie uh I thought


this rep reminds me of uh what was it Tommy Boy with Chris Farley and David


Spade so you said the same thing it's very very similar to that but this has more


the heart oh yeah this and thought so totally recommend great movie yeah it's


interesting maybe I have to look that up I guess or I say look it up give it some some more thought um maybe you know maybe this and tell me


what are you know the same genre or the same movie but it's where like David Spade would be the Steve Martin


character but in that one the the Dale Griffith John Candy you know uh Chris Farley they're he's the main character


so it's reversed yeah it's Odd Couple road trip yeah yeah there are a couple of guests um I do feel like this is the


same movie as due date with uh Robert Downey Jr and Galifianakis I feel like


they're the same yeah the same genre never saw that um that one's good they're both good I like this one better


um but um yeah they're they're both good at especially I guess the the Dale Griffith character like John Candy is


more sympathetic um and probably you know he's less weird than than Zach Galifianakis but um yeah


they're both good uh but it's the same movie it's a yeah the plot is same but but interesting when you say that so


like Hughes took like so these are archetypal characters like uh


um due date or whatever same movie but but he swapped out different archetypes right so Galifianakis


is the Dale Griffith character but he's not the same archetype as Dale Griffith you know what's that fair enough yeah


because he's yeah okay as soon as you started saying that one of my favorite movies is um the in-laws with uh Peter


Falk not the remake or whatever I think that is a brilliant comedy I love that movie but it's a road trip two guys it's


the same story except uh Neil is a dentist Alan Arkin and Dale Griffith is


that is Peter Falk who is this off the reservation insane CIA agent who has been disavowed and gotten poor Alan


Arkin involved in this plot of his own making that is not sanctioned by the CI


and it is and say goodbye and I'm going down to uh Guadalajara or some place in South America oh my God poor Alan Arkin


is just


it's an older movie but it it is pure and it's the same movie Road Trip two


guys change but instead of you know the lovable Dell it's a uh insane CIA agent


versus a uptight dentist uh yeah so so you you could and that's uh so like I've


read um the tools of comedy by I can't remember his name now but he's he's a big consultant in Hollywood who does a


lot you know for comedies and this kind of thing and it'll talk about your archetypes and what the ancient Greeks blah blah blah


they would tell the same story almost every night they would just swap out the archetypes so instead of you know the


the Tyrant and the and the the trickster they would next night they would just swap out say the Virgin and the the Lech


same story but you swap out those characters and now all of a sudden the movements are different you know and


that's that's that's why maybe there are only 10 genres but you could you you you tell this story with two different


characters it's the same story but you're gonna have different Dynamics and different yeah for sure you know did we ever uh say what this movie is Buddy


comedy it's not like we did it's a buddy love he has it as a golden fleece yeah oh


really ooh uh I think so uh uh yeah my God instincts everybody


love but it's a road trip yeah okay yeah yeah because you got to have a journey right


a trip and you got to have the yeah he's got a Planes Trains automobiles Ocean's Eleven and Maria


full of grace are the ones he knows are Golden Fleece yeah Golden Fleece is so a team a trip and then the the prize at


the end okay yeah yes I believe that's that's yeah that's right I wrote a team and a prize yep okay well what is uh


what's buddy love in there like do you mind find it real quick oh yeah but like the requirements for everybody love uh


an incomplete hero a counterpart an incomplete hero a counterpart and a complication so an incomplete hero who


was mis missing something physical ethical or spiritual a counterpart who makes the completion come about and a


complication be it a misunderstanding personal or ethical or or the prudish disapproval of society so uh I'm up to


I'm on the first to really fit the convocation uh maybe not you know I mean there's lots of with the flight I mean


the the being stuck together yeah maybe not that's where it becomes a road trip which is I don't know yeah I was


thinking buddy love was my instinct and I was I was trying to I was curious to see where I was off you know and like if


I was off and I guess those first two kind of fit but that third one maybe not so what movies has buddy love lethal weapons one


yeah he's got uh the black Style buddy cop movie like you were saying is falls under the Buddy Love Stuff he's got


Lethal Weapon When Harry Met Sally Titanic and Brokeback Mountain yeah because then he because it's love right


so you need two characters does it have doesn't have to be like yeah leave the weapon they don't go on a road trip it's


them interacting yeah so the complications so yeah I guess the road trip makes it it has to make it a golden


please yeah yeah all right because your team can be two or eleven right right so right absolutely Sherry okay uh I hope


this makes sense because I'm trying to think how I want to put this into words when I first started watching it what


came to mind was Lucy and Ethel while I light Lucy and Ethel stories


they just they make me so nervous and this the beginning of the movie just made me nervous of all the things that


kept going wrong and and everything she was very much a new like her archetype is very much anneal and that's what I


was going to say when I was younger maybe I would have enjoyed it enjoyed the movie more yeah but the older I get


the more I can relate to him I'm like oh my gosh okay this is not good you know


you should do that though around the table and find out you know oh my gosh yeah so shower scene yeah when y'all


were talking about I was like the no water running out of the mess when you open the mess yeah oh my gosh


instead of the Cracker Jacks in bed yeah I wonder if that when he rolls over in


the morning and there's they're all stuck to his pajamas yeah some man wearing pajamas too was funny I just would have been I can't deal with you I


just can't deal with you but um like I said I think it may have even


started with the woman at the car rental counter counter I was just laughing so


hard at Steve uh Martin I do love Steve Martin up she sees him but it took me


until about that point to actually start enjoying the movie sure especially was too stressful the rest was too stressful


but then when they rented the car and then when it finally caught on fire I'm sitting there just I'm just laughing


yeah yeah and then the end was really good I mean the end was so good Sherry definitely thinks things ought to be a


certain way oh my gosh yes well it definitely it tightens the screws and it releases itself there at the end yeah of


we've all been in that situation and it gets to the point where things get so bad you might as well just laugh and say


the house maybe that's what it is maybe it's just like okay yeah that's right and when the car catches on fire and


you're like these guys are still going you might as well laugh yeah even Steve Martin at that point is exactly you know


reaches so who are you are you Neil are you Dale oh hello uh lucky so like when


we're driving like ask Sherry about the parking situation next door there's a bunch of people living next door and they have a bunch of cars and sometimes


they park in front of our house oh my God okay you would think that they have


you know they're invading they run a dog fighting ring or


something well now what's worse is when they parked in the grass okay sure but it's on their property it's on their property but it's in the grass but uh


you know so it doesn't bother you so you think you're definitely more easy go she's upset oh they're parking in front of her house I said do we park there no


do we need to park there no do we have people coming over no who cares right we're driving and you know on the


highway people drive like idiots yeah and so it's just an accepted thing okay they're gonna drive like idiots you know


if I if I go a little bit below the speed limit they all go past me and I don't have to deal with them right no no no Sherry's neck and neck with them and


bitching at him the whole time I'm like sure I don't every time I get on the road it's the same I'm like Sherry you


drove before you can drive to Mars going to be the same so at this point doing it wrong they doing it wrong I flashed my lights this


morning someone who ran to stop stud mistake that's just my life philosophy is expectations yeah have the


expectations that people are going to be stupid yep and and go remove yourself if


it's 70 I go 65 in the slow lane in the right hand lane both of you Phil and James or Dale yes


Terry's anneal I would say yes I'm 85 Dale sure things


100 yeah yeah because I'm definitely more needle like I'd love to be Dale but I'm [ __ ] oh I know you were new when


I first looked at Logan I shot that [ __ ] blue card down the aisle angry Chris okay I thought I was doing


you a favor bringing them in I just shove it down the aisle and I was like what the [ __ ] and I guess yeah I was


annoyed that you uh I don't you didn't put them in the right spot you know no I didn't I don't know what I'm saying I


don't remember what it was first but just like we're talking about this whole movie like if I would just


slow the [ __ ] down and appreciate that someone else brought some carts in that I didn't have to [ __ ] go get sure


well be a lot happier but nope instead I'm bitching about because the carts are goddamn crooked or whatever because of expectations yeah and my Expeditions are


high and yeah I still struggle with that I don't know that's good you should have a high standard blah blah blah High


expectation for yourself yes but other people and other people keep your exercise


yeah I want other people to like seriously you're doing it wrong like I 100 was on board with her since she said


that she's absolutely [ __ ] right yeah there's a way to drive and you're doing it wrong [ __ ] they are doing it wrong yeah 100 but what can I do about


gonna do you're right it's gonna happen tomorrow and it's going to happen in five minutes you know for sure and trying to fix that is asinine like uh I


always go back to like uh I was a team leader at Lowe's and was frustrated the way things were going and somebody told


me you know what Chris if you don't like it become a manager and fix it all right I will and I was not even enough to think I could do this right that's true


yeah yeah they sucker you into that yeah they did Hook Line and Sinker I bought it then


realized oh well I'm the idiot yeah uh so yeah every four years we vote


thinking it's going to make a difference right and what you know oh my God those Republicans so we vote Democrats oh my


God there's Democrats that I'm very Dale like hadn't voted in years because I didn't like either one of them so uh whatever what yeah I know that's


terrible thing to say right now is is a Hot Topic as it is but yeah show me someone worth voting for in office


like it's going to fix something anyway so recommend pass consider recommend


yeah sure nice yeah so all around unanimous John Hughes man he's the man Happy Thanksgiving yeah I like these


holiday episodes they're awesome yes so Happy Thanksgiving be like dough that's right all right anything else


good we are out man I'll tell you it Nails it for me unless you go with


James's Theory took a Xanax and I was out I have a note


about that it's The Odd Couple on steroids they keep stripping over what's right in front of him because Neil has


expectations I'm like put the camera on John and let him go that was that scene


is why Steve Martin took this he Neil thinks that this is the way you get things done this is actually where I


started enjoying the movie Dell with that damn seat they make me so nervous but the older I


get the more I can relate to him I can't deal with you I just can't deal with you


all around unanimous John Hughes man he's the man Happy Thanksgiving be like dough that's right all right

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